1. ramips: mt7621: add label mac address to rbm11g (commit: 57f4eab) (details)
  2. ramips: mt7621: reenable rbm11g (commit: 48b4aab) (details)
  3. ramips: mt7621: harmonize naming scheme for Mikrotik (commit: f761f40) (details)
  4. generic: backport Wistron Neweb D19Q1 patches (commit: aff965a) (details)
  5. ramips: mt7620: add rgmii delays support (commit: 5410a8e) (details)
  6. packages: mt76: add 14c3:7610 pci id to list (commit: 5a5a9b7) (details)
  7. ramips: add support for D-Link DWR-960 (commit: c948a47) (details)
  8. ath79: fix MAC addresses for ethernet on ZyXEL NBG6716 (commit: 85aef6f) (details)
  9. ramips: use full 8MB flash on ZyXEL Keenetic (commit: fea232a) (details)
  10. base-files: add enabled commands to service rc.common (commit: 91c61aa) (details)
  11. ipq806x: switch to 5.4 kernel (commit: 2bdd669) (details)
  12. linux-atm: Include linux/sockios.h for SIOCGSTAMP (commit: 9aa3d5b) (details)
  13. gemini: Refine package list (commit: 7802649) (details)
  14. kernel: generic: 5.4: fix mips command line parameter patch (commit: 196cab7) (details)
  15. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.31 (commit: b299002) (details)
  16. ath79: add support for Comfast CF-WR752AC v1 (commit: cd510e7) (details)
  17. build: fix kernel_menuconfig on macOS with newer kernel versions (commit: 5c6fe8e) (details)
  18. build: move symvers files to kernel build dir (commit: 4627b5d) (details)
  19. kernel: add @IPV6 dependency to ipv6 modules (commit: 2e6b6f9) (details)
  20. busybox: quote 'source' filenames in (commit: 1da014f) (details)
  21. build: define RTC_SUPPORT as a bool (commit: ccad1d6) (details)
  22. build: simplify building *config targets (commit: 8636a17) (details)
  23. build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6 (commit: dcf3e63) (details)
  24. build: add option to warn on recursive dependency (commit: 3204430) (details)
  25. ipq40xx: re-add LEDS_LP5523 for the ASUS Lyra MAP-AC2200 (commit: fabcfa9) (details)
  26. x86: fix grub-bios-setup fail during sysupgrade (commit: 32f675c) (details)
  27. x86: add genisoimage and xorrisofs as alternatives to mkisofs (commit: 4a0f426) (details)
  28. procd: bump to latest HEAD (commit: 02a1914) (details)
  29. exfat-utils: add exFAT File System utilities package (commit: de63466) (details)
  30. e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.6 (commit: cb511ce) (details)
  31. tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.6 (commit: c9daacb) (details)
  32. tools/findutils: Update to 4.7.0 (commit: 71ea940) (details)
  33. tools/mtools: Update to 4.0.24 (commit: 169afa9) (details)
  34. tools/xz: Update to 5.2.5 (commit: d158b26) (details)
  35. tools/mm-macros: Update to 1.0.0 (commit: 5d78124) (details)
  36. ramips: mt7620: fix missplaced line in 01_leds (commit: 8b93a24) (details)
  37. tools/e2fsprogs: fix build under macos (commit: 1e3d3d2) (details)
  38. .gitignore: ignore more scripts/config output (commit: c39d015) (details)
  39. kmod-sched: add act_police (commit: 1b973b5) (details)
  40. apm821xx: use the real default HZ value from upstream (commit: 8ce1386) (details)
  41. ipq40xx: add support for MobiPromo CM520-79F (commit: a30abb1) (details)
  42. ipq40xx: add support for Cell C RTL30VW (commit: c30220d) (details)
  43. build: config: allow bool to select a module pkg (commit: 8514b6b) (details)
  44. Revert ".gitignore: ignore more scripts/config output" (commit: 46e9a35) (details)
  45. iproute2: update to 5.6.0 (commit: 8d9e264) (details)
  46. generic: drop 616-net_optimize_xfrm_calls.patch (commit: 93294b5) (details)
  47. Revert "build: config: allow bool to select a module pkg" (commit: fbc01f2) (details)
  48. Revert "build: add option to warn on recursive dependency" (commit: 6c16d64) (details)
  49. Revert "build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6" (commit: 7b1d809) (details)
  50. ramips: add support for I-O DATA WN-AX2033GR (commit: e66becb) (details)
  51. broadcom-wl: fix compilation with kernel >= 4.15 (commit: d761b9f) (details)
  52. bcm63xx: copy files to kernel 5.4 (commit: f8f1dc6) (details)
  53. bcm63xx: refresh patches for kernel 5.4 (commit: 04c07e0) (details)
  54. bcm63xx: update config for kernel 5.4 (commit: f0fbc47) (details)
  55. bcm63xx: fix missing watchdog core dependency (commit: 6c521f6) (details)
  56. broadcom-wl: fix compilation with kernel 5.4 (commit: 23d3faf) (details)
  57. bcm63xx: prevent fall-through in kernel patches for 5.4 (commit: 43d3ef9) (details)
  58. bcm63xx: 5.4: add removed helper syscon_regmap_lookup_by_pdevname (commit: 8a2118e) (details)
  59. bcm63xx: 5.4: fix compilation for changed driver_find_device (commit: cb2f0df) (details)
  60. bcm63xx: use kernel 5.4 as testing kernel (commit: 51b07e7) (details)
  61. bcm63xx: remove support for kernel 4.19 (commit: bebc980) (details)
  62. ramips: mt7621: tidy up names for Ubiquiti devices (commit: e8931b3) (details)
  63. cns3xx: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: de3e5de) (details)
  64. base-files: do not source in (commit: 282e817) (details)
  65. base-files: source in /lib/functions/ (commit: ae636ef) (details)
  66. dnsmasq: bump to v2.81 (commit: 4f34e43) (details)
  67. generic: spi-nor: rework broken-flash-reset (commit: dfa521f) (details)
  68. ramips: enable broken-flash-reset for some 32M flash boards (commit: 5c8f2c6) (details)
  69. ramips: increase spi frequency for newifi d1/d2 (commit: b0ec8d0) (details)
  70. ramips: move and rename out-of-tree mtk eth driver (commit: 33d027c) (details)
  71. ramips: ralink-eth: fix device struct passed to dma functions (commit: 05dee58) (details)
  72. ramips: port 0034-NET-multi-phy-support.patch to 5.4 (commit: 6fcba5e) (details)
  73. ramips: copy kernel config for 5.4 (commit: 89bf2b1) (details)
  74. ramips: refresh kernel config for 5.4 (commit: e320435) (details)
  75. ramips: mt7628: update dts for upstream gpio-mt7621 driver (commit: 0b68d08) (details)
  76. ramips: ralink-eth: add support for 5.4 kernel (commit: e29e2a9) (details)
  77. ramips: disable images for 4M devices (commit: d7d46da) (details)
  78. ramips: mt76x8: switch to kernel 5.4 (commit: abadee5) (details)
  79. ramips: add 5.4 as testing kernel (commit: 605a7ff) (details)
  80. base-files: preinit: also config switch when no port roles defined (commit: f017f61) (details)
  81. ramips: explicitly disable built-in switch when needed (commit: 8f6334e) (details)
  82. ramips: replace pinctrl property names (commit: b756ea2) (details)
  83. bcm63xx: disable all devices with <= 4MiB flash and <= 32 MiB RAM (commit: 4e535d8) (details)
  84. base-files: don't ship local build key when on buildbot (commit: 0aa2ecf) (details)
  85. ramips: ralink-eth: fix leftover dma dev argument (commit: 4d06229) (details)
  86. ramips: fix whitespace in 990_NET-no-auto-carrier-support.patch (commit: 77b99ea) (details)
  87. cypress-firmware: update to v5.4.18-2020_0402 (commit: 97c5fb4) (details)
  88. ath79: fix wmac initialization for Zyxel NBG6716 (commit: f5a9181) (details)
  89. ath79: fix USB port LED assignment for ZyXEL NBG6716 (commit: 97af28d) (details)
  90. kernel: hwmon: add dme1737 driver (commit: 8f342a3) (details)
  91. mwlwifi: Update the 88W8964's firmware to and fix backports version detection (commit: 93a8cdf) (details)
  92. wpa_supplicant: disable CONFIG_WRITE functionality (commit: dce97df) (details)
  93. kernel: remove non-existant symbols (commit: b43023b) (details)
  94. hostapd: backport usleep patch (commit: 76d22fc) (details)
  95. elfutils: update to 0.179 (commit: d27623b) (details)
  96. toolchain/gcc: remove uclibc hack (commit: 1647790) (details)
  97. mvebu: add support for Buffalo LinkStation LS421DE (commit: 85ef69b) (details)
  98. mvebu: copy files and patches to 5.4 (commit: 7019370) (details)
  99. mvebu: set kernel testing version to 5.4 (commit: ae183c1) (details)
  100. mvebu: refresh patches (commit: d13fe41) (details)
  101. mvebu: refresh config (commit: f72a13b) (details)
  102. mvebu: drop armada-37xx PCI aardvark patches (commit: 779a1c8) (details)
  103. x86: add nforce eth to default packages (commit: 35f208d) (details)
  104. hostapd: reduce to a single instance per service (commit: f37d634) (details)
  105. mac80211: adapt for single-instance wpad (commit: a66efbf) (details)
  106. netifd: network namespace jail improvements (commit: 4e4f7c6) (details)
  107. netifd: fix jail ifdown and jails without jail_ifname (commit: a5a90a9) (details)
  108. ath79: add read support using spi-mem (commit: b3f9842) (details)
  109. ath79: enable m25p,fast-read for tplink,tl-wr2543-v1 (commit: e430dfd) (details)
  110. ath79: enable m25p,fast-read for tplink,tl-wr1043-v1 (commit: 1b2c4af) (details)
  111. ramips: add missing DEVICE_VARS for lzma-loader (commit: 111029b) (details)
  112. ramips: define lzma loader platform in target (commit: d9e9a0e) (details)
  113. ramips: define image recipe for uncompressed uimage with loader (commit: 75f19de) (details)
  114. Revert "kmod-sched: add act_police" (commit: 9fd36f5) (details)
  115. ath79: further fixes for ZyXEL NBG6716 (commit: d0cb6e9) (details)
  116. netifd: clean up netns functionality (commit: e23de62) (details)
  117. procd: jail fixes and improvements (commit: 7c2e0fa) (details)
  118. ipq806x: add patch to fix broken buttons (commit: 9abf012) (details)
  119. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.32 (commit: 0bea89a) (details)
  120. scripts: JSON merge don't crash if no JSON found (commit: 14cbd8f) (details)
  121. scripts/download: add sources CDN as first mirror (commit: c737a9e) (details)
  122. x86: append metadata to combined images (commit: f814121) (details)
  123. ramips: mt7621: enable lzma-loader for some devices (commit: ad19751) (details)
  124. ath79: add SUPPORTED_DEVICES for TP-Link TL-WA901ND v2 (commit: 508462a) (details)
  125. ath79: improve status LED definitions for GL-AR750 (commit: a7423fe) (details)
  126. kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.176 (commit: e31d158) (details)
  127. kernel: bump 4.19 to 4.19.115 (commit: 3c38254) (details)
  128. ath79: MikroTik: fix missing nand on kernel 5.4 (commit: 20efd56) (details)
  129. ath79: reduce spi-max-frequency for Mikrotik wAP G-5HacT2HnD (commit: c0430b8) (details)
  130. kernel: add support for GD25D05 SPI NOR (5.4) (commit: 75ef28b) (details)
  131. mac80211: fix detecting existing interface (commit: 99d567a) (details)
  132. ath79: add QCA9550 reset sequence (commit: d883eaa) (details)
  133. ath79: add support for AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E (commit: 8918c03) (details)
  134. mac80211: drop data frames without key on encrypted links (commit: 0f1b5ce) (details)
  135. uboot-imx6: bump to 2020.04 release (commit: 260a225) (details)
  136. uboot-sunxi: bump to 2020.04 relase (commit: 8e99bbd) (details)
  137. elfutils: aarch64 fix build on musl (commit: 16ad4de) (details)
  138. ath79: remove stray pipe (commit: edf812e) (details)
  139. mac80211: make sure existing iface belongs to correct (fullmac) phy (commit: 0495324) (details)
  140. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.33 (commit: 23916bc) (details)
  141. mbedtls: update to 2.16.6 (commit: 02fcbe2) (details)
  142. generic: spi-nor: fix 4-byte opcode support for w25q256 (commit: 4745969) (details)
  143. ramips: increase HiWiFi HC5962 kernel partition to 4M (commit: 7dc8252) (details)
  144. ramips: use all reserved space for HiWiFi HC5962 (commit: d74fb00) (details)
  145. ramips: mt7621: Ubiquiti ER-X: fix gpio number for POE enable gpio (commit: 2fac132) (details)
  146. ramips: mt7621: Ubiquiti ER-X-SFP: fix gpio numbers for POE enable gpios (commit: d682dcc) (details)
  147. ramips: add support for ipTIME A1004ns (commit: 9169482) (details)
  148. ramips: increase spi-max-frequency for ipTIME mt7620 devices (commit: 13a185b) (details)
  149. ramips: mt7621: backport more pcie driver fixes (commit: 51c6b14) (details)
  150. ramips: don't reuse KERNEL_DTB for lzma-loader (commit: 1e5d014) (details)
  151. ramips: mt7621: use lzma-loader for newifi d1/d2/thunder timecloud (commit: 19d9db5) (details)
  152. binutils: add ALTERNATIVES for strings (FS#3001) (commit: 5f126c5) (details)
  153. openvpn: update to 2.4.9 (commit: d7e98bd) (details)
  154. bcm63xx: switch to 5.4 kernel (commit: d27e2c6) (details)
  155. busybox: backport Remove stime() function calls (commit: 7637b84) (details)
  156. upgs: Remove extra _DEFAULT_SOURCE definition (commit: 70a962c) (details)
  157. rbcfg: Add missing mode to open call (commit: 14c59a1) (details)
  158. dante: Fix compile with glibc (commit: ce1798e) (details)
  159. toolchain: glibc: Update glibc to version 2.31 (commit: 02c5019) (details)
  160. toolchain: glibc: Define minimum support kernel version as 4.14 (commit: a2cf87a) (details)
  161. ramips: replace pinctrl property names for ipTIME A1004ns (commit: 45e2b77) (details)
  162. ath79: add support for AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450E (commit: 8d9c108) (details)
  163. procd: fix jail when running on glibc (commit: 7e9b56f) (details)
  164. ramips: mt7621: add NETGEAR R7200 as DEVICE_ALT1 (commit: 08f5cac) (details)
  165. umdns: update to version 2020-04-20 (commit: 533da61) (details)
  166. relayd: bump to version 2020-04-20 (commit: be172e6) (details)
  167. kernel: fix kmod-ipt-nat6 installation on 5.4 (commit: 29a458b) (details)
  168. uboot-kirkwood: update to 2020.04 (commit: 6cafea5) (details)
  169. arm-trusted-firmware-rockchip: add new package (commit: 79d7109) (details)
  170. uboot-rockchip: add new package (commit: 7975060) (details)
  171. rockchip: add support for Pine64 RockPro64 (commit: 6a05a85) (details)
  172. uboot-rockchip: fix ident string (commit: 97673d8) (details)
  173. x86: image: drop dead code (commit: 282e786) (details)
  174. x86: fix kmod-forcedeth package selection (commit: fd94d03) (details)
  175. x86: select kmod-button-hotplug by default (commit: eca6946) (details)
  176. x86: move packages selection to profiles (commit: 9c23ece) (details)
  177. x86: really remove packages already enabled in kconfig (commit: be6543c) (details)
  178. ubus: update to latest git HEAD (commit: 4298f08) (details)
  179. lantiq/fritz 7312: set maximum speed to 100 mbit (commit: 36f6289) (details)
  180. base-files: ensure VERBOSE is set (commit: b77fd0d) (details)
  181. imx6: refresh kernel config (commit: 8d9b362) (details)
  182. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.34 (commit: faf668b) (details)
  183. openssl: bump to 1.1.1g (commit: 3773ae1) (details)
  184. fstools: update to the latest version (commit: b7d6e80) (details)
  185. mediatek: disable the unused pcie port for elecom wrc-2533gent (commit: df27e94) (details)
  186. octeon: copy files to kernel 5.4 (commit: 91594cb) (details)
  187. octeon: refresh patches for kernel 5.4 (commit: 655c14e) (details)
  188. octeon: update config for kernel 5.4 (commit: 2095a4e) (details)
  189. octeon: use kernel version 5.4 for testing (commit: f6573ec) (details)
  190. ramips: remove config-4.14 for mt7621/mt76x8 (commit: 58bec0d) (details)
  191. kernel: replace "+@" IPV6 dependency by "+" (commit: 7b2731a) (details)
  192. kernel: fix include of myloader.o since kernel 5.4 (commit: 5f92349) (details)
  193. ath79: move tplinkpart.c parser to patches (commit: d3c9630) (details)
  194. ltq-adsl(-fw): Makefile clean-up and fixes (commit: d8b3f53) (details)
  195. ath79: rename qca9557.dtsi to qca955x.dtsi (commit: c0a80b7) (details)
  196. ath79: correct QCA9550 machine compatible binding (commit: fceef28) (details)
  197. ath79: fix QCA953x DDR and GPIO compatible bindings (commit: 1f45ed6) (details)
  198. ipq40xx: fix alphabetical order in 02_network (commit: 9fac916) (details)
  199. procd: extend requirejail attribute handling (commit: 471b8bf) (details)
  200. imx6: add back perf monitor related config symbol (commit: 4a3e0f7) (details)
  201. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.35 (commit: ef5d37b) (details)
  202. kernel: backport support for clause 37 1000Base-X auto-negotiation (commit: 63696bd) (details)
  203. ramips: phy: at803x: support RGMII-to-SerDes and SFP support (commit: 6d92470) (details)
  204. kernel: add module to support SFP cages (commit: ec2f7a4) (details)
  205. ramips: enable SFP port for Ubiquiti ER-X-SFP (commit: 4c70bb4) (details)
  206. kernel: netdev: add kmod-phylink (commit: b23f72b) (details)
  207. kernel: netdev: add phylink dependency for sfp (commit: 71d5a0d) (details)
  208. kernel: netdev: fix kmod-sfp description capitalization (commit: b359a6b) (details)
  209. x86: fix unusable squashfs images by adding missing padding (commit: 97d8642) (details)
  210. umdns: update to version 2020-04-25 (commit: 9f7c8ed) (details)
  211. relayd: bump to version 2020-04-25 (commit: 9e7d11f) (details)
  212. kernel: netdev: fix kmod-sfp symbols (commit: 822c342) (details)
  213. oxnas: move service file to correct place (commit: 01961f1) (details)
  214. ramips: fix SUPPORTED_DEVICES for Mercury MAC1200R v2 (commit: d16a486) (details)
  215. ramips: remove unnecessary DEVICE_PACKAGES for Belkin F7C027 (commit: 1dedad2) (details)
  216. gdb: disable gdbserver for arc (commit: b0416c9) (details)
  217. perf: build with NO_LIBCAP=1 (commit: 80f128d) (details)
  218. mac80211: ath10k: increase rx buffer size to 2048 (commit: 066ec97) (details)
  219. tools/mkimage: update to 2020.04 (commit: 042917f) (details)
  220. switch download to https (commit: 60712bd) (details)
  221. uboot-envtools: update to 2020.04 (commit: b397df5) (details)
  222. uboot-envtools: fix domywifi_dw33d Bad CRC error (commit: 75512fe) (details)
  223. kernel: backport fix for non-regular inodes on f2fs (commit: ee50018) (details)
  224. kernel: support intel X7xx 10/40GbE adapters (commit: 5d81b28) (details)
  225. toolchain/gcc: eliminate uClibc atexit hack (commit: cf22c44) (details)
  226. mvebu: add support for GL.iNet GL-MV1000 (commit: 050c24f) (details)
  227. bcm53xx: 5.4: enable NAND (commit: ad697aa) (details)
  228. mvebu: tidy up support for GL.iNet GL-MV1000 (commit: 3fdb086) (details)
  229. ath79: remove unused TP-Link partition parser (commit: 3f5997f) (details)
  230. ath79: ag71xx: remove code for legacy kernels (commit: 5358d8b) (details)
  231. ath79: ag71xx: unify version dependent code (commit: c760469) (details)
  232. ath79: enable SGMII workaround for affected boards (commit: 654eec5) (details)
  233. ramips: mt7621: use lzma-loader for D-Link DIR-860L B1 (commit: ce19571) (details)
  234. ramips: use lzma-loader for Japanese mt7621 devices (commit: a25bb86) (details)
  235. ramips: use lzma-loader for I-O DATA mt7621 devices (commit: c998ae7) (details)
  236. mt76: update to the latest version (commit: 1c008b6) (details)
  237. mediatek: fix compile error caused by upstreamed mtk_m32 function (commit: 8fdf778) (details)
  238. ramips: create common definition for I-O DATA NAND devices (commit: 1553f58) (details)
  239. ramips: explicitly disable built-in switch for lan-only devices (commit: a1693bf) (details)
  240. ramips: remove (kmod-)swconfig DEVICE_PACKAGES for Sitecom WL-351 (commit: 40325ab) (details)
  241. ramips: rt3883: remove swconfig from individual DEVICE_PACKAGES (commit: f0435d5) (details)
  242. ath79: add support for Ubiquiti PowerBeam 5AC Gen2 (commit: e210fe9) (details)
  243. ath79: indicate boot/failsafe/upgrade for NanoBeam/Nanostation AC (commit: 80a094a) (details)
  244. omap: copy kernel 4.19 config for 5.4 (commit: 75f7f7e) (details)
  245. omap: make kernel_oldconfig (commit: d20cfa2) (details)
  246. omap: switch to kernel 5.4 (commit: 1e3ee24) (details)
  247. omap: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: 87c909e) (details)
  248. wireless-regdb: backport three upstream fixes (commit: 76a0ddf) (details)
  249. elfutils: powerpc build fix (commit: a3079fb) (details)
  250. ath10k-ct: remove old patches (commit: ce2bd2b) (details)
  251. ath10k-firmware: move CT firmwares to new package (commit: 658e68f) (details)
  252. ath10k-ct-firmware: rename ct-htt packages (commit: 2e5e9b4) (details)
  253. ath10k-ct-firmware: update firmware images (commit: 06f510d) (details)
  254. ath10k-ct-firmware: add htt-mgt variants (commit: a882bfc) (details)
  255. ramips: fix MikroTik 750Gr3 ports MAC addresses (commit: a10537f) (details)
  256. wpad-wolfssl: fix crypto_bignum_sub() (commit: 4b3b8ec) (details)
  257. kirkwood: switch from swconfig to dsa (commit: 4fd7e53) (details)
  258. kirkwood: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: 0af2c44) (details)
  259. kirkwood: remove support for kernel 4.19 (commit: 8b37389) (details)
  260. Revert "ramips: explicitly disable built-in switch for lan-only devices" (commit: 03e742d) (details)
  261. ath79: add SUPPORTED_DEVICES based on ar71xx for some devices (commit: 522f6b7) (details)
  262. build: prereq: change minimum make version to 3.82 (commit: 35a8657) (details)
  263. kernel: hwmon: add Analog Devices AD741x support (commit: 3f66024) (details)
  264. kirkwood: disable image for Linksys EA3500 (Audi) (commit: d9ff499) (details)
  265. ugps: nmea: fix time comparision (commit: 447d335) (details)
  266. ath79: split Teltonika RUT955 to support other RUT9xx models (commit: c8b309b) (details)
  267. ath79: add support for Teltonika RUT955 H7V3C0 (commit: aa4a33a) (details)
  268. ath79: fix dts of Teltonika RUT9xx devices (commit: aa0526b) (details)
  269. dnsmasq: always inform about disabled dhcp service (commit: b17a5a9) (details)
  270. ath10k-ct: update to version 2020-04-29 (commit: 8036e7e) (details)
  271. wireless-regdb: bump to latest release 2020-04-29 (commit: 493eef5) (details)
  272. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.36 (commit: 5ea3ea1) (details)
  273. wireguard: bump to 1.0.20200429 (commit: f57230c) (details)
  274. uci: update to latest git HEAD (commit: 2855be3) (details)
  275. base-files: generate config files with correct permissions (commit: ad27c13) (details)
  276. bcm27xx: backup /boot/cmdline.txt and restore early (commit: 49ab97c) (details)
  277. argp-standalone: fix segfault in canon_doc_option (commit: 3a79e3b) (details)
  278. curl: update to version 7.70.0 (commit: 0e522d5) (details)
  279. mac80211: more wifi reconf related fixes (commit: b551660) (details)
  280. mediatek: update patches (commit: abb0452) (details)
  281. mediatek: fix image building (commit: 220f43e) (details)
  282. mediatek: add uboot (commit: b9cf9eb) (details)
  283. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.38 (commit: 73de205) (details)
  284. odhcpd: update to latest git HEAD (FS#3056) (commit: 0836d0d) (details)
  285. fstools: update to the latest version (commit: 9295ce7) (details)
  286. sunxi: tidy up cases in base-files (commit: 7557908) (details)
  287. sunxi: remove unneeded shebang for preinit files (commit: 0fb5962) (details)
  288. buildsystem: add CPE information to ipkg packages and manifest files (commit: 4d86e2c) (details)
  289. generic: ar8216: fix unknown packet flooding for ar8229/ar8236 (commit: 47f17b0) (details)
  290. fstools: update to the latest version (commit: c3a4375) (details)
  291. ppp: Fix mirror hash (commit: 5019a06) (details)
  292. wireguard: bump to 1.0.20200506 (commit: 4f6343f) (details)
  293. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.39 (commit: d1d2c0b) (details)
  294. layerscape: add patches-5.4 (commit: cddd459) (details)
  295. layerscape: copy kernel config from 4.14 to 5.4 (commit: a812eba) (details)
  296. layerscape: refresh kernel 5.4 config (commit: f3476e5) (details)
  297. layerscape: re-enable IFC NAND/NOR controllers in config-5.4 (commit: 7a08169) (details)
  298. layerscape: disable UEFI runtime support in config-5.4 (commit: 670684d) (details)
  299. layerscape: switch to kernel 5.4 (commit: e12ec82) (details)
  300. layerscape: define only one package for ls-rcw (commit: 084c82c) (details)
  301. layerscape: update ls-rcw to latest LSDK-20.04 (commit: 2e2643f) (details)
  302. layerscape: update u-boot to LSDK-20.04 (commit: f9155a9) (details)
  303. layerscape: update tfa to LSDK-20.04 (commit: 12bc408) (details)
  304. layerscape: define only one package for fman-ucode (commit: 6c9d899) (details)
  305. layerscape: update fman-ucode to LSDK-20.04 (commit: e920530) (details)
  306. layerscape: update ppfe-firmware to LSDK-20.04 (commit: 99091f6) (details)
  307. layerscape: define only one package for ls-mc (commit: 2e61c4a) (details)
  308. layerscape: update ls-mc to LSDK-20.04 (commit: b7820d5) (details)
  309. layerscape: define only one package for ls-dpl (commit: 70a6a98) (details)
  310. layerscape: update ls-dpl to LSDK-20.04 (commit: 1b370e7) (details)
  311. layerscape: update restool to LSDK-20.04 (commit: 2b31f14) (details)
  312. opkg: update to latest Git HEAD (commit: 79da9d7) (details)
  313. samba36: Remove (commit: 73fa1ab) (details)
  314. lldpd: add management IP setting (commit: 128250e) (details)
  315. kernel: add missing symbol to 5.4 config (commit: 03fd38d) (details)
  316. generic: routerbootpart MTD parser for RouterBoot (commit: ee5ee99) (details)
  317. generic: routerboot partition build bits (commit: 2976e42) (details)
  318. ath79/mikrotik: enable CONFIG_MTD_ROUTERBOOT_PARTS (commit: c8b2ad4) (details)
  319. ath79/mikrotik: use routerbootpart partitions (commit: 8f90dbf) (details)
  320. ramips/mt7621: enable CONFIG_MTD_ROUTERBOOT_PARTS (commit: 274221a) (details)
  321. ramips: mikrotik: use routerbootpart partitions (commit: 21869e8) (details)
  322. generic: routerboot sysfs platform driver (commit: 5ecf7d9) (details)
  323. generic: mikrotik platform build bits (commit: 1dcc224) (details)
  324. ath79/mikrotik: enable mikrotik platform driver (commit: 65d5053) (details)
  325. ar71xx/mikrotik: enable mikrotik platform driver (commit: 00d2ab7) (details)
  326. ramips/mt7621: enable mikrotik platform driver (commit: 97337d3) (details)
  327. generic: platform/mikrotik: support LZOR encoding (commit: 31e99fe) (details)
  328. ath79/mikrotik: don't use mtd-mac-address in DTS (commit: 301bc32) (details)
  329. ath79/mikrotik: use standard caldata functions (commit: 1e24af5) (details)
  330. package/utils: remove rbextract (commit: ab68939) (details)
  331. ar71xx/mikrotik: ath10k: use new sysfs driver (commit: e995577) (details)
  332. package/base-files: caldata: allow setting target file (commit: 8f47352) (details)
  333. package/base-files: add caldata_sysfsload_from_file() (commit: 02a9d3d) (details)
  334. ath79/mikrotik: load caldata via sysfs loader (commit: 9242d69) (details)
  335. ramips/mt7621: mikrotik: don't use mtd-mac-address in DTS (commit: 5e50515) (details)
  336. generic: fix patching error on kernel 5.4 (commit: 51a7184) (details)
  337. ramips: use hex notation for *-mtd-eeprom property (commit: 22a21b0) (details)
  338. ramips: simplify palmbus/{i2c,spi} in device DTS files (commit: fa9e7ca) (details)
  339. ramips: tidy up image Makefile (commit: c5fdab8) (details)
  340. ramips: tidy up image subtarget Makefiles (commit: a5720d3) (details)
  341. ath79: dts: add missing 'serial0' alias for TP-Link TL-MR3040v2 (commit: 94f3449) (details)
  342. base-files: upgrade: fix indent (commit: 02656ca) (details)
  343. mvebu: uDPU: switch default kernel and U-Boot PHY mode (commit: b1cfbff) (details)
  344. ramips: dts: use generic node name for flash (commit: 1eceab3) (details)
  345. ramips: dts: fix incorrect flash reg property (commit: 0cdf7bc) (details)
  346. mac80211: distance config: allow "auto" as a value (commit: a8a1ef8) (details)
  347. ramips: add support for LB-Link BL-W1200 (commit: 426fb8c) (details)
  348. bcm27xx: label to boot partition (commit: e31e5c4) (details)
  349. dnsmasq: hotplug script tidyup (commit: ed91d72) (details)
  350. umdns: re-enable address-of-packed-member warning (commit: 5e0a56b) (details)
  351. ipq40xx: add support for Aruba AP-365 (commit: 300b7fe) (details)
  352. generic: add MikroTik hw bit description (commit: 146e18a) (details)
  353. fstools: blockd: fix segfault triggered by non-autofs mounts (commit: b181294) (details)
  354. bcm63xx: image: rename LOADADDR to KERNEL_LOADADDR (commit: 8464693) (details)
  355. bcm63xx: loader-lzma: use default lzma (commit: a0081b1) (details)
  356. kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.180 (commit: ef2d5a2) (details)
  357. kernel: bump 4.19 to 4.19.122 (commit: 7dd2d72) (details)
  358. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.40 (commit: 0fed36d) (details)
  359. ar71xx: mikrotik: bypass id check in __rb_get_wlan_data() (commit: 1c6990f) (details)
  360. ar71xx: mikrotik: mach-rbspi.c remove wlan id (commit: 9641404) (details)
  361. bcm63xx: use generic (commit: 026fe13) (details)
  362. bcm63xx: replace "ok" with "okay" for status in DTS files (commit: fdd968d) (details)
  363. ipq40xx: replace "ok" with "okay" for status in DTS files (commit: 2308644) (details)
  364. libjson-c: backport security fixes (commit: bc0288b) (details)
  365. ltq-vdsl-app: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: d2d63cc) (details)
  366. ltq-vdsl-fw: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: 4202459) (details)
  367. mac80211: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: 05afbcd) (details)
  368. netifd: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: ffa3a8e) (details)
  369. comgt: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: 04a8d3f) (details)
  370. wwan: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: 4cfa63e) (details)
  371. procd: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: f079db3) (details)
  372. glibc: update to latest 2.31 commit (commit: 14f3724) (details)
  373. kernel: bump 4.19 to 4.19.123 (commit: d503492) (details)
  374. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.41 (commit: eb17ee2) (details)
  375. bcm63xx: remove linux 4.14 support (commit: eea23c2) (details)
  376. bcm63xx: image: remove unused definition (commit: aa2f227) (details)
  377. bcm63xx: bcm6362: fix pinctrl bug (commit: ee6bf7e) (details)
  378. bcm63xx: redboot: fix warning (commit: f314cbe) (details)
  379. bcm63xx: periph_intc: fix warning (commit: f2f2cf0) (details)
  380. bcm63xx: ext_intc: fix warning (commit: 29c3bb5) (details)
  381. bcm63xx: periph_intc: report effective affinity (commit: e04ff3c) (details)
  382. ath79: increase spi frequency on tp-link tl-wr1043nd v2 (commit: 2f71187) (details)
  383. procd: jail: fix segfault and add console feature (commit: 8097fd4) (details)
  384. lantiq/xrx200: add support for the Fritzbox 7360v2 (commit: 78bebe6) (details)
  385. generic: platform/mikrotik: fix LZOR support (commit: 2ea4811) (details)
  386. hostapd: backport wolfssl bignum fixes (commit: 631c437) (details)
  387. ramips: mt7620: tidy up ethernet node in DTS files (commit: d7a28e8) (details)
  388. ramips: drop non-existant ralink,port-map for Ravpower WD03 (commit: c00b2df) (details)
  389. kernel: drop outdated kernel version switches for local code (commit: b510ab5) (details)
  390. generic: drop outdated kernel version switches in local drivers (commit: 8ff813e) (details)
  391. bcm27xx: drop outdated kernel version switches from patches-5.4 (commit: 41b5ca1) (details)
  392. lantiq: drop outdated kernel version switches from patches-5.4 (commit: b24fd13) (details)
  393. ramips: create DTSI for ASUS RT-AC51U and RT-AC54U (commit: 685cc66) (details)
  394. ramips: add support for ASUS RT-AC54U (commit: 4667472) (details)
  395. ramips: add support for netis WF2770 (commit: a4e9c8f) (details)
  396. mtd: add linksys_bootcount for ramips (commit: c33ad81) (details)
  397. ramips: add support for Linksys EA7500 v2 (commit: 31b49f0) (details)
  398. firmware-utils: mkfwimage: add support for Ubiquiti XC devices (commit: 0486641) (details)
  399. ath79: add support for Ubiquiti PowerBeam 5AC 500 (commit: a0ef42e) (details)
  400. bcm63xx: mask interrupts on init (commit: 13c33f3) (details)
  401. ramips: increase SPI frequency for ASUS RT-AC51U/RT-AC54U (commit: 30cc7f3) (details)
  402. lantiq: fritz 7360 v2: rename device before it will be used (commit: 0962baa) (details)
  403. lantiq: fritz 7360 v2: remove additional supported devices (commit: bf5d800) (details)
  404. ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA901ND v4 and v5 (commit: 4a61a88) (details)
  405. base-files: switch_to_ramfs: add nand-utils (commit: 8339f8d) (details)
  406. scripts: support tags for CFE binaries (commit: e575a7f) (details)
  407. scripts: support CFE WFI images (commit: 7298523) (details)
  408. kernel: mtdsplit: add BCM WFI support (commit: cca13d8) (details)
  409. bcm63xx-cfe: add package with CFE RAM binaries (commit: dcee4ea) (details)
  410. bcm63xx: smp: add NAND support (commit: 8658338) (details)
  411. bcm63xx: add support for Comtrend VR-3032u (commit: 367a303) (details)
  412. mpc85xx: rename generic subtarget to p1010 (commit: 564f87e) (details)
  413. mpc85xx: restructure image receipts (commit: 4133304) (details)
  414. mt7621: Make ER-X-SFP factory image compatible with EP-R6 (commit: 33b2078) (details)
  415. ramips: fix MAC address assignment for ASUS RT-AC51U (commit: 0b34a36) (details)
  416. ramips: use DT trigger for 2G WiFi on ASUS RT-AC51U (commit: a1f0fd8) (details)
  417. ramips: set WAN address in DTS for ASUS RT-AC51U/RT-AC54U (commit: be9eab9) (details)
  418. ramips: remove leading zeros from MAC address location (commit: 74ff077) (details)
  419. scripts: cfe-bin-header: fix shebang (commit: 30fcb62) (details)
  420. scripts: cfe-wfi-tag: fix shebang (commit: 258cb7f) (details)
  421. bcm63xx: add NETGEAR DGND3700v2 support (commit: 62e7342) (details)
  422. bcm63xx: add Comtrend VG-8050 support (commit: daee6b4) (details)
  423. bcm63xx: bcm6328-leds: improve HW blinking (commit: edafbe8) (details)
  424. bcm63xx: reorganize board patches (commit: 597df57) (details)
  425. ramips: remove default switch setup in 02_network (commit: a43cbfe) (details)
  426. ramips: fix initramfs image for I-O DATA mt7621 devices (commit: 0a05d71) (details)
  427. ramips: 5.4: handle ERR_PTR properly (commit: f7112a1) (details)
  428. ramips: fix MAC address setup for RT5350F-OLinuXino devices (commit: 31697f9) (details)
  429. bcm63xx: bcm6328: fix strapbus boot sel (commit: f996377) (details)
  430. kernel: mtdsplit: bcm_wfi: add sercomm support (commit: 5d3bb7e) (details)
  431. bcm63xx: add unmodded SERCOMM AD1018 support (commit: 5f82691) (details)
  432. wireguard-tools: bump to 1.0.20200513 (commit: 0727c83) (details)
  433. bcm63xx-cfe: fix build with CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE (commit: e55af8a) (details)
  434. bcm63xx: fix AD1018 WLAN led (commit: e0382c5) (details)
  435. bcm63xx: image: rename CFE_CHIP_ID to CHIP_ID (commit: 91b275b) (details)
  436. bcm63xx: image: add CVG834G CHIP_ID (commit: 0836e22) (details)
  437. bcm63xx: lzma-loader: remove unused definitions (commit: 8e8920c) (details)
  438. bcm63xx: lzma-loader: rely on CHIP_ID for UART address (commit: c93cdf5) (details)
  439. ramips: Add support for Xiaomi Redmi Router AC2100 (RM2100) (commit: f379269) (details)
  440. x86: fix generic kernel 5.4 config (commit: dc7cc60) (details)
  441. kernel: kmod-ptp-qoriq: Package kernel object file (commit: 982d787) (details)
  442. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.42 (commit: 1b2fefb) (details)
  443. tools: add autoconf-archive (commit: 3c1d1d4) (details)
  444. wolfssl: update to 4.4.0-stable (commit: 3481f6f) (details)
  445. sdk: fix host menu config targets using ncurses (commit: 1f2539a) (details)
  446. build: show make output in scripts/config when V=s (commit: f827f94) (details)
  447. sdk: add OpenWrt branding to menuconfig & .config (commit: 94e27d6) (details)
  448. build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6 (commit: 9f843b1) (details)
  449. build: add option to treat recursive deps as error (commit: db6c121) (details)
  450. build: have config-clean deal with old temp files (commit: 80b350f) (details)
  451. generic: routerbootpart.c: disambiguate SPDX-License-Identifier (commit: 49eec56) (details)
  452. generic: platform/mikrotik: disambiguate SPDX-License-Identifier (commit: 6934b20) (details)
  453. fuse: move package to packages feed (commit: 5ff4b0d) (details)
  454. hostapd: update to latest Git hostap_2_9-1238-gdd2daf0848ed (commit: 0a3ec87) (details)
  455. hostapd: disable support for Wired Equivalent Privacy by default (commit: 472fd98) (details)
  456. wireguard: bump to 1.0.20200520 (commit: a860fe2) (details)
  457. hostapd: bring back mesh patches (commit: 017320e) (details)
  458. kernel: backport gpio emulated open drain output fix (commit: 72a1d5c) (details)
  459. kernel: backport v5.8 i2c-pxa updates (commit: 714199e) (details)
  460. kernel: backport the I2C bus recovery for uDPU (commit: 6593ea2) (details)
  461. mac80211: Update to version 5.4.36-1 (commit: a4b50c4) (details)
  462. mac80211: Update to version 5.5.19 (commit: 9ca21dc) (details)
  463. mac80211: Update to version 5.6.8-1 (commit: 64f343a) (details)
  464. mac80211: Update to version 5.7-rc3-1 (commit: 289c632) (details)
  465. bcm63xx: nand: fix v2.1 controller support (commit: 67861b2) (details)
  466. bcm63xx: dgnd3700-v1: add NAND support (commit: 7a81775) (details)
  467. bcm63xx: improve rgmii ctrl overrides (commit: 6dc3dce) (details)
  468. scripts: add CFE Partition Tags support (commit: d908284) (details)
  469. bcm63xx: nand: support CFE partition tags (commit: 5998c8f) (details)
  470. bcm63xx: WIP: add Huawei HG253s v2 support (commit: 78a0ae9) (details)
  471. netifd: ingress/egress vlan qos mapping support (commit: bc55258) (details)
  472. firewall: add rule for traceroute support (commit: de8b88c) (details)
  473. mac80211: Fix build on mpc85xx target (commit: 04b1a11) (details)
  474. ath79: Do not build buffalo_whr-g301n by default (commit: 5866610) (details)
  475. bcm63xx: replace further "ok" with "okay" in DTS files (commit: 5a7d11f) (details)
  476. bcm63xx: use model part of board name as variable in 01_leds (commit: e3e17b4) (details)
  477. brcm63xx: add support for ADB P.DG A4001N A-000-1A1-AX (commit: d6f66dd) (details)
  478. hostapd: add WEP as queryable build feature (commit: a9f7510) (details)
  479. ath79: add support for Enterasys WS-AP3705i (commit: ebddc5f) (details)
  480. ramips: fix 04_led_migration case syntax for mt7621 (commit: fe9a2be) (details)
  481. usign: update to latest git HEAD (commit: e35e40a) (details)
  482. squashfs: Fix compile with GCC 10 (commit: 1bbc1aa) (details)
  483. ath79/nand: add support for Netgear WNDR4300SW (commit: 9a1f4b2) (details)
  484. scripts/flashing/ Add missing quotes (commit: 34a2780) (details)
  485. scripts/flashing/ remove trailing whitespaces (commit: 69f8983) (details)
  486. ucert: update to latest git HEAD (commit: 42de3c8) (details)
  487. libubox: update to the latest master (commit: a765b06) (details)
  488. ramips: add support for Asus RT-N10P V3 / RT-N11P B1 / RT-N12 VP B1 (commit: c3dc52e) (details)
  489. ramips: add alternative name for Buffalo WSR-2533DHP (commit: 7b01567) (details)
  490. bcm63xx: ar-5381u: expose LEDs through controller (commit: 09b7922) (details)
  491. bcm63xx: ar-5387un: expose LEDs through controller (commit: d361aa2) (details)
  492. bcm63xx: ar-5315u: expose LEDs through controller (commit: b1604b7) (details)
  493. layerscape: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: 4bbc0e7) (details)
  494. archs38: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: 0efa8cb) (details)
  495. octeontx: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: 73936e7) (details)
  496. octeon: set 5.4 as default kernel (commit: 1b2144e) (details)
  497. kernel: drop backported gpio emulated open drain output fix (commit: 807366a) (details)
  498. kernel: remove a bunch of trailing whitespaces (commit: b91b7d8) (details)
  499. kernel: properly insert local mtd partition parsers (commit: 4661b05) (details)
  500. libubox: update to the latest version (commit: b371182) (details)
  501. ath79/mikrotik: add missing kernel config symbol for 5.4 (commit: 8383e63) (details)
  502. uboot-envtools: ath79: add Netgear WNDR4300SW (commit: 63bef34) (details)
  503. rpcd: update to latest Git HEAD (commit: e8a2c21) (details)
  504. ramips: add support for TRENDnet TEW-810DR (commit: 168e4c9) (details)
  505. ramips: create shared DTSI for DIR-810L and TEW-810DR (commit: 0225018) (details)
  506. glibc: update to latest 2.31 commit (BZ #25976, BZ #25824) (commit: 98342b1) (details)
  507. ath79: fix LEDs for D-Link DIR-842 (commit: 6ce1e29) (details)
  508. ath79: define switch reset-gpios for D-Link DIR-842 (commit: 8643c0b) (details)
  509. ath79: increase spi clock for D-Link DIR-842 (commit: 64d088d) (details)
  510. musl: fix locking synchronization bug (commit: 10c2110) (details)
  511. musl: restore lock skipping for mostly-singlethreaded programs, and related patches (commit: afea16b) (details)
  512. ramips: fix LED DT label for Zyxel Keenetic Start (commit: e8fbb98) (details)
  513. ath79: replace tab after DT label by space (commit: 2b92ee3) (details)
  514. ath79: add support for COMFAST CF-E130N v2 (commit: ad84c09) (details)
  515. bcm27xx: remove linux 4.19 support (commit: 745c447) (details)
  516. bcm27xx-gpu-fw: update to latest version (commit: 9e467a7) (details)
  517. bcm27xx: update patches from RPi foundation (commit: 584d4bf) (details)
  518. cypress-firmware: add PROVIDES sections (commit: aabfd4b) (details)
  519. generic: platform/mikrotik: reorder Kconfig (commit: 429fbc9) (details)
  520. generic: platform/mikrotik: rb_hardconfig.c minor fixes (commit: 39ec3c5) (details)
  521. generic: routerboot sysfs: move tag_show_string() (commit: dac18f6) (details)
  522. generic: routerboot sysfs: add support for soft_config (commit: f36e710) (details)
  523. generic: routerboot sysfs: move tag_show_u32() (commit: 89226b8) (details)
  524. generic: routerboot sysfs: soft_config support for ath79 cpufreq (commit: 48b14b9) (details)
  525. packages/boot: remove rbcfg (commit: f10da7c) (details)
  526. package/base-files: caldata: work around dd's limitation (commit: 7557e7f) (details)
  527. packages/utils: fbtest fix Makefile (commit: e430376) (details)
  528. linux: mvebu: backport mvneta XDP support (commit: 76f9aa6) (details)
  529. linux: mvebu: backport mvneta XDP support fixes (commit: 3dbb658) (details)
  530. bcm27xx-userland: update to latest version with 64 bit support (commit: 8b8fb79) (details)
  531. broadcom-wl: don't inherit lock descriptor in nas process (commit: a03d6d2) (details)
  532. mac80211: Fix setting radio htmode when using mesh mode (commit: 84c96de) (details)
  533. hostapd: Add disable_vht when using NOHT/HT* modes (commit: 6e8bb68) (details)
  534. procd: update to git HEAD (commit: f47aeac) (details)
  535. bcm27xx-userland: update to latest version (commit: 5d3a0c6) (details)
  536. bcm27xx: update to latest patches from RPi foundation (commit: 77e97ab) (details)
  537. ccache: update to 3.7.9 (commit: 48e3449) (details)
  538. qos-scripts: fix interface resolving (commit: 559b338) (details)
  539. ar71xx: fix splitting firmware partition for TL-WR902AC v1 (commit: a7b07f8) (details)
  540. ugps: nmea: make sure date is valid (commit: f8b4aa5) (details)
  541. mac80211: rt2x00: backport patch enabling MFP (commit: a002a24) (details)
  542. bcm47xx: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: 06feb09) (details)
  543. bcm53xx: remove support for kernel 4.14 (commit: c3742ce) (details)
  544. mac80211: fix wifi teardown (commit: 02f0805) (details)
  545. dropbear: add ed25519 and chacha20-poly1305 (commit: f166cf9) (details)
  546. tools: add zstd (commit: 258dc0d) (details)
  547. build: add zstd support to pack/unpack functions (commit: 4696112) (details)
  548. build: compress kernel debuginfo using zstd (commit: 4bd7990) (details)
  549. mt76: update to the latest version (adds 7663e, 7663u, 7915 drivers) (commit: 479f1f2) (details)
  550. ath79: fix LEDs for GL.inet GL-AR150 (commit: 705fe43) (details)
  551. ipq806x: EA8500 fix boot partition detection (commit: 0f910a8) (details)
  552. ath79: update WA/XC devices UBNT_VERSION to 8.5.3 (commit: 95caa34) (details)
  553. ar71xx: fix reset key for TP-Link TL-WR802N V1/V2 (commit: f841e70) (details)
  554. ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WR802N V1 and V2 (commit: 7e51313) (details)
  555. ath79: add support for TP-Link RE450 v3 (commit: c764c51) (details)
  556. ath79: add label MAC address for TP-Link RE450 v2/v3 (commit: 91b1a62) (details)
  557. ar71xx: correct button type for TL-MR3020 mode slider (commit: b017a01) (details)
  558. ppp: update to version 2.4.8.git-2020-05-25 (commit: 8d2c031) (details)
  559. scripts: support Sercomm partition tags (commit: 58bdbe7) (details)
  560. scripts: support Sercomm crypto (commit: 7f1250a) (details)
  561. kernel: mtdsplit: bcm_wfi: code refactoring (commit: cd81d10) (details)
  562. kernel: mtdsplit: bcm_wfi: support Sercomm bootflags (commit: fce7380) (details)
  563. bcm63xx: ad1018: switch to Sercomm WFI (commit: 80d8114) (details)
  564. kernel: mtdsplit: bcm_wfi: remove brcm,wfi-sercomm compatibility (commit: 4b2fe12) (details)
  565. bcm63xx: nand: support Sercomm firmwares (commit: f263a0f) (details)
  566. bcm63xx: ad1018: support Sercomm factory images (commit: a47acae) (details)
  567. scripts: support Sercomm load tags (commit: 35d7f92) (details)
  568. bcm63xx: nand: sercomm: switch to sercomm-load script (commit: e238c85) (details)
  569. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.43 (commit: 392c64d) (details)
  570. scripts: config: remove accidentally added file (commit: 3f8e163) (details)
  571. kernel: mtdsplit: bcm_wfi: refactor code (commit: eed8a92) (details)
  572. kernel: mtdsplit: improve JFFS2 scan (commit: 1fd3dab) (details)
  573. kernel: mtdsplit: support Broadcom WFI bootflags (commit: 18d2eea) (details)
  574. bcm63xx: nand: add CFE_WFI_VERSION values for each device (commit: 824cb78) (details)
  575. bcm63xx: nand: order devices alphabetically (commit: 82cf488) (details)
  576. bcm63xx: vr-3032u: switch to bcm-wfi-split (commit: b1d375b) (details)
  577. bcm63xx: vg-8050: switch to bcm-wfi-split (commit: e73c61a) (details)
  578. bcm63xx: stop using legacy lzma for all devices (commit: b302a44) (details)
  579. bcm63xx: ad1018: add missing partitions (commit: 39f44be) (details)
  580. bcm63xx: ad1018: remove cfe.bin image support (commit: 231f728) (details)
  581. malta: add missing symbols for kernel 5.4 (commit: 646bfe0) (details)
  582. uhttpd: fix script timeout (commit: b1f26b7) (details)
  583. bcm63xx: lzma-loader: allow bigger ramdisks (commit: 6dc01cd) (details)
  584. treewide: drop DEVICE_TYPE when used as device variable (commit: 64ebf74) (details)
  585. treewide: provide consistent basic DEVICE_TYPE (commit: 057e5f6) (details)
  586. apm821xx: set DEVICE_TYPE to "nas" for sata subtarget (commit: 04373e2) (details)
  587. prereq-build: test for perl's Data::Dumper (commit: dc467ea) (details)
  588. ramips: remove patches for USB-dwc2 (commit: ab841b4) (details)
  589. ramips: add kmod-usb-dwc2 to ZyXEL Keenetic image (commit: 0a182fc) (details)
  590. build, imagebuilder: Do not require libncurses-dev (commit: 4a1a58a) (details)
  591. linux/generic: remove obsolete config option LEDS_TRIGGER_IDE_DISK (commit: e238597) (details)
  592. base-files: fix LED IDE trigger (commit: e914de7) (details)
  593. ipq806x: enable disk-activity LED trigger (commit: f93fcf8) (details)
  594. uboot-mxs: bump to v2020.04 (commit: d71fa37) (details)
  595. mvebu: espressobin: fix SATA and USB 3.0 ports detection (commit: cf69472) (details)
  596. dnsmasq: add /etc/dnsmasq.d/ to conffiles (commit: 2171493) (details)
  597. base-files: prevent issues w/ overlay on powerloss after sysupgrade (commit: 880c1f0) (details)
  598. ath79: phy-ar7200-usb: do not print error on defered init (commit: 1d9812f) (details)
  599. kernel: add gpio-it87 (commit: 0b3e120) (details)
  600. libconfig: move into packages feed (commit: 173d284) (details)
  601. xfsprogs: move into packages feed (commit: e86b67e) (details)
  602. exfat-utils: move into packages feed (commit: a9f712a) (details)
  603. wolfssl: use -fomit-frame-pointer to fix asm error (commit: 750d52f) (details)
  604. imx6: backport v5.8 imx6qdl-gw dt patches (commit: 3b1e99d) (details)
  605. imx6: image: increase max ubifs file-system size (commit: 0562037) (details)
  606. octeontx: refresh kernel 5.4 config (commit: c3f9598) (details)
  607. octeontx: fix gpio irq request (commit: 3fd8e86) (details)
  608. octeontx: fix mcp251x can controller (commit: 0cf101d) (details)
  609. kernel: iio: fix st_accel_{i2c, spi} driver (commit: 41cab50) (details)
  610. kernel: iio: add drivers for st_lsm6dsx IMU MEMS sensors (commit: 2564170) (details)
  611. bcm47xx: fix brcm-wl module loading (commit: 6ea87d3) (details)
  612. iwinfo: update to version 2020-06-03 (commit: 7f0fb3e) (details)
  613. ramips: mt7621: use higher SPI clock speed on Mikrotik rbm11g and rbm33g (commit: 2f5a242) (details)
  614. kernel: mtdsplit: bcm_wfi: always add img partitions (commit: 6c7cbf1) (details)
  615. bcm63xx: vr-3032u: fix WFI partition size (commit: e8aac70) (details)
  616. bcm63xx: vg-8050: fix WFI partition size (commit: 8421ea7) (details)
  617. mvebu: switch to kernel 5.4 (commit: 5fcb072) (details)
  618. mvebu: drop swconfig patches (commit: a2bca5c) (details)
  619. mvebu: remove swconfig symbols from kernel config (commit: 6058035) (details)
  620. mvebu: update default config for DSA (commit: f799c65) (details)
  621. mvebu: use eth0 as DSA CPU port for Linksys WRT (commit: 4149d2b) (details)
  622. mvebu: use ucidef to set up MAC address (commit: 9b34ea4) (details)
  623. mvebu: drop 06_set_iface_mac preinit script (commit: be309bf) (details)
  624. generic: backport mv88e6xxx port mirroring support (commit: 2441059) (details)
  625. mvebu: remove swconfig package (commit: 5a49cbf) (details)
  626. mvebu: rename Linksys Mamba WAN port (commit: 712e008) (details)
  627. netifd: update to latest HEAD (commit: 303b463) (details)
  628. hostapd: add support for wifi-station and wifi-vlan sections (commit: 5aa2ddd) (details)
  629. kernel: fix portability issue with perf on linux 5.4 (commit: 2dd26fd) (details)
  630. ramips/mediatek: select kmod-mt7615-firmware where kmod-mt7615e is selected (commit: 81b59ef) (details)
  631. generic: mt7530: set CPU port to fallback mode (commit: d56d05f) (details)
  632. generic: fix DSA VLAN filtering (commit: dc4ffaa) (details)
  633. generic: mt7530: fix roaming from DSA user ports (commit: 7c47f66) (details)
  634. generic: mt7530: support adjusting EEE (commit: 5b9ba4a) (details)
  635. kernel: b53: fix compilation with kernels 5.5+ (commit: 8c31afb) (details)
  636. mvebu: rename Linksys devices based on their common names (commit: df6f309) (details)
  637. mvebu: remove ClearFog Pro SUPPORTED_DEVICES (commit: 8989696) (details)
  638. kernel: sch_cake: use skb hash improve wireguard compatibility (commit: 7b4877c) (details)
  639. nghttp2: bump to 1.41.0 (commit: 4e65838) (details)
  640. kernel: Add kmod-sch-cake-virtual intermediate package (commit: 56db8e4) (details)
  641. netifd: update to latest git HEAD (commit: 9e7fe7f) (details)
  642. bcm27xx: fix unmounting /boot after sysupgrade (commit: 050c31f) (details)
  643. Revert "bcm27xx-gpu-fw: update to latest version" (commit: afdc413) (details)
  644. bcm27xx-gpu-fw: bump to most recent good version (commit: 25787e0) (details)
  645. mediatek: tidy up image subtarget Makefiles (commit: 3559b46) (details)
  646. mediatek: switch over to extended upstream eip97 driver (commit: 127ad76) (details)
  647. mediatek: make emmc image generation work on mt7622 (commit: 55b97b6) (details)
  648. mediatek: add bpi-r64 emmc support (commit: f72a2b0) (details)
  649. mediatek: add mt7531 DSA support (commit: ad39d06) (details)
  650. bcm63xx: vg-8050: add missing compatible property (commit: 57dce7c) (details)
  651. bcm63xx: vr-3032u: add missing compatible property (commit: 66f7062) (details)
  652. bcm63xx: kernel: add BCM63167 cpuid variant (commit: 598ba5b) (details)
  653. bcm63xx: image: don't add the CFE to the sercomm factory (commit: 27c20a1) (details)
  654. bcm63xx: image: support device-specific load address (commit: 9eb9d0b) (details)
  655. bcm63xx: add support for the Sercomm H500-s (commit: ff2c963) (details)
  656. bcm63xx: bcm6328: switch to upstream boot sel patch (commit: 6fca164) (details)
  657. mediatek: fix image/ (commit: c37487a) (details)
  658. hostapd: silence rm (commit: 8a85836) (details)
  659. umdnsd: update to latest git HEAD (commit: 68b94f0) (details)
  660. mkchkimg: use higher version code (commit: 0a73c61) (details)
  661. ramips: erx and erx-sfp: fix missing WAN interface (commit: 22468cc) (details)
  662. hostapd: update to latest Git hostap_2_9-1331-g5a8b366233f5 (commit: df6a33a) (details)
  663. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.45 (commit: e5aa498) (details)
  664. oxnas: build with 8021Q VLAN support (commit: fd0cc72) (details)
  665. ca-certificates: update to version 20200601 (commit: f611b01) (details)
  666. ath79: wndr3700 series: fix wifi range & throughput (commit: 6130754) (details)
  667. hostapd: add config symbol for allowing drivers to enable 802.11ax support (commit: 41d7a14) (details)
  668. mt76: enable hostapd 802.11ax support if kmod-mt7915e is selected (commit: bf3f06f) (details)
  669. netifd: disable receive packet steering for DSA slave devices (commit: 4baf90d) (details)
  670. ramips: enable packet steering by default on mt7621 (commit: dfd62e5) (details)
  671. kernel: backport upstream DSA GRO support (commit: 2c82862) (details)
  672. ramips: add mt7621 ethernet driver improvements (commit: 69f6fc7) (details)
  673. ramips: add support for Netgear EX6120 (commit: fbb46b7) (details)
  674. ramips: use amber LED for boot/failsafe on Netgear EX3700/EX6130 (commit: 338c649) (details)
  675. ramips: limit uci commit to the changed config file (commit: 2c198ea) (details)
  676. ath79: rename DTSI for Netgear WNDR devices based on ar7161 (commit: bc75954) (details)
  677. ath79: add support for the Netgear WNDRMAC v2 (commit: 7f297e7) (details)
  678. ath79: add support for the Netgear WNDRMAC v1 (commit: 108df3e) (details)
  679. treewide: simplify inclusion of subtarget image files (commit: bb39fea) (details)
  680. apm821xx: move device definitions to subfiles (commit: 11db48f) (details)
  681. soloscli: fix uci-defaults file (commit: 78e8360) (details)
  682. ramips: fix WAN LED for D-Link DIR-810L/TRENDnet TEW-810DR (commit: e6d4744) (details)
  683. bcm63xx: switch to upstream NAND patches (commit: ce33ef9) (details)
  684. ramips: fix port display for D-Link DIR-810L (commit: efde716) (details)
  685. imagebuilder: pass IB=1 on checking requirements (commit: 4f38063) (details)
  686. imagebuilder: Remove json_info_files/ before build (commit: 941ec28) (details)
  687. kernel: rtl8367b: fix external interface modes (commit: 8f3b176) (details)
  688. odhcpd: remove bogus IPKG_INSTROOT reference (commit: 46555ce) (details)
  689. mtd: enable wrgg support for ath79 (commit: 4f02496) (details)
  690. ath79: enable wrgg MTD splitter (commit: 7e287ff) (details)
  691. ath79: add support for D-Link DAP-2695-A1 (commit: cd09f26) (details)
  692. ramips: mt7621: add support for NETGEAR WAC104 (commit: 221d8a1) (details)
  693. ramips: fix port display for TRENDnet TEW-810DR (commit: feb55fd) (details)
  694. bcm47xx: move device definitions to subfiles (commit: 1226113) (details)
  695. ramips: drop useless label-mac-device for RouterBOARD 750Gr3 (commit: 5549b84) (details)
  696. ipq40xx: essedma: Disable TCP segmentation offload for IPv6 (commit: 6785695) (details)
  697. ipq40xx: add support for EnGenius EMR3500 (commit: 3f61e5e) (details)
  698. ipq40xx: disable DSA and Switchdev (commit: 752cee7) (details)
  699. ipq40xx: use zImage for EX6100v2 and EX6150v2 (commit: b8ed898) (details)
  700. hostapd: hostapd_set_psk_file: fix defaut value for mac (commit: c0ddb85) (details)
  701. iproute2: update to 5.7.0 (commit: a241f43) (details)
  702. musl: use official release tar (commit: 69e7d14) (details)
  703. ipq40xx: add image size checks for several devices (commit: 5b50895) (details)
  704. ipq40xx: check kernel-size for NBG6617 (commit: 373f446) (details)
  705. kirkwood: move led triggers to dts (commit: bbe7124) (details)
  706. kirkwood: move sata features to modules (commit: 73c3ba2) (details)
  707. kirkwood: move mmc/sd features to modules (commit: c5356d1) (details)
  708. kirkwood: move usb support to modules (commit: e53ec04) (details)
  709. kirkwood: move ext4 support to modules (commit: 987292b) (details)
  710. kirkwood: refresh kernel config (commit: 28f4ae2) (details)
  711. Revert "kirkwood: disable image for Linksys EA3500 (Audi)" (commit: 1461eab) (details)
  712. ramips: fix IPv4-only corner case in 01_enable_packet_steering (commit: 03a0b7b) (details)
  713. ath79: ag71xx: don't warn on RGMII_RXID and RGMII_TXID (commit: fa412c9) (details)
  714. bcm63xx: a226m-fwb: fix linux partition offset (commit: d64d5ed) (details)
  715. ath79: patch upstream Mikrotik rb4xx-spi driver to be device tree aware (commit: 344e75e) (details)
  716. ath79: add Mikrotik rb4xx series drivers (commit: fa70b3a) (details)
  717. ath79: add support for MikroTik RouterBOARD 493G (rb4xx series) (commit: b7a8a54) (details)
  718. treewide: drop shebang from non-executable target files (commit: 48c1fdd) (details)
  719. ath79: add support for the TP-Link WBS210 v1 (commit: 866ad46) (details)
  720. mediatek: fix IPv4-only corner case and commit in 99-net-ps (commit: 636b62e) (details)
  721. bcm63xx: use the generic nand upgrade on Sercomm devices (commit: e3eaf52) (details)
  722. mediatek: mt7623: refresh kernel 5.4 config (commit: c4037a5) (details)
  723. mvebu: fix bootloader kernel commandline mangling (commit: 014c101) (details)
  724. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.46 (commit: 90f930e) (details)
  725. lantiq: switch to 5.4 (commit: 27724c2) (details)
  726. lantiq: drop "CONFIG_HZ_100 is not set" (commit: ef9cee4) (details)
  727. uclient: uclient-fetch: add option to read POST data from file (commit: 8e98613) (details)
  728. ath79: define CONFIG_MFD_RB4XX_CPLD to fix build breakage (commit: 9c16c46) (details)
  729. openvpn: add generic hotplug mechanism (commit: 8fe9940) (details)
  730. comgt-ncm: do not attempt to connect if the control device is invalid (commit: ba7ddae) (details)
  731. toolchain: remove gcc libssp and use libc variant (commit: b933f9c) (details)
  732. hostapd: fix compilation of wpa_supplicant (commit: a424857) (details)
  733. mac80211: ath9k: enable adding wireless noise to kernel entropy pool (commit: a4c0767) (details)
  734. base-files: gpio switch: add named GPIO support (commit: c5bf9a8) (details)
  735. toolchain: glibc ldd env path fixup (commit: a57fb86) (details)
  736. ath79: set &eth1 status for TP-Link CPE devices in parent DTSI (commit: be56b29) (details)
  737. bcm63xx: HG622: enable LAN LEDs (commit: 2c3bdef) (details)
  738. bcm63xx: DGND3700v1: fix port order (commit: 583b3e4) (details)
  739. ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA801ND v3/v4 (commit: 9a477b8) (details)
  740. ath79: add support for TP-Link CPE610 v2 (commit: d93da0d) (details)
  741. ramips: add label-mac-device for ELECOM WRC-GST devices (commit: 5aae0c7) (details)
  742. ramips: increase SPI frequency for ELECOM WRC-GST devices (commit: b5ae70d) (details)
  743. ramips: add MT7615 wireless support for ELECOM WRC-GST devices (commit: 39f2f9b) (details)
  744. ramips: add support for ELECOM WRC-2533GST2 (commit: 3a8d650) (details)
  745. ath79: fix input type for TP-Link TL-WR902AC v1 mode switch (commit: 708c677) (details)
  746. lantiq: fritz7312: set maximum speed to 100 mbit on 5.4 (commit: 340de1d) (details)
  747. dropbear: bump to 2020.79 (commit: 29e170d) (details)
  748. ath79: image: fix initramfs for safeloader devices (commit: ceeece9) (details)
  749. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.48 (commit: e44e60b) (details)
  750. bcm63xx: AV4202N: add missing PCI pinmux (commit: 3f27a6e) (details)
  751. armvirt,x86: fix build breakage of crypto ccp module (commit: 472b8fc) (details)
  752. mvebu: fix default EU regdomain for Linksys WRT AC devices (commit: d0e8b83) (details)
  753. libnetfilter-queue: fix package title and description (commit: 492a659) (details)
  754. igmpproxy: remove some bashism (commit: 7e67d14) (details)
  755. ipq40xx: consolidate DTS files (commit: fa6d532) (details)
  756. mvebu: consolidate DTS files (commit: 3c20bb0) (details)
  757. ramips: move Netgear R6120 LED trigger to DTS (commit: 888afe7) (details)
  758. ramips: clean up Netgear R6120 code formatting (commit: 2e47a05) (details)
  759. base-files: remove urandom-seed definition (commit: 46a6586) (details)
  760. bcm47xx: add support for NETGEAR R6200 V1 (commit: 6da3194) (details)
  761. mac80211: fix use of local variable (commit: 8f95220) (details)
  762. wireguard: bump to 1.0.20200623 (commit: ea5192e) (details)
  763. feeds: add freifunk feed (commit: 221f97f) (details)
  764. urandom-seed: update Makefile (commit: d4dea7e) (details)
  765. dropbear: fix compilation for uClibc (commit: 751e6ab) (details)
  766. ath79: add support for AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater DVB-C (commit: 8ff631f) (details)
  767. mac80211: ath9k: enable MFP capability unconditionally (commit: 870588b) (details)
  768. ramips: drop redundant chosen/bootargs (commit: 54b19e2) (details)
  769. ath79: drop and consolidate redundant chosen/bootargs (commit: 635f111) (details)
  770. kernel/leds-apu2: remove deprecated leds-apu2 driver (commit: 2b550a6) (details)
  771. kernel: add gpio-amd-fch module description (commit: 97bc87d) (details)
  772. kernel: add pcengines-apu2 module description (commit: f3c5c09) (details)
  773. target/hack-5.4: platform/x86/pcengines: revert led simswich compromise (commit: 5596452) (details)
  774. logger: enable alternatives support (commit: 67575b6) (details)
  775. ubox: add ALTERNATIVES (commit: 3d6ac4d) (details)
  776. x86: Support Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet Cards (commit: f3cb163) (details)
  777. base-files: coreutil-sha256sum breaks status code (commit: fed9bfb) (details)
  778. sunxi: add text referencing Allwinner H3 and H5 CPUs (commit: 9c85153) (details)
  779. uboot-kirkwood: enable sata in nsa310 uboot (commit: 930f3c0) (details)
  780. netifd: replace timesvr with timesrv (commit: c856f7a) (details)
  781. kernel: i2c-pxa: remove slave (commit: dd13add) (details)
  782. ramips: fix sd polling (commit: cd6515c) (details)
  783. lantiq: remove unused PHY drivers on xrx200 (commit: 58a6f06) (details)
  784. mvebu: LS421DE: dts file improvements (commit: 0cca962) (details)
  785. ath79: Fix ubnt_edgeswitch-8xp DEVICE_PACKAGES (commit: 4c3b81b) (details)
  786. kernel: rename CONFIG_NETPRIO_CGROUP to CONFIG_CGROUP_NET_PRIO (commit: caf09f2) (details)
  787. ramips: add support for Netgear R6080 (commit: bd49f2c) (details)
  788. ramips: add support for NETGEAR WAC124 (commit: b1d5ab1) (details)
  789. uboot-kirkwood: Revert "uboot-kirkwood: enable sata in nsa310 uboot" (commit: 143c817) (details)
  790. ath79: add support for Compex WPJ531 (16M) (commit: e10dd48) (details)
  791. ath79: build Compex WPJ531 cpximg files (commit: 9f261e3) (details)
  792. mvebu: remove non-existant board name solidrun,clearfog-a1 (commit: 89bb4ee) (details)
  793. ath79: do not build TP-Link tiny images by default (commit: 8819faf) (details)
  794. firmware-utils: sort tools alphabetically (commit: 7da3c3b) (details)
  795. ipq40xx: set IMAGES in Device/Default definition (commit: e8afeaa) (details)
  796. ipq806x: set IMAGES in Device/Default definition (commit: 0127de9) (details)
  797. mvebu: move definition of factory.img out of Device/Default (commit: 5234593) (details)
  798. ramips: add support for WAVLINK WL-WN577A2 (commit: dbaf0d2) (details)
  799. ath79: replace custom uImageArcher generation (commit: f49063b) (details)
  800. ramips: add support for RAVPower RP-WD009 (commit: e959048) (details)
  801. package: add ravpower-mcu package (commit: 1ba0466) (details)
  802. ramips: remove duplicate MAC assignment case (commit: 5667ccb) (details)
  803. kernel: cake: renumber backport patches (commit: 3fda01a) (details)
  804. kernel: cake: skb hash backport to 419 (commit: 4ca4c94) (details)
  805. kernel: cake: backport unused var patch to 5.4 (commit: 77cd8f6) (details)
  806. kernel: cake: backport upstream tweaks & fixes (commit: d59dc14) (details)
  807. ramips: add support for TP-Link RE220 v2 (commit: 33fae84) (details)
  808. dropbear: init: replace backticks with $() (commit: 69ca308) (details)
  809. zram-swap: init: replace backticks with $() (commit: 835c932) (details)
  810. dropbear: bump to 2020.80 (commit: d4c80f5) (details)
  811. build: store default/device packages in JSON (commit: 263f7e5) (details)
  812. ath10k-ct: update to version 2020-06-30 (commit: f786de2) (details)
  813. curl: bump to 7.71.0 (commit: cbb66f9) (details)
  814. ath79: rearrange nand node by register address (commit: 736995c) (details)
  815. odhcpd: bump to latest git HEAD (commit: 9858a8c) (details)
  816. build,json: store arch_packages in profiles.json (commit: f09b931) (details)
  817. ath79: add support for Compex WPJ344 (commit: a0bb356) (details)
  818. ath79: enable gpio on ar933x by default (commit: dc1280e) (details)
  819. ath79: drop redundant status for gpio target-wide (commit: b123ffd) (details)
  820. kirkwood: support for button in Pogoplug V4 (commit: 91472dc) (details)
  821. ipq806x: refresh config (commit: 472f5b1) (details)
  822. ath79: add support for GL.iNet GL-MiFi (commit: a175bc8) (details)
  823. build,json: fix build failure in case no data is found (commit: 3b0f698) (details)
  824. kernel: Fix ath79 DSP exception at bootup (commit: 4bb5e33) (details)
  825. libjson-c: update to 0.14 (commit: 78b6321) (details)
  826. kernel: Update kernel 4.14 to version 4.14.187 (commit: ce958dd) (details)
  827. kernel: Update kernel 4.19 to version 4.19.131 (commit: 6062d85) (details)
  828. kernel: Update kernel 5.4 to version 5.4.50 (commit: 68d9cb8) (details)
  829. mvebu: LS421DE: use automatic fan control with thermal zones (commit: a902e6a) (details)
  830. mvebu: config define i2c pxa slave (commit: d31bbe4) (details)
  831. linux-firmware: Update linux-firmware to 20200619 (commit: 556eb98) (details)
  832. ar71xx: Fix mikrotik NAND compile problem (commit: 014d3f5) (details)
  833. ipq806x: move common pinmux nodes to SoC DTSI (commit: 19c8f11) (details)
  834. ipq806x: disentangle and clean up SoC DTSI files (commit: ed76134) (details)
  835. ipq806x: move stdout-path to DTSI files (commit: 74e339f) (details)
  836. ipq806x: move serial0 to DTSI files (commit: 8832500) (details)
  837. ramips: reduce spi-max-frequency for ipTIME A8004T (commit: 2d37870) (details)
  838. mac80211: allow ACS restriction with fixed channel (commit: dfe0bc8) (details)
  839. lantiq: wifi mac fix for ARV752DPW (commit: 702366a) (details)
  840. lantiq: added switch-config for ARV752DPW (commit: f855eb9) (details)
  841. kernel/pcengines-apu2: detect apuv4 board (commit: bb14d44) (details)
  842. ravpower-mcu: add missing PKG_RELEASE (commit: 4c8eb4a) (details)
  843. lantiq: dts: Move the &usb_vbus nodes out of &gpio (commit: 982468d) (details)
  844. ramips: add support for TP-Link RE500 v1 (commit: ba0f4f0) (details)
  845. lantiq: remove redundant includes from fritz736x DTS files (commit: 3866fef) (details)
  846. lantiq: set port numbers corresponding to reg value (commit: f496939) (details)
  847. build: conditionally enable testing-kernel feature (commit: cf6f01c) (details)
  848. ath79: switch to kernel 5.4 (commit: d8ab321) (details)
  849. ramips: use WiFi LED DT triggers for TP-Link RE650 v1 (commit: 7cb721c) (details)
  850. dropbear: make rsa-sha2-256 pubkeys usable again (commit: 4e57fd5) (details)
  851. ath79: add support for 8devices Rambutan board (commit: 326e488) (details)
  852. ath79: nand: disable images for glinet_gl-ar750s (commit: ae2d249) (details)
  853. build: add nconfig (commit: 8fb0b15) (details)
  854. build: mconf readme update (commit: ab26022) (details)
  855. build: fix compatibility with python 3.6 (commit: 3caad51) (details)
  856. nat46: fix translation of ICMP protocol unreachable (commit: ebddd0b) (details)
  857. curl: bump to 7.71.1 (commit: 2b47951) (details)
  858. ar71xx: Fix mikrotik NAND compile problem (commit: 66e04ab) (details)
  859. ramips: add support for Edimax Gemini RE23S (commit: 8c13ebd) (details)
  860. generic: platform/mikrotik: fix routerboot_tag_show_u32s() (commit: 5c4b431) (details)
  861. generic: platform/mikrotik: match RouterBOOT nomenclature (commit: 2714a4f) (details)
  862. generic: platform/mikrotik: graceful fallback for cpufreq_index (commit: 0217a9b) (details)
  863. generic: platform/mikrotik: add board_revision tag (commit: a874c87) (details)
  864. generic: platform/mikrotik: add partial AR71xx cpufreq support (commit: 78fffc2) (details)
  865. ramips: Add support for Xiaomi Mi Router(Black,R2100) (commit: 53a1fed) (details)
  866. uclibc++: make verbosity affect uClibc++ build (commit: 9f02026) (details)
  867. kernel: add iscsi-initator support (commit: b88f820) (details)
  868. ipq40xx: add support for GL.iNet GL-S1300 (commit: f103321) (details)
  869. build: add 'make kernel_xconfig' command (commit: 645b1ec) (details)
  870. comgt: add new script to send ussd request and get the answer (commit: 667fbb8) (details)
  871. ath79: add support for 8devices Lima board (commit: ba59021) (details)
  872. uboot-kirkwood: add support for Zyxel NSA310S (commit: 4c2e475) (details)
  873. kirkwood: add support for Zyxel NSA310S (commit: d2c3131) (details)
  874. ipq40xx: add support for Buffalo WTR-M2133HP (commit: 4a77a06) (details)
  875. firmware-utils/hcsmakeimage: fix possible memory leak and resource leaks (commit: d64b20d) (details)
  876. ipq806x: add support for Linksys EA7500 V1 (commit: 20c7abd) (details)
  877. mt7621-qtn-rgmii: enable RGMII connected Quantenna QV840 (commit: d512657) (details)
  878. ramips: add support for ZyXEL WAP6805 (Altibox WiFi+) (commit: c1794d6) (details)
  879. ipq40xx: fix patches on dts Makefile (commit: f3921ac) (details)
  880. kernel: iscsi-initator: fix missing dependency (commit: bbdd996) (details)
  881. ramips: add missing kmod-mt7615-firmware for TP-Link RE500 v1 (commit: 7de08be) (details)
  882. ramips: move adslr_g7 in image/ to keep sorting (commit: 9e6257c) (details)
  883. ramips: add support for ZyXEL Keenetic Lite Rev.B (commit: 4dc9ad4) (details)
  884. ramips: mt7621: use lzma-loader for ra21s & rg21s (commit: 541faf2) (details)
  885. ipq806x: compile in schedutil governor (commit: 3e992ea) (details)
  886. change i386 CPU type to pentium-mmx (commit: 691bf54) (details)
  887. ath79: add support for D-Link DCH-G020 Rev. A1 (commit: 14599c5) (details)
  888. fstools: update to the latest version (commit: 7d9fb6a) (details)
  889. mediatek: mt7623: refresh 5.4 kernel config (commit: c07d0d7) (details)
  890. firmware-utils/ptgen: allow explicit placement of partitions (commit: dca867c) (details)
  891. mediatek/mt7623: unify features and packages, add ext4 and usb (commit: c848bc6) (details)
  892. mediatek: enable SATA for mt7623 (commit: 91e43a1) (details)
  893. mediatek: new mt7623n preloader package for Banana Pi (commit: 1e4c885) (details)
  894. mediatek: add mt7623 u-boot build for Banana Pi R2 (commit: f0b51c1) (details)
  895. mediatek: fix U-Boot pinctrl setup for mt7623 eMMC (commit: dc46994) (details)
  896. mediatek: use U-Boot FAT environment support for Banana Pi R2 (commit: 0c7bce7) (details)
  897. mediatek: add SD card image creation for Banana Pi R2 (commit: 7adc29f) (details)
  898. mediatek: store MAC address in boot partition on Banana Pi R2 (commit: e19ffb2) (details)
  899. mediatek: Implement sysupgrade support for Banana Pi R2 (commit: af9932c) (details)
  900. base-files: add functions to set or clear bit in MAC address (commit: dc61e3b) (details)
  901. ath79: add support for Arduino Yun (commit: 358aec7) (details)
  902. ath79: add support for D-Link DAP-1330/DAP-1365 A1 (commit: 361c670) (details)
  903. treewide: kernel: drop redundant USB_EHCI_HCD=n config symbol (commit: c7b750e) (details)
  904. mediatek: do not create device nodes in uci-defaults script (commit: 9237923) (details)
  905. mediatek: re-add u3phy2 phy-switch patch (commit: 3610588) (details)
  906. kernel: iscsi-initator: fix kernel config symbols (commit: 1337093) (details)
  907. mediatek: fix bashism in (commit: f632747) (details)
  908. lantiq: set correct gphy pins for Zyxel P-2812 (commit: 0df71e0) (details)
  909. ramips: add support for Netgear R6020 (commit: edbc8e5) (details)
  910. mac80211: rt2x00: define RF5592 in init_eeprom routine (commit: 727685c) (details)
  911. procd: update to git HEAD (commit: b6e440a) (details)
  912. procd: jail: fix build on platforms without seccomp support (commit: a6160de) (details)
  913. ath79: disable TP-Link TL-WR941ND v2 (commit: bc85cc2) (details)
  914. procd: fix another seccomp-related build issue (commit: 5600932) (details)
  915. procd: fix yet another build issue, this time with capabilities (commit: 5115cb0) (details)
  916. base-files: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: d7d6e05) (details)
  917. wireguard-tools: replace backticks by $(...) (commit: b837216) (details)
  918. base-files: remove useless cat (commit: 9362ea1) (details)
  919. ipq806x: enable Linksys EA8500 eth1 interface (commit: f93267b) (details)
  920. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.51 (commit: 039fd27) (details)
  921. uboot-envtools: ath79: update ubootenv partion index for gl-ar300m (commit: 7d97fe5) (details)
  922. kernel: add package for Seiko S-35390A I2C RTC (commit: 9c99187) (details)
  923. uboot-kirkwood: add uboot for CheckPoint L-50 (commit: c881d7a) (details)
  924. kirkwood: add support for Check Point L-50 (commit: 67ce9ae) (details)
  925. toolchain/gcc: Copy patches from 9.3.0 to 10.1.0 (commit: d0b2530) (details)
  926. toolchain/gcc: Add GCC 10.1.0 config (commit: bf540f3) (details)
  927. toolchain/gcc: Add GCC 10.1.0 patches (commit: e027df9) (details)
  928. firmware-utils: mkfwimage: fix memcpy and strncpy usage (commit: 61b36ee) (details)
  929. linux-firmware: package EIP197 mini firmware (commit: 4d92a55) (details)
  930. ramips: kernel: fix awake-rt305x-dwc2 patch (commit: ecda6b7) (details)
  931. libubox: update to version 2020-07-11 (commit: 0b76410) (details)
  932. lzo: switch to building with CMake (commit: f61110e) (details)
  933. busybox: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC instead of gettimeofday (commit: c5c652e) (details)
  934. zram-swap: enable swap discard (commit: 0bd7dfa) (details)
  935. zram-swap: correctly express the required dependencies (commit: 0b6155d) (details)
  936. kernel: kmod-zram: break the strict dependency from lz4 (commit: 99dae00) (details)
  937. toolchain/gdb: Don't use gdb-arc (commit: 969690b) (details)
  938. toolchain/ Replace read with read -r (commit: d8e6a92) (details)
  939. toolchain/ fix remaining shellcheck warnings (commit: df09cc6) (details)
  940. build: package-ipkg: avoid calling wildcard twice (commit: 40acc13) (details)
  941. build: call ipkg-remove using xargs if #args>=512 (commit: 78d1f3a) (details)
  942. build: reduce number of files passed to ipk-remove (commit: 1119248) (details)
  943. scripts/env: use command -v instead of which (commit: 56f8136) (details)
  944. scripts/env: replace \! with ! (commit: e68810b) (details)
  945. scripts/env: exit in case of failure to cd (commit: f80a540) (details)
  946. scripts/env: use read -r instead of read (commit: 5b7cace) (details)
  947. scripts/env: fix remaining shellcheck warning (commit: 227e47b) (details)
  948. scripts/ replace -o with if/&& (commit: 3819337) (details)
  949. scripts/ use /bin/sh (commit: aee169b) (details)
  950. scripts/ fix more shellcheck warnings (commit: 92d7ced) (details)
  951. scripts/ replace echo -e with printf (commit: 9070531) (details)
  952. scripts/ add missing quotes (commit: 765858f) (details)
  953. scripts/ fix improper string and array concatenation (commit: 7aefc85) (details)
  954. scripts/ switch from bash to sh (commit: 3d418dd) (details)
  955. scripts/ fix remaining shellcheck warning (commit: dec9ae6) (details)
  956. base-files/ use command -v instead of which (commit: 8e6f2c0) (details)
  957. busybox: store applet usage messages uncompressed (commit: eb24a57) (details)
  958. layerscape: convert to squashfs rootfs for QSPI NOR boot (commit: 5ca8903) (details)
  959. layerscape: add compatible for board ls1043ardb (commit: 3a3b9de) (details)
  960. layerscape: fix board name for SD card boot (commit: 3a99b62) (details)
  961. layerscape: support sysupgrade for squashfs rootfs (commit: c4d0e57) (details)
  962. layerscape: support sysupgrade for SD card ext4 rootfs (commit: 0841b68) (details)
  963. layerscape: define IMAGE_SIZE and LS_SYSUPGRADE_IMAGE_SIZE (commit: 2a5460b) (details)
  964. ltq-vmmc: update permission handling (commit: ff8b8fe) (details)
  965. ramips: mt7621: refactor set affinity script (commit: 23de93a) (details)
  966. build: improve ccache support (commit: 2ca084c) (details)
  967. bcm63xx: R5010UNv2: fix flash partitions for 16MB flash (commit: cef9e5a) (details)
  968. mvebu: fix support for Marvell 8040 MACCHIATOBin (commit: 9faf9f8) (details)
  969. ramips: consolidate recipes with uimage_padhdr (commit: 479adb0) (details)
  970. scripts/ fix use of printf (commit: 52cdd61) (details)
  971. mvebu: add support for MACCHIATObin Single Shot (commit: 2dc5ce6) (details)
  972. ath79: qihoo,c301: use phy-supply for usb vbus (commit: 0997342) (details)
  973. ath79: fix dsa binding for TP-Link TL-WR941ND v2 (commit: 28893f5) (details)
  974. scripts/env: Fix 56f813674a scripts/env: use command -v instead of which (commit: 8242c6d) (details)
  975. wireguard: bump to 1.0.20200712 (commit: ad81e2d) (details)
  976. ramips: consolidate Netgear devices for mt7628 (commit: 1147852) (details)
  977. bcm47xx: disable image for Linksys WRT160n v3 (commit: eb15b0e) (details)
  978. procd: update to git HEAD (commit: 79fd87e) (details)
  979. rockchip: use downstream GPIO button implementation (commit: 875a044) (details)
  980. rockchip: don't disable timer LED trigger (commit: 0485fb3) (details)
  981. glibc: fix avx2 strncmp offset compare condition check [BZ #25933] (commit: a44eff6) (details)
  982. kernel: mtdsplit_uimage: add SGE parser (commit: 96761ec) (details)
  983. ramips: add support for D-Link DIR-878 A1 (commit: d7233b0) (details)
  984. build,json: fix compatibility with Python 3.5 (commit: 5b8b42c) (details)
  985. ath79: use rgmii-id instead of rgmii in ubnt,lap-120 (commit: 26fda61) (details)
  986. procd: update to git HEAD (commit: 732b70c) (details)
  987. procd: allow optional watchdog instance parameter (commit: 5792f6a) (details)
  988. ipq806x: fix aliases node name for Qualcomm IPQ8064/DB149 (commit: c83f7b6) (details)
  989. ipq806x: use consistent DT labels for gsbiX_serial (commit: e363470) (details)
  990. ipq806x: really fix aliases node for Qualcomm IPQ8064/DB149 (commit: 3635f7e) (details)
  991. ipq40xx: merge all ar40xx patches into one single patch (commit: 2557d2e) (details)
  992. ipq40xx: fix ethernet vlan double tagging (commit: 9da2b56) (details)
  993. iproute2: tc: fix dynamic symbol table size optimization (commit: 9852104) (details)
  994. iproute2: tc: fix missing em_ipset module (commit: e89a7d7) (details)
  995. ravpower-mcu: remove target dependency (commit: b94d1a2) (details)
  996. vxlan: fix udp checksum control (commit: 0453c38) (details)
  997. ravpower-mcu: bump PKG_RELEASE (commit: f886a26) (details)
  998. ath79: add support for Ubiquiti PowerBridge M (commit: 8c7e9cc) (details)
  999. vxlan: bump and change to PKG_RELEASE (commit: b29d620) (details)
  1000. package: drop PKG_VERSION for purely local packages (commit: 9c170cb) (details)
  1001. base-files: replace backticks in lib/upgrade/ (commit: e49fac0) (details)
  1002. ath79: harmonize model names for Ubiquiti devices (commit: 9f3415d) (details)
  1003. mediatek: minor fix to eip97 driver (commit: ea2884e) (details)
  1004. mediatek: generate UBI images for the rev board (commit: 5a5031e) (details)
  1005. mediatek: backport latest pci/e driver from upstream (commit: eff87b8) (details)
  1006. ramips: add support for ELECOM WRC-1750GS/GSV (commit: a79f55e) (details)
  1007. ramips: provide common definition for ELECOM WRC GS devices (commit: 95a05b1) (details)
  1008. ramips: add support for Linksys EA7300 v1 (commit: ed087cb) (details)
  1009. ramips: add support for D-Link DIR-867/DIR-882 A1 (commit: 73e8f23) (details)
  1010. nat46: update to latest git HEAD (commit: 546e140) (details)
  1011. uboot-mvebu: add uboot for helios 4 (commit: f013cc4) (details)
  1012. mvebu: add Kobol Helios 4 device (commit: 480003e) (details)
  1013. lzo: fix pkgconfig paths (commit: cc66580) (details)
  1014. ramips: add arl_table support for MT7530 (commit: 2a43ab4) (details)
  1015. kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.52 (commit: b644336) (details)
  1016. ramips: move redundant console setup to mt7621 SoC DTSI (commit: 1de9cac) (details)
  1017. lantiq: move dsl related base-files into own package (commit: 4d8552c) (details)
  1018. ltq-*dsl-app: dsl_control: remove unneeded check for (commit: 6299c17) (details)
  1019. lantiq: move 01_led_migration script to subtargets (commit: b78a266) (details)
  1020. procd: bump to git HEAD (commit: bae4204) (details)
  1021. ramips: don't create switch config for VIXMINI (commit: 612d528) (details)
  1022. ramips: remove incorrect mtd-eeprom for TP-Link TL-WR841N v14 (commit: 2e4626a) (details)
  1023. ramips: fix flash layout for TP-Link TL-WR841N v14 (commit: 1623def) (details)
  1024. ath79: add ath10k-leds for WG1200CR (test) (commit: dd0822e) (details)
Commit 57f4eab6771c5b099a09cea4e661bf5ccebbbb95 by freifunk
ramips: mt7621: add label mac address to rbm11g

The rbm11g has a label with printed on mac address similar to the

Signed-off-by: Tobias Schramm <>
(commit: 57f4eab)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
Commit 48b4aab80cd34682616bf7f12c41e35e27a49504 by freifunk
ramips: mt7621: reenable rbm11g

I have a rbm11g and can confirm that the LAN port is indeed
switch port 0.

Signed-off-by: Tobias Schramm <>
(commit: 48b4aab)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_mikrotik_rbm11g.dts (diff)
Commit f761f4052c411bababed2d2e9d8dc3f43380e4ee by freifunk
ramips: mt7621: harmonize naming scheme for Mikrotik

So far, image/device/board names for Mikrotik devices in mt7621 have
been used quite inconsistently.

This patch harmonizes the naming scheme by applying the same style
as used lately in ath79, i.e. using "RouterBOARD" as separate word
in the model name (instead of RB prefix for the number) and deriving
the board/device name from that (= make lower case and replace spaces
by hyphens).

This style has already been used for most the model/DEVICE_MODEL
variables in mt7621, so this is essentially just adjusting the remaining
variables to that.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: f761f40)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_mikrotik_rb750gr3.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_mikrotik_routerboard-m33g.dts
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_mikrotik_rbm11g.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/lib/upgrade/ (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_mikrotik_routerboard-m11g.dts
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_mikrotik_rbm33g.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_mikrotik_routerboard-750gr3.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/etc/uci-defaults/04_led_migration (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/etc/board.d/03_gpio_switches (diff)
Commit aff965a415899efbd7ea409f5dbe5945227e245b by daniel
generic: backport Wistron Neweb D19Q1 patches

Backport patches which adds suport for the Wistron Neweb D19Q1 3G/4G modem,
used in D-Link DWR-960.

Signed-off-by: Pawel Dembicki <>
(commit: aff965a)
The file was addedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.19/184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.14/184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/183-net-qmi_wwan-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch
Commit 5410a8e2959a9560cdb89231aafa23c71070721d by daniel
ramips: mt7620: add rgmii delays support

At this moment mt7620 ethernet driver doesn't support rgmii delays
configuration. SoC MT7620 have bits 2 and 3 in GPC1 an GPC2 to configure
delays for rx and tx rgmii interface.

This patch adds rx/tx rgmii delay configuration from dts.

Signed-off-by: Pawel Dembicki <>
(commit: 5410a8e)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/gsw_mt7620.h (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/soc_mt7620.c (diff)
Commit 5a5a9b7a7500379e79410a8a955381ec0fa486ae by daniel
packages: mt76: add 14c3:7610 pci id to list

This commit add patch with 14c3:7610 pci id addition.

It was sent upstream.

Signed-off-by: Pawel Dembicki <>
[bumped PKG_RELEASE]
Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: 5a5a9b7)
The file was addedpackage/kernel/mt76/patches/0001-mt76-mt76x0-pci-add-mt7610-PCI-ID.patch
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/mt76/Makefile (diff)
Commit c948a4782ba9e99f690a75ddf95ad76add95b5fa by daniel
ramips: add support for D-Link DWR-960

The DWR-960 Wireless Router is based on the MT7620A SoC.


- MediaTek MT7620A (580 Mhz)
- 128 MB of RAM
- 16 MB of FLASH
- 1x 802.11bgn radio
- 1x 802.11ac radio (MT7610 mpcie card)
- 4x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (1 WAN and 3 LAN)
- 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet (1 LAN) (AR8035)
- 2x internal, non-detachable antennas (Wifi 2.4G)
- 3x external, detachable antennas (2x LTE, 1x Wifi 5G)
- 1x LTE modem
- UART (J4) header on PCB (57600 8n1)
- 9x LED, 2x button
- JBOOT bootloader

Known issues:
- Flash is extremely slow.

Apply factory image via http web-gui or JBOOT recovery page

How to revert to OEM firmware:
- push the reset button and turn on the power. Wait until LED start
  blinking (~10sec.)
- upload original factory image via JBOOT http (IP:

Signed-off-by: Pawel Dembicki <>
(commit: c948a47)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/base-files/etc/board.d/03_gpio_switches (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/base-files/etc/hotplug.d/firmware/10-rt2x00-eeprom (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dlink_dwr-960.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds (diff)
Commit 85aef6f627040cd0909bd549abb721eafa511353 by freifunk
ath79: fix MAC addresses for ethernet on ZyXEL NBG6716

MAC addresses of the ethernet devices (eth0 & eth1) are randomly set at
boot time by the ag71xx driver, because it is currently not possible to
retrieve MAC addresses in ASCII format within the DTS file.
This commit works around this behaviour by setting the MAC addresses
during the preinit phase.

The same has been implemented recently for the Siemens WS-AP3610 in
d2b8ccb1c04d ("ath79: add support for Siemens WS-AP3610").

MAC assignment in vendor firmware is as follows:

use   vendor   address     OpenWrt
2g    wifi0    ethaddr     -> wlan1
5g    wifi1    ethaddr +1  -> wlan0
lan   eth1     ethaddr +2  -> eth0
wan   eth0     ethaddr +3  -> eth1

ethaddr is retrieved by $(mtd_get_mac_ascii u-boot-env ethaddr)

Note that both Wifi and ethernet indexing is swapped in OpenWrt
compared to vendor firmware.

Suggested-by: Guillaume Lefebvre <>
Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
Tested-by: Kevin Gagnon <>
(commit: 85aef6f)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/nand/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ath79/nand/base-files/lib/preinit/
Commit fea232ae8feb6af780fd4fa78ebe9231778bf75a by freifunk
ramips: use full 8MB flash on ZyXEL Keenetic

ZyXEL Keenetic has 8MB flash, but OpenWrt uses only 4MB.
This commit fixes the problem.

WikiDevi page [1] says that ZyXEL Keenetic has FLA1: 8 MiB, there is
an article with specs [2] (in Russian).


Fixes: FS#2487
Fixes: a7cbf59e0e04 ("ramips: add new device ZyXEL Keenetic as kn")

Signed-off-by: Alexey Dobrovolsky <>
(commit: fea232a)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_zyxel_keenetic.dts (diff)
Commit 91c61aae200ecf98e332482d395beda819d6a4fa by dedeckeh
base-files: add enabled commands to service rc.common

Add missing enbaled command help output.

Signed-off-by: Florian Eckert <>
(commit: 91c61aa)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/files/etc/rc.common (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/Makefile (diff)
Commit 2bdd66975260f98a39772e47744f76cf55ccdfec by ynezz
ipq806x: switch to 5.4 kernel

ipq806x has been tested for a lot and lots of people reported good results.
Switch the main kernel to 5.4 following the other targets.

Tested-by: Stefan Lippers-Hollmann <> [ipq8065, NBG6817]
Signed-off-by: Ansuel Smith <>
(commit: 2bdd669)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq806x/Makefile (diff)
Commit 9aa3d5b3458a7d00fdcde69f1f417261707aa914 by ynezz
linux-atm: Include linux/sockios.h for SIOCGSTAMP

Since linux kernel commit 0768e17073dc527ccd18ed5f96ce85f9985e9115
(2019-04-19) the asm-generic/sockios.h header no longer defines
SIOCGSTAMP. Instead it provides only SIOCGSTAMP_OLD.

The linux/sockios.h header now defines SIOCGSTAMP using either
SIOCGSTAMP_OLD or SIOCGSTAMP_NEW as appropriate. This linux only
header file is not included so we get a build failure.

Signed-off-by: Norbert van Bolhuis <>
(commit: 9aa3d5b)
The file was addedpackage/network/utils/linux-atm/patches/800-include_sockios.patch
Commit 780264980baa11cd238ebfc2cfa7ebd1f3803c08 by ynezz
gemini: Refine package list

The NAS packages for Gemini doesn't even include the
block-mount package. Augment the list to be based off
the DEFAULT_PACKAGES.nas to make sure we extend on the

Signed-off-by: Linus Walleij <>
(commit: 7802649)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/gemini/image/Makefile (diff)
Commit 196cab719f8f318ec771e5f1a07728c12b7fa207 by ynezz
kernel: generic: 5.4: fix mips command line parameter patch

Fixing a build error when CONFIG_KERNEL_KEXEC is enabled:

make[5]: Entering directory '/home/bjorn/tmp/tmp-lede/build_dir/target-mipsel_24kc_musl/linux-ramips_mt7621/linux-5.4.28'
  CALL    scripts/
  CALL    scripts/atomic/
  CHK     include/generated/compile.h
  CC      arch/mips/kernel/machine_kexec.o
arch/mips/kernel/machine_kexec.c: In function 'kexec_nonboot_cpu_jump':
arch/mips/kernel/machine_kexec.c:268:27: error: 'relocate_new_kernel_size' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'kexec_relocate_new_kernel_end'?
      reboot_code_buffer + relocate_new_kernel_size);
arch/mips/kernel/machine_kexec.c:268:27: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
arch/mips/kernel/machine_kexec.c: In function 'kexec_reboot':
arch/mips/kernel/machine_kexec.c:306:27: error: 'relocate_new_kernel_size' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'kexec_relocate_new_kernel_end'?
      reboot_code_buffer + relocate_new_kernel_size);
make[7]: *** [scripts/ arch/mips/kernel/machine_kexec.o] Error 1

Signed-off-by: Bjørn Mork <>
(commit: 196cab7)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/330-MIPS-kexec-Accept-command-line-parameters-from-users.patch (diff)
Commit b299002877c801202c3b61d5e09865e88f506176 by ynezz
kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.31

Refreshed patches, removed upstreamed patches:

oxnas:   003-ARM-dts-oxnas-Fix-clear-mask-property.patch
generic: 184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch

Run tested: apu2, qemu-x86-64, apalis
Build tested: sunxi/a53, imx6, x86/64, ipq40xx

Tested-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <> [apu2]
Signed-off-by: Petr Štetiar <>
(commit: b299002)
The file was removedtarget/linux/oxnas/patches-5.4/003-ARM-dts-oxnas-Fix-clear-mask-property.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0306-spi-spi-mem-MediaTek-Add-SPI-NAND-Flash-interface-dr.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0308-dts-mt7622-add-snand-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0307-dts-mt7629-add-snand-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-5.4/745-v5.7-net-dsa-mt7530-add-support-for-port-mirroring.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0990-gsw-rtl8367s-mt7622-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-5.4/300-MIPS-Exclude-more-dsemul-code-when-CONFIG_MIPS_FP_SU.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/hack-5.4/721-phy_packets.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/102-MIPS-only-process-negative-stack-offsets-on-stack-tr.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm27xx/patches-5.4/950-0043-MMC-added-alternative-MMC-driver.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/hack-5.4/647-netfilter-flow-acct.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm27xx/patches-5.4/950-0128-gpiolib-Don-t-prevent-IRQ-usage-of-output-GPIOs.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/hack-5.4/901-debloat_sock_diag.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/630-packet_socket_type.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0303-mtd-spinand-disable-on-die-ECC.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0900-bt-mtk-serial-fix.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0400-eth-fix-rx-vlan-hw-offload.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/655-increase_skb_pad.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0301-mtd-mtk-ecc-move-mtk-ecc-header-file-to-include-mtd.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0310-dts-add-wmac-support-for-mt7622-rfb1.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm27xx/patches-5.4/950-0456-dma-mapping-treat-dev-bus_dma_mask-as-a-DMA-limit.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/680-NET-skip-GRO-for-foreign-MAC-addresses.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0999-hnat.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4/0401-eth-fix-eth1-tx-timeout.patch (diff)
Commit cd510e775bc7c806b3ad6981221258385554b9e8 by freifunk
ath79: add support for Comfast CF-WR752AC v1


- Qualcomm QCA9531 + QCA9886
- dual band, antenna 2*3dBi
- Output power 50mW (17dBm)
- 1x 10/100 Mbps LAN RJ45
- 128 MB RAM / 16 MB FLASH (w25q128)
- 3 LEDs (red/green/blue)
  incorporated in
  "color wheel reset switch"
- UART 115200 8N1

Flashing instructions:

The U-boot bootloader contains a recovery HTTP server
to upload the  firmware. Push the reset button while powering the
device on and keep it pressed for ~10 seconds. The device's LEDs will
blink several times and the recovery page will be at; use it to upload the sysupgrade image.

Alternatively, the original firmware is based on OpenWrt so a
sysupgrade image can be installed via the stock web GUI. Settings from
the original firmware will be saved and restored on the new one, so a
factory reset will be needed. To do so, once the new firmware is flashed,
enter into failsafe mode by pressing the reset button several times during
the boot process, until it starts flashing. Once in failsafe mode, perform
a factory reset as usual.


The LEDs on the Comfast stock fw have a very proprietary behaviour,
corresponding to the user selected working mode (AP, ROUTER or REPEATER).
In the first two cases, only blue is used for status and LAN signaling. When
using the latter, blue is always off (except for sysupgrade), either red
signals bad rssi on master-link, or green good. Since the default working
mode of OpenWrt resembles that of a router/AP, the default behavior is
implemented accordingly.

MAC addresses (art partition):

location  address (example)    use in vendor firmware
0x0       xx:xx:xx:xx:xc:f8 -> eth0
0x6       xx:xx:xx:xx:xc:fa -> wlan5g (+2)
0x1002    xx:xx:xx:xx:xc:f9 -> not used
0x5006    xx:xx:xx:xx:xc:fb -> not used
---       xx:xx:xx:xx:xd:02 -> wlan2g (+10)

The same strange situation has already been observed and documented

Signed-off-by: Roman Hampel <>
Co-developed-by: Joao Albuquerque <>
Signed-off-by: Joao Albuquerque <>
[adjust and extend commit message, rebase, minor DTS adjustments,
add correct MAC address for wmac, change RSSI LED names and behavior]
Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: cd510e7)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/generic/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ath79/dts/qca9531_comfast_cf-wr752ac-v1.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/generic/base-files/etc/hotplug.d/firmware/11-ath10k-caldata (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/generic/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
Commit 5c6fe8e850a74d65a94d674c92ee6147a3db92aa by nbd
build: fix kernel_menuconfig on macOS with newer kernel versions

Account for upstream build system changes

Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <>
(commit: 5c6fe8e)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
Commit 4627b5df69fac65e35429b3f876748a59c1bb47a by nbd
build: move symvers files to kernel build dir

The symvers files of older kernel versions are incompatible with the ones
from 5.4, so changing the kernel version without running make clean was
causing build failures in kernel module packages.
Fix this by moving the directory, ensuring that symvers files get thrown
away with a kernel version change

Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <>
(commit: 4627b5d)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
Commit 2e6b6f9fcaaea33b0b66026d9f40e775470c5ef4 by ynezz
kernel: add @IPV6 dependency to ipv6 modules

IPv6 modules should all depend on @IPV6, to avoid circular dependencies
problems, especially if they select a module that depends on IPV6 as
well.  In theory, if a package A depends on IPV6, any package doing
'select A' (DEPENDS+= A) should also depend on IPV6; otherwise selecting
A will fail.  Sometimes the build system is forgiving this, but
eventually, and unexpectedly, it may blow up on some other commit.

Alternatively one can conditionally add IPv6 dependencies only if
CONFIG_IPV6 is selected: (DEPENDS+= +IPV6:package6).

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
(commit: 2e6b6f9)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/linux/modules/ (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/linux/modules/ (diff)
Commit 1da014fcca2deb7b4e39f1b5bdd1bc1f10e724b5 by ynezz
busybox: quote 'source' filenames in

Newer versions of the kconfig program requires quoting the arguments of
the 'source' directive.  These are the last ones not using them.

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
(commit: 1da014f)
The file was modifiedpackage/utils/busybox/config/ (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/utils/busybox/config/util-linux/ (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/utils/busybox/config/networking/ (diff)
Commit ccad1d681782fdebaea3631fa623653c2188185a by ynezz
build: define RTC_SUPPORT as a bool

Currently, RTC_SUPPORT is defined as a tristate, with 'depends on m',
which is supposed to only let it be set to 'm' or 'n'.  However,
scripts/ will 'select' it, or setting it to 'y', which
defeats it's 'depends on m' restriction.  The users of the symbol are
not expecting it to be necessarily 'm' either, so we can safely use it
as bool.

Newer versions of Linux 'conf' will issue a warning when it detects such
unmet dependencies, and will set it to 'n' instead of 'y', as the
current version does.  In all cases, 'm' is never used.

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
(commit: ccad1d6)
The file was modifiedtarget/ (diff)
Commit 8636a172146f3b78474c61a7021ca2628b3370b1 by ynezz
build: simplify building *config targets

Instead of passing pkg-config location through a variable when building
qconf (make xconfig), prepend its parent directory to the PATH, as it is
being done for other conf targets.

Use a Makefile pattern rule to group all 'scripts/config/%onf'
(currently conf, mconf, qconf) targets in a single rule.  Add -O2 to
CFLAGS when building them as well.

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
(commit: 8636a17)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
Commit dcf3e63a35d05e7e5103819c0f17195bfafe9baa by ynezz
build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6

Major changes include:
- Much more readable reverse dependencies separated in groups
- Improved recursive dependency report
- More readable .config files: add comments to signal end of menus
- More warnings for incorrect entries, such as a 'choice'
   default not contained in the 'choice'
- Hability to properly display pseudographics with non-latin locales
- Recursive dependencies are now treated as errors - this should make
   it harder for them to creep in.

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
(commit: dcf3e63)
The file was removedscripts/config/lxdialog/
The file was addedscripts/config/images.h
The file was removedscripts/config/zconf.l
The file was modifiedscripts/config/list.h (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/lxdialog/.gitignore
The file was removedscripts/config/zconf.lex.c_shipped
The file was modifiedscripts/config/confdata.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lkc_proto.h (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/menu.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/textbox.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/symbol.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/conf.c (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/.gitignore (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/images.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/mconf.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/expr.h (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/expr.c (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/zconf.y
The file was removedscripts/config/zconf.gperf
The file was modifiedscripts/config/README (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/zconf.hash.c_shipped
The file was addedscripts/config/lexer.l
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lkc.h (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/checklist.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/menubox.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/parser.y
The file was modifiedscripts/config/Makefile (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/
The file was addedscripts/config/lexer.lex.c
The file was modifiedscripts/config/qconf.h (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/yesno.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/dialog.h (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/ (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/util.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/inputbox.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/util.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/preprocess.c
Commit 3204430e38f1a2ba7fda9471720a2a1042adf5e0 by ynezz
build: add option to warn on recursive dependency

This addes the option to treat recursive dependencies as warnings
instead of errors, by running make with WARN_RECURSIVE_DEP=1.

Note that the script/config targets will not get rebuilt when you add or
remove WARN_RECURSIVE_DEP while running make.  One must run
'make config-clean' before building config with a different setting.

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
(commit: 3204430)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/README (diff)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/symbol.c (diff)
Commit fabcfa9222c4f683163514af667310178f8a45a0 by ynezz
ipq40xx: re-add LEDS_LP5523 for the ASUS Lyra MAP-AC2200

This symbol had been enabled in the initial device support submission
for kernel 4.14, but apparently got lost during the v4.19 port.

The ASUS Lyra MAP-AC2200 has a single (very bright) rgb LED, which is
controlled by the TI/National LP5523/55231 LED driver chip. It is left
enabled in a pulsating infinite rainbow loop by the bootloader,
expecting it to be reconfigured (disabled by default) after the boot
process has finished and is also required to indicate failsafe/
firstboot conditions.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Lippers-Hollmann <>
(commit: fabcfa9)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/config-4.19 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/config-5.4 (diff)
Commit 32f675ca9f7fb1e541aed704eb49467b07b4dce9 by ynezz
x86: fix grub-bios-setup fail during sysupgrade

grub-bios-setup requires two images (boot.img and core.img),
but they are missing. This make an error during sysupgrade:
Upgrading bootloader on /dev/sda...
grub-bios-setup: error: cannot open `/tmp/boot/boot/grub/boot.img': No
such file or directory.

Signed-off-by: 李国 <>
(commit: 32f675c)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/x86/image/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/x86/base-files/lib/upgrade/ (diff)
Commit 4a0f426ba5044af2fe45be8cc553f1580484883c by ynezz
x86: add genisoimage and xorrisofs as alternatives to mkisofs

Some system not have mkisofs, but have genisoimage or
xorrisofs. They have compatable options for mkisofs,
so let them as alternatives to mkisofs.

Signed-off-by: 李国 <>
(commit: 4a0f426)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/x86/Makefile (diff)
Commit 02a1914585fffb97b26cc871b303a39ac9d37cbb by daniel
procd: bump to latest HEAD

2188d81 jail: add support for launching extroot containers
6f3dbd2 jail: add support for userns and cgroupsns
28a06e5 jail: add support for (ram-)overlayfs

Add handling for extroot, overlaydir and tmpoverlaysize as well as
jail flags for userns and cgroupsns to OpenWrt's shell script to
allow their use in init scripts.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: 02a1914)
The file was modifiedpackage/system/procd/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/system/procd/files/ (diff)
Commit de634663643ae7e09522dd22165bb8793631b26f by daniel
exfat-utils: add exFAT File System utilities package

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: de63466)
The file was addedpackage/utils/exfat-utils/Makefile
Commit cb511ceb450f68274248883c0de53094e7dd8763 by dedeckeh
e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.6

Update e2fsprogs to 1.45.6

Signed-off-by: Daniel Engberg <>
(commit: cb511ce)
The file was modifiedpackage/utils/e2fsprogs/Makefile (diff)
Commit c9daacbf183ad6e0a77390dfdbebf3ccbfa123e4 by dedeckeh
tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.6

Update e2fsprogs to 1.45.6

Signed-off-by: Daniel Engberg <>
(commit: c9daacb)
The file was modifiedtools/e2fsprogs/Makefile (diff)
Commit 71ea940a842c97b1972af797dfe88a45bc1ff542 by dedeckeh
tools/findutils: Update to 4.7.0

Update findutils to 4.7.0
Remove patches
Enable pthreads
Disable NLS support to be consistent with other tools such as bison, e2fsprogs
and sed.
Disable selinux support to be consistent with other tools such as sed and tar
Disable rpath as we don't need hardcoded paths

Signed-off-by: Daniel Engberg <>
(commit: 71ea940)
The file was removedtools/findutils/patches/110-glibc-change-work-around.patch
The file was modifiedtools/findutils/Makefile (diff)
The file was removedtools/findutils/patches/100-include_sysmacros.patch
Commit 169afa9fe4f53ad69068314480a34afd0ee6b948 by dedeckeh
tools/mtools: Update to 4.0.24

Update mtools to 4.0.24

Signed-off-by: Daniel Engberg <>
(commit: 169afa9)
The file was modifiedtools/mtools/Makefile (diff)
Commit d158b26c1e38bfc6adb102f8c593d1fa4fa051c0 by dedeckeh
tools/xz: Update to 5.2.5

Update xz to 5.2.5
Disable NLS support to be consistent with other tools such as bison, e2fsprogs
and sed.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Engberg <>
(commit: d158b26)
The file was modifiedtools/xz/Makefile (diff)
Commit 5d7812495b23938d716d5b91e282c1740af8d3bb by dedeckeh
tools/mm-macros: Update to 1.0.0

Update mm-macros to 1.0.0

Signed-off-by: Daniel Engberg <>
(commit: 5d78124)
The file was modifiedtools/mm-macros/Makefile (diff)
Commit 8b93a2420850a1bef4f5e72636604c3a7748a65d by mail
ramips: mt7620: fix missplaced line in 01_leds

This patch adds missed line in 01_leds and fix error:

"/bin/board_detect: /etc/board.d/01_leds: line 93:
syntax error: unexpected ")" (expecting ";;")"

Fixes: c948a47 ("ramips: add support for D-Link DWR-960")

Signed-off-by: Pawel Dembicki <>
(commit: 8b93a24)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds (diff)
Commit 1e3d3d2bd5da9d0c4069a4049358fa983dffa8bd by ldir
tools/e2fsprogs: fix build under macos

macos doesn't define a loff_t type, the native off_t type being 64bit

Persuade e2fsprogs to accept off_t instead on macos

Signed-off-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <>
(commit: 1e3d3d2)
The file was modifiedtools/e2fsprogs/Makefile (diff)
Commit c39d01596a8acbdfa5d1ccb98ba0624383a7190a by ldir
.gitignore: ignore more scripts/config output

dcf3e63a35 added a newer kconfig version which produces a bit more local
code output, add that output to the ignore list

Signed-off-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <>
(commit: c39d015)
The file was modified.gitignore (diff)
Commit 1b973b54ea4d5d20dec5e71c48bff6a3e0bcb4ac by ldir
kmod-sched: add act_police

"Whoop whoop, sound of da police"

Add an ingress capable traffic policer module configurable with tc.

From the man page:

The police action allows to limit bandwidth of traffic matched by the
filter it is attached to. Basically there are two different algorithms
available to measure the packet rate: The first one uses an internal
dual token bucket and is configured using the rate, burst, mtu,
peakrate, overhead and linklayer parameters. The second one uses an
in-kernel sampling mechanism. It can be fine-tuned using the estimator
filter parameter.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <>
(commit: 1b973b5)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/linux/modules/ (diff)
Commit 8ce138607edd2035852f6d51f45a17e4db4f28d6 by chunkeey
apm821xx: use the real default HZ value from upstream

With the "real HZ" debate out of the way, let's actually
use the apm821xx's default upstream config file at
arch/powerpc/configs/44x/bluestone_defconfig. From what
I can tell, it sets NO_HZ (well, this platform was for
NAS, so this is a bit unexpected) and remove any specific
HZ_$VALUE symbol.

Sadly, Daniel Engberg didn't run any before/after netperf
tests, because it would have been such a slam dunk across
the boards. In case of the apm821xx the tcp tx/rx
performance improved ~14% (from 600Mbps to 700Mps).
This now causes the emac to drop frames too, so let's see
if this is causes more problems or not.

This patch includes a refresh of the configuration too.

Signed-off-by: Christian Lamparter <>
(commit: 8ce1386)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/apm821xx/config-5.4 (diff)
Commit a30abb1b6bb66d1caf08c331805163e6fef6f2a1 by chunkeey
ipq40xx: add support for MobiPromo CM520-79F

MobiPromo CM520-79F is an AC1300 dual band router based on IPQ4019


SoC/Wireless: QCA IPQ4019
RAM: 512MiB
Flash: 128MiB SLC NAND
Ethernet PHY: QCA8075
Ethernet ports: 1x WAN, 2x LAN
LEDs: 7 LEDs
      2 (USB, CAN) are GPIO
      other 5 (2.4G, 5G, LAN1, LAN2, WAN) are connected to a shift register
Button: Reset

Flash instruction:
Disassemble the router, connect UART pins like this:
  [x x . . x .]
  [. . . . . .]

(QCA8075 and IPQ4019 below)
Baud-rate: 115200

Set up TFTP server: IP
Power on the router and interrupt the booting with UART console
env backup (in case you want to go back to stock and need it there):
(Copy the output to somewhere save)
Set bootenv:
setenv set_ubi 'set mtdids nand0=nand0; set mtdparts mtdparts=nand0:0x7480000@0xb80000(fs); ubi part fs'
setenv bootkernel 'ubi read 0x84000000 kernel; bootm 0x84000000#config@1'
setenv cm520_boot 'run set_ubi; run bootkernel'
setenv bootcmd 'run cm520_boot'
setenv bootargs
Boot initramfs from TFTP:
tftpboot openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-mobipromo_cm520-79f-initramfs-fit-zImage.itb
After initramfs image is booted, backup rootfs partition in case of reverting to stock image
cat /dev/mtd12 > /tmp/mtd12.bin
Then fetch it via SCP

Upload nand-factory.ubi to /tmp via SCP, then run
mtd erase rootfs
mtd write /tmp/*nand-factory.ubi rootfs

To revert to stock image, restore default bootenv in uboot UART console
setenv bootcmd 'bootipq'
use the saved dump you did back when you installed OpenWrt to verify that
there are no other differences from back in the day.
upload the backed up mtd12.bin and run
tftpboot mtd12.bin
nand erase 0xb80000 0x7480000
nand write 0x84000000 0xb80000 0x7480000
The BOOTCONFIG may have been configured to boot from alternate partition (rootfs_1) instead
In case of this, set it back to rootfs:
cd /tmp
cat /dev/mtd7 > mtd7.bin
echo -ne '\x0b' | dd of=mtd7.bin conv=notrunc bs=1 count=1 seek=4
for i in 28 48 68 108; do
dd if=/dev/zero of=mtd7.bin conv=notrunc bs=1 count=1 seek=$i
mtd write mtd7.bin BOOTCONFIG
mtd write mtd7.bin BOOTCONFIG1

Signed-off-by: DENG Qingfang <>
[renamed volume to ubi to support autoboot,
as per David Lam's test in PR#2432]
Signed-off-by: Christian Lamparter <>
(commit: a30abb1)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/etc/hotplug.d/firmware/11-ath10k-caldata (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/files-5.4/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom-ipq4019-cm520-79f.dts
The file was modifiedpackage/firmware/ipq-wifi/Makefile (diff)
The file was addedpackage/firmware/ipq-wifi/board-mobipromo_cm520-79f.qca4019
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/lib/upgrade/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/image/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/patches-4.19/901-arm-boot-add-dts-files.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/patches-5.4/901-arm-boot-add-dts-files.patch (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/files-4.19/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom-ipq4019-cm520-79f.dts
Commit c30220d458c0771013f21a16148baa4ea723027b by chunkeey
ipq40xx: add support for Cell C RTL30VW

Cell C RTL30VW is a LTE router with tho gigabit ethernets and integrated
QMI mPCIE modem.

This is stripped version of ASKEY RTL0030VW.


-CPU: IPQ4019
-RAM: 256MB
-Flash: NAND 128MB + NOR 16MB
-WiFi: Integrated bgn/ac
-LTE: mPCIe card (Modem chipset MDM9230)
-LAN: 2 Gigabit Ports
-USB: 2x USB2.0
-Serial console: RJ-45 115200 8n1
-Unsupported VoIP

Known issues:

None so far.

Instruction install:

There are two methods: Factory web-gui and serial + tftp.

1. Apply factory image via stock web-gui.

Serial + initramfs:
1. Rename OpenWrt initramfs image to "image"
2. Connect serial console (115200,8n1)
3. Set IP to different than, but 24 bit mask, eg.

4. U-Boot commands:
sf probe && sf read 0x80000000 0x180000 0x10000
setenv serverip
set fdt_high 0x85000000
tftpboot 0x84000000 image
bootm 0x84000000

5. Install sysupgrade image via "sysupgrade -n"

Back to stock:

All is needed is swap 0x4c byte in mtd8 from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0,
do firstboot and factory reset with OFW:

1. read mtd8:
dd if=/dev/mtd8 of=/tmp/mtd8
2. go to tmp:
cd /tmp/
3. write first part of partition:
dd if=mtd8 bs=1 count=76
4. check which layout uses bootloader:
cat /proc/mtd
5a. If first are kernel_1 and rootfs_1 write 0:
echo -n -e '\x00' >>
5b. If first are kernel and rootfs write 1:
echo -n -e '\x01' >>
6. fill with rest of data:
dd if=mtd8 bs=1 skip=77 >>
8. write new mtd8 to flash:
mtd write /dev/mtd8
9. do firstboot
11. Do back to factory defaults in OFW GUI.

Based on work: Cezary Jackiewicz <>

Signed-off-by: Pawel Dembicki <>
(commit: c30220d)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/lib/upgrade/ (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/files-5.4/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom-ipq4019-rtl30vw.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/files-4.19/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom-ipq4019-rtl30vw.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/patches-4.19/901-arm-boot-add-dts-files.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/firmware/ipq-wifi/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/patches-5.4/901-arm-boot-add-dts-files.patch (diff)
The file was addedpackage/firmware/ipq-wifi/board-cellc_rtl30vw.qca4019
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/etc/board.d/03_gpio_switches (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/base-files/etc/hotplug.d/firmware/11-ath10k-caldata (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/image/Makefile (diff)
Commit 8514b6b42c17d7cf887fc826596534698e89e3f8 by ynezz
build: config: allow bool to select a module pkg

kconfig-v5.6 disallowed a bool symbol to select another symbol that
'depends on m' (i.e. can be only 'm' on 'n').  It is, in fact, an unmet
dependency to have set to 'y'.  However, openwrt depends on the previous
behavior, to be able to build a package that can be a module or built-in
depending on a bool config.  This restores the previous behavior.

Tested-by: Hannu Nyman <>
Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
Signed-off-by: Petr Štetiar <> [added forum ref]
(commit: 8514b6b)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/symbol.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/README (diff)
Commit 46e9a359231ca582df1814f089783ad685221204 by ldir
Revert ".gitignore: ignore more scripts/config output"

This reverts commit c39d01596a8acbdfa5d1ccb98ba0624383a7190a.

It turns out the extra files were from an old config and are not
re/created by the new config.  Apologies for the noise.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <>
(commit: 46e9a35)
The file was modified.gitignore (diff)
Commit 8d9e26457c06d34a1d5d627d9d09bed6554b4b27 by dedeckeh
iproute2: update to 5.6.0

Update iproute2 to latest stable 5.6.0; for the changes see

Signed-off-by: Hans Dedecker <>
(commit: 8d9e264)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/utils/iproute2/patches/175-reduce-dynamic-syms.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/utils/iproute2/patches/180-drop_FAILED_POLICY.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/utils/iproute2/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/utils/iproute2/patches/115-add-config-xtlibdir.patch (diff)
Commit 93294b516e5437980a3562496a5bedec1b3a424f by jo
generic: drop 616-net_optimize_xfrm_calls.patch

The conditional check introduced by this patch may trigger a NULL pointer
dereference in case the result of dev_net() is NULL.

Since the purpose of this patch is neither sufficiently explained and since
this patch apparently has never been submitted upstream despite it being in
the pending-* patch directory, I propose to drop it without replacement.

If the performance implications of dropping this patch are found to be
significiant, it should be reintroduced with proper description and
benchmark results.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <>
(commit: 93294b5)
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.14/616-net_optimize_xfrm_calls.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/616-net_optimize_xfrm_calls.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.19/616-net_optimize_xfrm_calls.patch
Commit fbc01f2a4c072dafb3a6ef73e6f3f2ef1433575f by jo
Revert "build: config: allow bool to select a module pkg"

This reverts commit 8514b6b42c17d7cf887fc826596534698e89e3f8.

Reverting this commit in preparation for reverting
dcf3e63a35 ("build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6") which
introduces various unaddressed build breakages.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <>
(commit: fbc01f2)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/README (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/symbol.c (diff)
Commit 6c16d64b2a0bb063a89225dcaabd50c00bce7aa2 by jo
Revert "build: add option to warn on recursive dependency"

This reverts commit 3204430e38f1a2ba7fda9471720a2a1042adf5e0.

Reverting this commit in preparation for reverting
dcf3e63a35 ("build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6") which
introduces various unaddressed build breakages.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <>
(commit: 6c16d64)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/README (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/symbol.c (diff)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
Commit 7b1d809a8d8620032553845cf4a8819a19508687 by jo
Revert "build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6"

This reverts commit dcf3e63a35d05e7e5103819c0f17195bfafe9baa.

The kconfig update requires further testing and refinement until it can
remain in tree. Main problems are:

- Recursive deps are now fatal instead of a warning
- Previously legal syntax now leads to hard failures
- It fails all package builds since multiple days

The updated kconfig implementation needs to cope with the current status
quo in the various package feeds before we can reconsider it for master.

It is not desirable that single broken packages can hard-fail the entire
build pipeline.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <>
(commit: 7b1d809)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/ (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/confdata.c (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/images.h
The file was modifiedscripts/config/.gitignore (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/list.h (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/expr.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/menu.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/qconf.h (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/util.c (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/preprocess.c
The file was modifiedscripts/config/images.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/zconf.l
The file was modifiedscripts/config/symbol.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/menubox.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/zconf.hash.c_shipped
The file was modifiedscripts/config/expr.h (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/conf.c (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/lexer.lex.c
The file was addedscripts/config/lxdialog/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lkc.h (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/lexer.l
The file was addedscripts/config/zconf.lex.c_shipped
The file was removedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/inputbox.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/README (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/parser.y
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/yesno.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lkc_proto.h (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/checklist.c (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/util.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/zconf.y
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/textbox.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/lxdialog/.gitignore
The file was modifiedscripts/config/lxdialog/dialog.h (diff)
The file was removedscripts/config/
The file was removedscripts/config/
The file was modifiedscripts/config/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/config/mconf.c (diff)
The file was addedscripts/config/zconf.gperf
Commit e66becb490796d0787f8bd2448ee6f14198a904a by freifunk
ramips: add support for I-O DATA WN-AX2033GR

I-O DATA WN-AX2033GR is roughly the same as I-O DATA
WN-AX1167GR2. The difference is Wi-Fi feature.

- SoC: MediaTek MT7621A
- RAM: DDR3 128 MiB
- Flash Memory: NAND 128 MiB (Spansion S34ML01G200TF100)
- Wi-Fi: MediaTek MT7603E
- Wi-Fi: MediaTek MT7615
- Ethernet: 5x 10 Mbps / 100 Mbps / 1000 Mbps (1x WAN, 4x LAN)
- LED: 2x green LED
- Input: 2x tactile switch, 1x slide switch
- Serial console: 57600bps, PCB through hole J5 (Vcc, TX, RX, NC, GND)
- Power: DC 12V

This device only supports channel 1-13 and 36-140.
Thus, narrower frequency limits compared to other devices are required
for limiting wi-fi frequency correctly.
Without this, non-supported frequencies are activated.

Flash instructions
1. Open the router management page (
2. Update router firmware using "initramfs-kernel.bin".
3. After updating, run sysupgrade with "sysupgrade.bin".

Recovery instructions
WN-AX2033GR contains Zyxel Z-LOADER
1. Setup TFTP server (IP address:
2. Put official firmware into TFTP server directory (distribution site:
3. Connect WX-AX2033GR Ethernet port and computer that runs TFTP server.
4. Connect to serial console.
5. Interrupt booting by Esc key.
6. Flash firmware using "ATNR 1,[firmware filename]" command.

Signed-off-by: Yanase Yuki <>
[adjust for kernel 5.4, add recovery instructions/frequency comment]
Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: e66becb)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_iodata_wn-ax2033gr.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/lib/upgrade/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
Commit d761b9f21114478f9cc09f5c358a05be0870cc5d by freifunk
broadcom-wl: fix compilation with kernel >= 4.15

Since kernel 4.15, init_timer is not available anymore, and has been
replaced by timer_setup. The fixes compilation of wl_linuc.c, which
returned the following errors beforehand (line-wrapped manually):

.../broadcom-wl- In function 'wl_init_timer':
.../broadcom-wl- error: implicit
declaration of function 'init_timer'; did you mean 'init_timers'?
.../broadcom-wl- error:
'struct timer_list' has no member named 'data'
  t-> = (ulong) t;
.../broadcom-wl- error: assignment
to 'void (*)(struct timer_list *)' from incompatible pointer type
'void (*)(ulong)' {aka 'void (*)(long unsigned int)'}
  t->timer.function = wl_timer;

This should fix build of several devices on bcm63xx with testing
kernel (4.19).

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: d761b9f)
The file was addedpackage/kernel/broadcom-wl/patches/915-fix-wl_timer-for-4_15.patch
Commit f8f1dc6eab935f90b31401d87f412e3f8769dfd0 by freifunk
bcm63xx: copy files to kernel 5.4

Copy config and patches to kernel 5.4.
make kernel_oldconfig has been run on 4.19 beforehand.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: f8f1dc6)
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/320-irqchip-add-support-for-bcm6345-style-periphery-irq-.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/392-MIPS-BCM63XX-remove-leds-and-buttons.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/516-board_96348A-122.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/534-board_hw556.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/208-MIPS-BCM63XX-pass-a-mac-addresss-allocator-to-board-.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/137-Documentation-add-BCM6362-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/557-board_bcm963269bhr.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/348-MIPS-BCM63XX-fix-BCM63268-USB-clock.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/356-MIPS-BCM63XX-move-fallback-sprom-support-into-its-ow.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/323-MIPS-BCM63XX-wire-up-BCM6358-s-external-interrupts-4.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/565-board_hw520.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/346-MIPS-BCM63XX-USB-ENETSW-6318-clocks.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/527-board_dva-g3810bn-tl-1.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/133-Documentation-add-BCM6348-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/107-MIPS-BCM63XX-introduce-BCM63XX_EHCI-configuration-sy.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/519_board_CPVA502plus.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/131-Documentation-add-BCM6328-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/422-BCM63XX-add-a-fixup-for-rt2x00-devices.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/337-MIPS-BCM63XX-widen-cpuid-field.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/567-board_dsl-2751b_e1.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/800-wl_exports.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/140-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6368.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/349-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-BCM63268-USB-support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/105-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-the-on-chip-OHCI-contro.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/350-MIPS-BCM63XX-support-settings-num-usbh-ports.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/401-bcm963xx_real_rootfs_length.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/561-board_WAP-5813n.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/365-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-setting-a-pci-bus-device-for-fall.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/402_bcm63xx_enet_vlan_incoming_fixed.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/571-board_fast2704n.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/400-bcm963xx_flashmap.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/515-board_DWV-S0_fixes.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/109-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-EHCI-controller-if-board-enabl.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/563-board_VR-3025un.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/510-board_spw303v.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/130-pinctrl-add-bcm63xx-base-code.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/309-cfe_version_mod.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/360-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-raw-sproms.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/379-MIPS-BCM63XX-provide-a-gpio-lookup-for-the-pcmcia-re.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/391-MIPS-BCM63XX-do-not-register-uart.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/415-MIPS-BCM63XX-export-the-attached-flash-type.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/108-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-the-on-chip-EHCI-contro.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/537-board_fast2504n.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/562-board_VR-3025u.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/100-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-USB-host-clock-enable-delay.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/361-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-raw-fallback-sproms-for-most-common.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/345-MIPS-BCM63XX-fixup-mapped-SPI-flash-access-on-boot.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/559-board_vw6339gu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/354-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-building-support-for-more-than-on.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/574-board_HG622.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/556-board_96318ref_p300.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/503-board-CPVA642.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/347-MIPS-BCM6318-USB-support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/598-board_sr102.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/104-MIPS-BCM63XX-introduce-BCM63XX_OHCI-configuration-sy.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/389-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-clkdev-lookups-for-device-tree.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/570-board_HG655b.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/500-board-D4PW.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/528-board_nb6.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/521-bcm63xx-add-support-for-96368MVNgr-board.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/343-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-PCIe-support-for-BCM6318.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/568-board_DGND3700v1_3800B.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/378-MIPS-BCM63XX-do-not-register-gpio-controller-if-pres.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/514-board_ct536_ct5621.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/532-board_AR-5381u.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/135-Documentation-add-BCM6358-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/506-board_gw6200_gw6000.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/382-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6318.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/560-board_963268gu_p300.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/504-board_dsl_274xb_rev_c.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/501-board-NB4.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/579-board_AR-5315u.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/536-board_fast2704.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/311-bcm63xxpart_use_cfedetection.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/558-board_AR1004G.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/380-pcmcia-bcm63xx_pmcia-use-the-new-named-gpio.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/411-MIPS-BCM63XX-Register-SPI-flash-if-present.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/123-mtd-parser_bcm63xx_imagetag-add-of_match_table-suppo.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/351-set-board-usbh-ports.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/523-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-963281TAN-reference-board.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/804-bcm63xx_enet_63268_rgmii_ports.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/332-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-BCM6328-variants.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/509-board_rta1320_16m.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/375-MIPS-BCM63XX-switch-to-new-gpio-driver.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/803-jffs2-work-around-unaligned-accesses-failing-on-bcm6.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/566-board_A4001N.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/359-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-different-types-of-sprom.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/421-BCM63XX-add-led-pin-for-ath9k.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/139-Documentation-add-BCM6368-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/141-Documentation-add-BCM63268-pincontroller-binding-doc.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/371_add_of_node_available_by_alias.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/572-board_VR-3026e.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/110-MIPS-BCM63XX-EHCI-controller-does-not-support-overcu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/362-MIPS-BCM63XX-also-register-a-fallback-sprom-for-bcma.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/420-BCM63XX-add-endian-check-for-ath9k.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/576-board_AV4202N.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/533-board_rta770bw.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/331-MIPS-BCM63XX-define-variant-id-field.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/367-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-loading-DTB.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/512-board_BTV2110.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/526-board_CT6373-1.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/321-irqchip-add-support-for-bcm6345-style-external-inter.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/513-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-inventel-Livebox-support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/322-MIPS-BCM63XX-switch-to-IRQ_DOMAIN.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/535-board_rta770w.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/369-MIPS-BCM63XX-populate-the-compatible-to-board_info-l.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/377-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-lookup-for-ephy-reset-gpio.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/423-bcm63xx_enet_add_b53_support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/373-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-interrupt-controllers-through-.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/136-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6358.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/580-board_AD1018.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/339-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-BCM63268.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/372_dont_register_pflash_when_available_in_dtb.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/383-bcm63xx_select_pinctrl.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/505-board_spw500v.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/524-board_dsl_274xb_rev_f.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/569-board_homehub2a.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/522-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-96328avng-reference-board.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/575-board_EVG2000.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/413-BCM63XX-allow-providing-fixup-data-in-board-data.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/368-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-matching-the-board_info.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/122-mtd-bcm63xxpart-add-of_match_table.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/132-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6328.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/206-USB-EHCI-allow-limiting-ports-for-ehci-platform.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/499-allow_better_context_for_board_patches.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/207-MIPS-BCM63XX-move-device-registration-code-into-its-.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/342-MIPS-BCM63XX-split-PCIe-reset-signals.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/335-MIPS-BCM63XX-fix-PCIe-memory-window-size.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/408-bcm63xx_enet-enable-rgmii-clock-on-external-ports.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/381-Documentation-add-BCM6318-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/573-board_R5010UNv2.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/134-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6348.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/344-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-flash-type-early-and-store-the-r.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/802-rtl8367r_fix_RGMII_support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/106-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-OHCI-controller-if-board-enabl.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/555-board_96318ref.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/529-board_fast2604.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/101-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-USB-device-clock-enable-delay-to-cl.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/142-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM63268.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/364-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-board-files-to-provide-sprom-fixu.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/374-gpio-add-a-simple-GPIO-driver-for-bcm63xx.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/336-MIPS-BCM63XX-dynamically-set-the-pcie-memory-windows.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/357-MIPS-BCM63XX-use-platform-data-for-the-sprom.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/340-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-pcie-support-for-BCM63268.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/564-board_P870HW-51a_v2.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/121-mtd-bcm63xxpart-move-imagetag-parsing-to-its-own-par.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/427-boards_probe_switch.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/333-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-BCM6362-variants.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/355-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-board-implementations-to-force-fl.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/390-MIPS-BCM63XX-do-not-register-SPI-controllers.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/330-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-a-new-cpu-variant-helper.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/403-6358-enet1-external-mii-clk.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/143-gpio-fix-device-tree-gpio-hogs-on-dual-role-gpio-pin.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/404-NET-bcm63xx_enet-move-phy_-dis-connect-into-probe-re.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/424-bcm63xx_enet_no_request_mem_region.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/341-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-BCM6318.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/578-board_R1000H.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/334-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-BCM6368-variants.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/508-board_hw553.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/577-board_VH4032N.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/801-ssb_export_fallback_sprom.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/103-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-OHCI-EHCI-configuration-bits-to-com.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/416-BCM63XX-add-a-fixup-for-ath9k-devices.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/530-board_A4001N1.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/520-bcm63xx-add-support-for-96368MVWG-board.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/507-board-MAGIC.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/310-cfe_simplify_detection.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/138-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6362.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/338-MIPS-BCM63XX-increase-number-of-IRQs.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/531-board_AR-5387un.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/502-board-96338W2_E7T.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/511-board_V2500V.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/363-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-BCMA-based-sprom-templates.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/102-MIPS-BCM63XX-move-code-touching-the-USB-private-regi.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/358-MIPS-BCM63XX-make-fallback-sprom-optional.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/525-board_96348w3.patch
Commit 04c07e05a119d860b4d3b3191ff78d699aa5c209 by freifunk
bcm63xx: refresh patches for kernel 5.4

Refresh patches to make them apply to kernel 5.4.

The removed patches have been merged upstream.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 04c07e0)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/320-irqchip-add-support-for-bcm6345-style-periphery-irq-.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/322-MIPS-BCM63XX-switch-to-IRQ_DOMAIN.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/401-bcm963xx_real_rootfs_length.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/411-MIPS-BCM63XX-Register-SPI-flash-if-present.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/343-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-PCIe-support-for-BCM6318.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/423-bcm63xx_enet_add_b53_support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/415-MIPS-BCM63XX-export-the-attached-flash-type.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/355-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-board-implementations-to-force-fl.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/341-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-BCM6318.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/345-MIPS-BCM63XX-fixup-mapped-SPI-flash-access-on-boot.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/402_bcm63xx_enet_vlan_incoming_fixed.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/408-bcm63xx_enet-enable-rgmii-clock-on-external-ports.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/354-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-building-support-for-more-than-on.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/804-bcm63xx_enet_63268_rgmii_ports.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/372_dont_register_pflash_when_available_in_dtb.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/104-MIPS-BCM63XX-introduce-BCM63XX_OHCI-configuration-sy.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/511-board_V2500V.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/311-bcm63xxpart_use_cfedetection.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/513-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-inventel-Livebox-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/344-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-flash-type-early-and-store-the-r.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/800-wl_exports.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/339-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-BCM63268.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/347-MIPS-BCM6318-USB-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/349-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-BCM63268-USB-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/207-MIPS-BCM63XX-move-device-registration-code-into-its-.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/362-MIPS-BCM63XX-also-register-a-fallback-sprom-for-bcma.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/321-irqchip-add-support-for-bcm6345-style-external-inter.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/130-pinctrl-add-bcm63xx-base-code.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/121-mtd-bcm63xxpart-move-imagetag-parsing-to-its-own-par.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/404-NET-bcm63xx_enet-move-phy_-dis-connect-into-probe-re.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/383-bcm63xx_select_pinctrl.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/424-bcm63xx_enet_no_request_mem_region.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/107-MIPS-BCM63XX-introduce-BCM63XX_EHCI-configuration-sy.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/122-mtd-bcm63xxpart-add-of_match_table.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/400-bcm963xx_flashmap.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/143-gpio-fix-device-tree-gpio-hogs-on-dual-role-gpio-pin.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/123-mtd-parser_bcm63xx_imagetag-add-of_match_table-suppo.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/367-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-loading-DTB.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/374-gpio-add-a-simple-GPIO-driver-for-bcm63xx.patch (diff)
Commit f0fbc47a91f85ad6c1e639842cf3b7cbe91acc4f by freifunk
bcm63xx: update config for kernel 5.4

Update config with make kernel_oldconfig.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: f0fbc47)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/config-5.4 (diff)
Commit 6c521f6828833d911c8a3dabc6849f3045bcc5ac by freifunk
bcm63xx: fix missing watchdog core dependency

This patch follows the other patches that added the watchdog
core to various (armvirt, malta, ath79, ...) targets that
have been hit by the following build error:

Package kmod-hwmon-sch5627 is missing dependencies for the following libraries:

In theory, we could have just added the CONFIG_WATCHDOG_CORE=y
to the Kconfig variable of kmod-hwmon-sch5627's package definition.
This would have forced the watchdog core to be builtin and less
architectures would need to be updated. But we might as well follow
through here.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 6c521f6)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/config-5.4 (diff)
Commit 23d3fafd87f9040a9b90873d81ab52539470649e by freifunk
broadcom-wl: fix compilation with kernel 5.4

This adds two fixes for compilation with kernel 5.4:

1. dev_open from include/linux/netdevice.h needs a second parameter
   since kernel 5.0:
   00f54e68924e ("net: core: dev: Add extack argument to dev_open()")
2. get_ds() macro definition has been dropped since kernel 5.1:
   736706bee329 ("get rid of legacy 'get_ds()' function")
   Since get_ds() has been just a macro before, replace it in
   the driver instead of creating a version switch.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 23d3faf)
The file was addedpackage/kernel/broadcom-wl/patches/916-fix-compilation-for-5_4.patch
Commit 43d3ef91f14ea2353cbc7b6d7271a496017c6bc2 by freifunk
bcm63xx: prevent fall-through in kernel patches for 5.4

In kernel 5.4 -Werror=implicit-fallthrough is treated as error:

arch/mips/bcm63xx/cpu.c: In function 'detect_cpu_clock':
arch/mips/bcm63xx/cpu.c:158:2: error: this statement may fall through [-Werror=implicit-fallthrough=]
arch/mips/bcm63xx/cpu.c:179:2: note: here
  case BCM6328_CPU_ID:
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

This can be fixed by adding "Fall through" as a comment where intended,
and has to be fixed by returning a proper default otherwise.

In case of the default clock frequency for BCM6318 we fixed this by
returning the default value taken from BCM6328 and BCM6362.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 43d3ef9)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/420-BCM63XX-add-endian-check-for-ath9k.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/416-BCM63XX-add-a-fixup-for-ath9k-devices.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/421-BCM63XX-add-led-pin-for-ath9k.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/341-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-BCM6318.patch (diff)
Commit 8a2118e1b44fd2f385d621683927fdf3ae713379 by freifunk
bcm63xx: 5.4: add removed helper syscon_regmap_lookup_by_pdevname

The helper syscon_regmap_lookup_by_pdevname has been removed in kernel patch
29d14b668d2f ("mfd: Remove unused helper syscon_regmap_lookup_by_pdevname")
due to lack of users.

However, we use this function in our local pinctrl drivers for BCM6358 and
BCM6368. Thus, we have to add it locally.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 8a2118e)
The file was addedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/144-add-removed-syscon_regmap_lookup_by_pdevname.patch
Commit cb2f0df78455d1c417bbcc150ac76cd2da7da397 by freifunk
bcm63xx: 5.4: fix compilation for changed driver_find_device

In kernel patch 92ce7e83b4e5 ("driver_find_device: Unify the match
function with class_find_device()") the arguments of functions used
with driver_find_device are adjusted. Do the same for our local

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: cb2f0df)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-5.4/144-add-removed-syscon_regmap_lookup_by_pdevname.patch (diff)
Commit 51b07e782d037797afbd141f356fd507574e388c by freifunk
bcm63xx: use kernel 5.4 as testing kernel

This uses 5.4 as testing kernel. Since 4.19 has not seen broad
testing yet, just keep 4.14 as stable kernel until 5.4 is ready.

Tested on Comtrend AR-5387un (Thanks to @Noltari).

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 51b07e7)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/Makefile (diff)
Commit bebc9809d15b0ddc018d379f5caa3a11c9a06786 by freifunk
bcm63xx: remove support for kernel 4.19

Since stable kernel for this target is still 4.14, kernel 4.19
has never been used much (and actually was broken for some devices).

So, since we bump testing kernel to 5.4, there is no real need to
keep 4.19 and have an additional version to care about.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: bebc980)
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/561-board_WAP-5813n.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/511-board_V2500V.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/565-board_hw520.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/560-board_963268gu_p300.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/309-cfe_version_mod.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/320-irqchip-add-support-for-bcm6345-style-periphery-irq-.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/534-board_hw556.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/config-4.19
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/121-mtd-bcm63xxpart-move-imagetag-parsing-to-its-own-par.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/801-ssb_export_fallback_sprom.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/503-board-CPVA642.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/571-board_fast2704n.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/421-BCM63XX-add-led-pin-for-ath9k.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/379-MIPS-BCM63XX-provide-a-gpio-lookup-for-the-pcmcia-re.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/420-BCM63XX-add-endian-check-for-ath9k.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/131-Documentation-add-BCM6328-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/400-bcm963xx_flashmap.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/322-MIPS-BCM63XX-switch-to-IRQ_DOMAIN.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/572-board_VR-3026e.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/598-board_sr102.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/358-MIPS-BCM63XX-make-fallback-sprom-optional.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/500-board-D4PW.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/347-MIPS-BCM6318-USB-support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/107-MIPS-BCM63XX-introduce-BCM63XX_EHCI-configuration-sy.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/333-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-BCM6362-variants.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/573-board_R5010UNv2.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/142-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM63268.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/344-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-flash-type-early-and-store-the-r.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/563-board_VR-3025un.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/133-Documentation-add-BCM6348-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/427-boards_probe_switch.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/519_board_CPVA502plus.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/365-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-setting-a-pci-bus-device-for-fall.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/371_add_of_node_available_by_alias.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/354-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-building-support-for-more-than-on.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/512-board_BTV2110.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/331-MIPS-BCM63XX-define-variant-id-field.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/372_dont_register_pflash_when_available_in_dtb.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/415-MIPS-BCM63XX-export-the-attached-flash-type.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/574-board_HG622.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/579-board_AR-5315u.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/580-board_AD1018.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/402_bcm63xx_enet_vlan_incoming_fixed.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/380-pcmcia-bcm63xx_pmcia-use-the-new-named-gpio.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/532-board_AR-5381u.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/363-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-BCMA-based-sprom-templates.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/337-MIPS-BCM63XX-widen-cpuid-field.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/509-board_rta1320_16m.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/501-board-NB4.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/522-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-96328avng-reference-board.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/143-gpio-fix-device-tree-gpio-hogs-on-dual-role-gpio-pin.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/506-board_gw6200_gw6000.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/513-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-inventel-Livebox-support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/533-board_rta770bw.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/360-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-raw-sproms.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/334-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-BCM6368-variants.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/525-board_96348w3.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/403-6358-enet1-external-mii-clk.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/381-Documentation-add-BCM6318-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/404-NET-bcm63xx_enet-move-phy_-dis-connect-into-probe-re.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/804-bcm63xx_enet_63268_rgmii_ports.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/206-USB-EHCI-allow-limiting-ports-for-ehci-platform.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/350-MIPS-BCM63XX-support-settings-num-usbh-ports.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/523-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-963281TAN-reference-board.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/140-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6368.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/416-BCM63XX-add-a-fixup-for-ath9k-devices.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/345-MIPS-BCM63XX-fixup-mapped-SPI-flash-access-on-boot.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/423-bcm63xx_enet_add_b53_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/520-bcm63xx-add-support-for-96368MVWG-board.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/109-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-EHCI-controller-if-board-enabl.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/529-board_fast2604.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/521-bcm63xx-add-support-for-96368MVNgr-board.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/535-board_rta770w.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/575-board_EVG2000.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/338-MIPS-BCM63XX-increase-number-of-IRQs.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/342-MIPS-BCM63XX-split-PCIe-reset-signals.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/516-board_96348A-122.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/528-board_nb6.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/568-board_DGND3700v1_3800B.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/577-board_VH4032N.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/106-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-OHCI-controller-if-board-enabl.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/362-MIPS-BCM63XX-also-register-a-fallback-sprom-for-bcma.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/531-board_AR-5387un.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/355-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-board-implementations-to-force-fl.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/349-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-BCM63268-USB-support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/383-bcm63xx_select_pinctrl.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/310-cfe_simplify_detection.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/139-Documentation-add-BCM6368-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/514-board_ct536_ct5621.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/332-MIPS-BCM63XX-detect-BCM6328-variants.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/137-Documentation-add-BCM6362-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/141-Documentation-add-BCM63268-pincontroller-binding-doc.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/138-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6362.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/567-board_dsl-2751b_e1.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/103-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-OHCI-EHCI-configuration-bits-to-com.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/530-board_A4001N1.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/556-board_96318ref_p300.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/502-board-96338W2_E7T.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/524-board_dsl_274xb_rev_f.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/526-board_CT6373-1.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/330-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-a-new-cpu-variant-helper.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/578-board_R1000H.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/321-irqchip-add-support-for-bcm6345-style-external-inter.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/422-BCM63XX-add-a-fixup-for-rt2x00-devices.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/564-board_P870HW-51a_v2.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/132-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6328.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/104-MIPS-BCM63XX-introduce-BCM63XX_OHCI-configuration-sy.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/367-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-loading-DTB.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/382-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6318.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/803-jffs2-work-around-unaligned-accesses-failing-on-bcm6.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/505-board_spw500v.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/569-board_homehub2a.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/378-MIPS-BCM63XX-do-not-register-gpio-controller-if-pres.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/558-board_AR1004G.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/392-MIPS-BCM63XX-remove-leds-and-buttons.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/134-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6348.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/207-MIPS-BCM63XX-move-device-registration-code-into-its-.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/357-MIPS-BCM63XX-use-platform-data-for-the-sprom.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/136-pinctrl-add-a-pincontrol-driver-for-BCM6358.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/311-bcm63xxpart_use_cfedetection.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/408-bcm63xx_enet-enable-rgmii-clock-on-external-ports.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/110-MIPS-BCM63XX-EHCI-controller-does-not-support-overcu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/108-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-the-on-chip-EHCI-contro.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/135-Documentation-add-BCM6358-pincontroller-binding-docu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/389-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-clkdev-lookups-for-device-tree.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/364-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-board-files-to-provide-sprom-fixu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/368-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-matching-the-board_info.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/336-MIPS-BCM63XX-dynamically-set-the-pcie-memory-windows.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/374-gpio-add-a-simple-GPIO-driver-for-bcm63xx.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/351-set-board-usbh-ports.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/339-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-BCM63268.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/343-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-PCIe-support-for-BCM6318.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/562-board_VR-3025u.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/566-board_A4001N.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/391-MIPS-BCM63XX-do-not-register-uart.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/555-board_96318ref.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/123-mtd-parser_bcm63xx_imagetag-add-of_match_table-suppo.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/340-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-pcie-support-for-BCM63268.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/570-board_HG655b.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/341-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-BCM6318.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/504-board_dsl_274xb_rev_c.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/508-board_hw553.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/377-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-lookup-for-ephy-reset-gpio.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/348-MIPS-BCM63XX-fix-BCM63268-USB-clock.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/105-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-support-for-the-on-chip-OHCI-contro.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/499-allow_better_context_for_board_patches.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/323-MIPS-BCM63XX-wire-up-BCM6358-s-external-interrupts-4.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/802-rtl8367r_fix_RGMII_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/536-board_fast2704.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/527-board_dva-g3810bn-tl-1.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/507-board-MAGIC.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/559-board_vw6339gu.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/359-MIPS-BCM63XX-allow-different-types-of-sprom.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/335-MIPS-BCM63XX-fix-PCIe-memory-window-size.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/510-board_spw303v.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/375-MIPS-BCM63XX-switch-to-new-gpio-driver.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/130-pinctrl-add-bcm63xx-base-code.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/369-MIPS-BCM63XX-populate-the-compatible-to-board_info-l.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/424-bcm63xx_enet_no_request_mem_region.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/576-board_AV4202N.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/102-MIPS-BCM63XX-move-code-touching-the-USB-private-regi.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/390-MIPS-BCM63XX-do-not-register-SPI-controllers.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/208-MIPS-BCM63XX-pass-a-mac-addresss-allocator-to-board-.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/401-bcm963xx_real_rootfs_length.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/346-MIPS-BCM63XX-USB-ENETSW-6318-clocks.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/356-MIPS-BCM63XX-move-fallback-sprom-support-into-its-ow.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/537-board_fast2504n.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/800-wl_exports.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/373-MIPS-BCM63XX-register-interrupt-controllers-through-.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/411-MIPS-BCM63XX-Register-SPI-flash-if-present.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/413-BCM63XX-allow-providing-fixup-data-in-board-data.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/100-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-USB-host-clock-enable-delay.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/557-board_bcm963269bhr.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/101-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-USB-device-clock-enable-delay-to-cl.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/361-MIPS-BCM63XX-add-raw-fallback-sproms-for-most-common.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/122-mtd-bcm63xxpart-add-of_match_table.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/patches-4.19/515-board_DWV-S0_fixes.patch
Commit e8931b309f82a44b55e64af3668186cdf7bcde15 by freifunk
ramips: mt7621: tidy up names for Ubiquiti devices

The "proper" vendor prefix for Ubiquiti is "ubnt", this is used in
all targets except ramips and also recommended by the kernel.

This patch adjusts the various board/image/device name variables
accordingly. Since we touch it anyway, this also adds the space
in "EdgeRouter X" as a hyphen to those variables to really make
them consistent with the model name.

While at it, create a real shared definition for the devices in
image/ instead of deriving one device from another.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: e8931b3)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_ubiquiti_edgerouterx-sfp.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_ubnt_edgerouter-x.dtsi
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/lib/upgrade/ (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_ubiquiti_edgerouterx.dtsi
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_ubnt_edgerouter-x.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/etc/board.d/03_gpio_switches (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_ubiquiti_edgerouterx.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_ubnt_edgerouter-x-sfp.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/base-files/lib/preinit/07_mt7621_bringup_dsa_master (diff)
Commit de3e5de8ccfcdbc20c1c2b8798048189b9da6ed5 by freifunk
cns3xx: remove support for kernel 4.14

This target has been on kernel 4.19 for nine months now [1], and
has had testing support for even longer [2].
This should be long enough to drop support for kernel 4.14.

[1] 545bfbc3a922 ("cns3xxx: switch to kernel 4.19")
[2] c6bebe1a9496 ("cns3xxx: add support for kernel 4.19")

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: de3e5de)
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/055-pcie_io.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/060-pcie_abort.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/config-4.14
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/065-pcie_skip_inactive.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/200-broadcom_phy_reinit.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/130-Extend-PCIE_BUS_PEER2PEER-to-set-MRSS-128-to-fix-CNS3xxx-BM-DMA..patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/020-watchdog_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/010-arm_introduce-dma-fiq-irq-broadcast.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/080-sata_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/025-smp_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/030-pcie_clock.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/000-cns3xxx_arch_include.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/101-laguna_sdhci_card_detect.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/001-arm_openwrt_machtypes.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/100-laguna_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/210-dwc2_defaults.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/075-spi_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/110-pci_isolated_interrupts.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/095-gpio_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/097-l2x0_cmdline_disable.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/070-i2c_support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/093-add-virt-pci-io-mapping.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/045-twd_base.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/090-timers.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/cns3xxx/patches-4.14/040-fiq_support.patch
Commit 282e8173509a0907ec469d493f3bd9fed710c453 by freifunk
base-files: do not source in

The default_postinst() function in /lib/ sources
/lib/functions/ before cycling through uci-defaults files.

This creates a pseudo-cyclic dependency as also uses
functions that are located in Despite that, there
is actually only one uci-defaults file in the entire repo that needs, and this one contains an explicit source for

Consequently, this patch removes the sourcing of in There are no relevant uses in packages, routing and
luci repositories.
This may require adjustments for downstream, though.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 282e817)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/files/lib/ (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/Makefile (diff)
Commit ae636effd24a7637cefca58a143063f395c82d05 by freifunk
base-files: source in /lib/functions/

The file /lib/functions/ depends on find_mtd_index() and
find_mtd_part() located in /lib/, so let's source that

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: ae636ef)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/files/lib/functions/ (diff)
Commit 4f34e430eda07008ee650db149e22ba3fa8d621f by ldir
dnsmasq: bump to v2.81

Signed-off-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <>
(commit: 4f34e43)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/dnsmasq/Makefile (diff)
Commit dfa521f129533dd9121c15ab0aa3ebd7a7153a97 by gch981213
generic: spi-nor: rework broken-flash-reset

Instead of resetting flash to 3B address on remove hook, this
implementation only enters 4B mode when needed, which prevents more
unexpected reboot stuck. This implementation makes it only break when
a kernel panic happens during flash operation on 16M+ areas.
Also silent broken-flash-reset warning. We are not dealing with vendors
and it's unpleasant for users to see that unnecessary and long WARN_ON

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: dfa521f)
The file was addedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/481-mtd-spi-nor-rework-broken-flash-reset-support.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-5.4/302-spi-nor-add-gd25q512.patch (diff)
Commit 5c8f2c64d7f3becea410b5dc9890fa9196bdd762 by gch981213
ramips: enable broken-flash-reset for some 32M flash boards

These are boards known to start on 3-byte address mode, which requires
broken-flash-reset if 4B_OPCODES isn't supported by the flash.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 5c8f2c6)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_lenovo_newifi-d1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_gehua_ghl-r-001.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_d-team_pbr-m1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_gnubee_gb-pc2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_gnubee_gb-pc1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_xzwifi_creativebox-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_d-team_newifi-d2.dts (diff)
Commit b0ec8d0ca0713113a0384bd74b560bd17c298712 by gch981213
ramips: increase spi frequency for newifi d1/d2

increase spi frequency for both devices to 45MHz.
while at it, also remove m25p,fast-read for newifi d1 as it's only
needed when spi clock is higher than 50MHz.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: b0ec8d0)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_lenovo_newifi-d1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_d-team_newifi-d2.dts (diff)
Commit 33d027c5b8fb5265ea84ac41a7bfedd805c48b24 by gch981213
ramips: move and rename out-of-tree mtk eth driver

move the driver into shared 'files' directory and rename all symbols
from mediatek/mtk to ralink.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 33d027c)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mdio_rt2880.c
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt76x8/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mt7530.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_offload.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mtk_offload.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/esw_rt3050.h
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/gsw_mt7621.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mdio.c
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/soc_rt3050.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/esw_rt3050.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/ethtool.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mdio_mt7620.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/gsw_mt7620.h
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mdio_rt2880.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/soc_mt7620.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mdio_rt2880.h
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mtk_offload.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/Makefile
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt3883/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_offload.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_eth_soc.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/gsw_mt7620.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/gsw_mt7621.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/ethtool.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/soc_rt2880.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/soc_mt7621.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/Makefile
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/esw_rt3050.c
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7621/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mtk_eth_soc.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/Kconfig
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mdio_mt7620.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_debugfs.c
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt288x/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mdio.h
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt305x/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/Kconfig
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-5.4/200-add-ralink-eth.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/esw_rt3050.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mt7530.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mt7530.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/soc_rt3883.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/ethtool.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/ethtool.h
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mtk_eth_soc.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/soc_rt3050.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mdio_rt2880.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_eth_soc.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/soc_mt7620.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-4.14/200-add-ralink-eth.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/gsw_mt7620.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mdio.h
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mdio.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/soc_mt7621.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/gsw_mt7620.h
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mtk_debugfs.c
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/soc_rt3883.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/mt7530.c
The file was removedtarget/linux/ramips/files-4.14/drivers/net/ethernet/mediatek/soc_rt2880.c
Commit 05dee5833a5f2d3d182dfa6de86b3e6b237940e3 by gch981213
ramips: ralink-eth: fix device struct passed to dma functions

dma functions needs the struct from platform_device instead of
the one for ethernet interface.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 05dee58)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_eth_soc.c (diff)
Commit 6fcba5eec3bb02ac32ff40db3be8ef450e30fe50 by gch981213
ramips: port 0034-NET-multi-phy-support.patch to 5.4

This hack is needed for old ethernet driver:
On mt7620, we have two exposed RGMII ports that connects to builtin
switch. However, swconfig has no way to interact with phy subsystem.
As a result, we have to register both PHYs to ethernet mac instead
and this patch prevents main ethernet interface from going down due
to phy link changes.
Also rename the patch for its actual purpose.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 6fcba5e)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-5.4/990-NET-no-auto-carrier-off-support.patch
Commit 89bf2b18af12969980f895a3cd47a4cb06c81174 by gch981213
ramips: copy kernel config for 5.4

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 89bf2b1)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/rt3883/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/rt288x/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/rt305x/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/ramips/mt76x8/config-5.4
Commit e320435a6a5858e7b80c296c5f5e35d8d4c845b6 by gch981213
ramips: refresh kernel config for 5.4

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: e320435)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt3883/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt288x/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt76x8/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt305x/config-5.4 (diff)
Commit 0b68d081eb598c1a5a1cfb13d1494d9228c67b05 by gch981213
ramips: mt7628: update dts for upstream gpio-mt7621 driver

upstream driver merged 3 separated gpio banks into one gpio node.
and gpioX Y in our local driver should be replaced with gpio X*32+Y.

This patch is created using the following sed command:
sed -i -r 's/(.*)gpio([0-9]) ([0-9]+)(.*)/echo "\1gpio $((\2*32+\3))\4"/ge'

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 0b68d08)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_re305-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_buffalo_wcr-1166ds.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_cudy_wr1000.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_mediatek_linkit-smart-7688.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c50-v3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wa801nd-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_zyxel_keenetic-extra-ii.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_mercury_mac1200r-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wavlink_wl-wn570ha1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_totolink_lr1200.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_widora_neo.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_vocore_vocore2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_glinet_gl-mt300n-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr842n-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wavlink_wl-wn575a3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wiznet_wizfi630s.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_iptime_a604m.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr841n-v13.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_d-team_pbr-d1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_skylab_skw92a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_re200.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c20-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hiwifi_hc5761a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_vocore_vocore2-lite.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_glinet_vixmini_microuter.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hiwifi_hc5x61a.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_re200-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-mr3020-v3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_onion_omega2.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_unielec_u7628-01.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr841n-v14.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_zbtlink_zbt-we1226.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_alfa-network_awusfree1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hiwifi_hc5661a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wrtnode_wrtnode2r.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_netgear_r6120.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_totolink_a3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c50-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wrtnode_wrtnode2.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_iptime.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_iptime_a3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr902ac-v3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr840n-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr840n-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_duzun_dm06.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr802n-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wrtnode_wrtnode2p.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_xiaomi_miwifi-nano.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_xiaomi_mir4a-100m.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hiwifi_hc5861b.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hilink_hlk-7628n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_rakwireless_rak633.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c20-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-mr3420-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tama_w06.dts (diff)
Commit e29e2a94845141e5c9758351c7dffa1145c5d3b5 by gch981213
ramips: ralink-eth: add support for 5.4 kernel

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: e29e2a9)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_eth_soc.c (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mdio.c (diff)
Commit d7d46da938e3f5c4ace815870c95f67d8b663ebe by gch981213
ramips: disable images for 4M devices

default initramfs for 5.4 kernel is larger than 4M, causing build error
for oversized initramfs image.
disable these images because we have no mechanism for ignoring initramfs
errors and the squashfs image will be larger than initramfs anyway.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: d7d46da)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
Commit abadee5d60aa50a938a3d7a496cbf3427481b6ec by gch981213
ramips: mt76x8: switch to kernel 5.4

4.14 doesn't work anymore due to gpio dt binding changes. Switch mt76x8
to 5.4 directly.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: abadee5)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt76x8/ (diff)
Commit 605a7ffff2995f09a222489a143fcdb94540b3d6 by gch981213
ramips: add 5.4 as testing kernel

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 605a7ff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/Makefile (diff)
Commit f017f617aecbd47debd4d3a734dc0e471342db96 by gch981213
base-files: preinit: also config switch when no port roles defined

current preinit code in base-files doesn't config switch when there are
no port roles defined. But this kind of configuration exists on single
port devices where switch vlan is simply disabled.
configure reset and enable_vlan property when a switch node exist.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: f017f61)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/files/lib/preinit/10_indicate_preinit (diff)
Commit 8f6334eb947a2594da8a2b58cf7afdabb83fb5a0 by gch981213
ramips: explicitly disable built-in switch when needed

previously we rely on the failsafe setup in preinit scripts to disable
built-in switch implicitly for single-port devices. This doesn't work
anymore due to preinit script removal.
this patch explicitly disable built-in switch for needed devices.

Fixes: a8d62a4eb1 ("ramips: remove set_preinit_iface script")
Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 8f6334e)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt7620/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/mt76x8/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt305x/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network (diff)
Commit b756ea2a909a36d7e931b96edf0d15539421c733 by gch981213
ramips: replace pinctrl property names

Upstream pinctrl driver in drivers/staging uses
groups/function/ralink,num-gpios instead of
Replace these properties in dts as well as the pinctrl driver in
This commit is created using:
sed -i 's/ralink,group/groups/g'
sed -i 's/ralink,function/function/g'
sed -i 's/ralink,nr-gpio/ralink,num-gpios/g'

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: b756ea2)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_asus_rp-n53.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_ralink_mt7620a-evb.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3352_dlink_dir-620-d1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dovado_tiny-ac.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_alfa-network_tube-e4g.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_unielec_u7628-01.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_aximcom_mr-102n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wrtnode_wrtnode2r.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_arcwireless_freestation5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_microduino_microwrt.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_planex_cs-qr10.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_belkin_f5d8235-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_zbtlink_zbt-wa05.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_ralink_mt7620a-mt7530-evb.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_planex_mzk-ex750np.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_kingston_mlwg2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_planex_mzk-750dhp.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_huawei_d105.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_belkin_f7c027.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_tplink_archer-c2-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c20-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_zbtlink_zbt-ape522ii.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_dlink_dir-615-d.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-4.14/0026-DT-Add-documentation-for-gpio-ralink.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_olimex_rt5350f-olinuxino.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-4.14/0027-GPIO-MIPS-ralink-add-gpio-driver-for-ralink-SoC.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_phicomm_psg1218b.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_yukai_bocco.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_asus_rt-n13u.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_zyxel_keenetic-start.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_re305-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_zyxel_keenetic-extra-ii.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-5.4/0027-GPIO-MIPS-ralink-add-gpio-driver-for-ralink-SoC.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_buffalo_whr-1166d.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_cudy_wr1000.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_wrtnode_wrtnode.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_tenda_w150m.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_ohyeah_oy-0001.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_edimax_br-6478ac-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_sitecom_wl-351.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3662_omnima_hpm.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_zbtlink_zbt-wr8305rt.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_zyxel_keenetic-omni-ii.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_hiwifi_hc5x61.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3352_dlink_dir-615-h1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_dlink_dir-610-a1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_glinet_vixmini_microuter.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_bdcom_wap2100-sk.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3883_sitecom_wlr-6000.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_poray_x5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr842n-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_wansview_ncs601w.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_comfast_cf-wr800n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_xiaomi_miwifi-mini.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_hootoo_ht-tm02.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_iptime.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_teltonika_rut5xx.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_trendnet_tew-714tru.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_jcg_jhr-n825r.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_d-team_pbr-d1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt2880_buffalo_wzr-agl300nh.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_zbtlink_zbt-we826-e.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_nexx_wt3020.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3883_belkin_f9k110x.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-mr3420-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3883_trendnet_tew-692gr.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_dlink_dwr-921-c1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_zorlik_zl5900v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_tplink_re200-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_dlink_dir-600-b1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_duzun_dm06.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_jcg_jhr-n926r.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_dlink_dir-300-b7.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_upvel_ur-326n4g.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_phicomm_psg1208.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_nixcore_x1.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_mofinetwork_mofi3500-3gn.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_zbtlink_zbt-cpe102.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt2880_asus_rt-n15.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dlink_dwr-118-a1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_zbtlink_zbt-we826.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_kimax_u35wf.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_allnet_all0256n.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_skyline_sl-r7205.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_hnet_c108.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_head-weblink_hdrm200.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr840n-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_wiznet_wizfi630a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_asus_rt-ac51u.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_asus_rt-g32-b1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_dlink_dwr-922-e2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_upvel_ur-336un.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_prolink_pwh2004.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_poray_x8.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_glinet_gl-mt300n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_netgear_ex2700_wn3000rp-v3.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_skylab_skw92a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt2880_belkin_f5d8235-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_edimax_ew-7478apc.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_huawei_hg255d.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hiwifi_hc5861b.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_totolink_lr1200.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_tenda_3g150b.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dlink_dch-m225.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_poray_m4.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_zte_q7.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_asus_wl-330n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_engenius_esr-9753.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_omnima_miniembplug.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_omnima_miniembwifi.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_ralink_mt7620a-v22sg-evb.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_tplink_archer-mr200.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_sparklan_wcr-150gn.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_aigale_ai-br100.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dlink_dir-810l.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr841n-v14.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_lenovo_newifi-y1.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_engenius_esr600.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3662_edimax_br-6475nd.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_intenso_memory2move.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_edimax_3g-6200n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_rakwireless_rak633.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3352_zyxel_nbg-419n-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_iodata_wn-ac1167gr.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c50-v3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_ravpower_wd03.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tama_w06.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_netgear_wnce2001.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_unbranded_a5-v11.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt2880_airlink101_ar670w.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_dlink_dwr-512-b.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_vonets_var11n-300.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hiwifi_hc5661a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wrtnode_wrtnode2p.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_tplink_archer-c50-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_ralink_v22rw-2x2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_asiarf_awm002-evb.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_nexx_wt1520.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_jcg_jhr-n805r.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3352_allnet_all5002.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_dlink_dcs-930.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3352.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3883_trendnet_tew-691gr.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_asus_wl-330n3g.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_poray_ip2202.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_kingston_mlw221.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_unbranded_wr512-3gn.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_phicomm_psg1218a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_hame_mpr-a1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_zbtlink_zbt-we1026.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_buffalo_whr-g300n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wavlink_wl-wn570ha1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_vocore_vocore2.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_hame_mpr-a2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c50-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_netcore_nw718.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_accton_wr6202.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_tenda_w306r-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_sanlinking_d240.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_alfa-network_awusfree1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_zyxel_keenetic.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3662_dlink_dir-645.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_allnet_all5003.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_asiarf_awapn2403.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_planex_mzk-wdpr.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3662_samsung_cy-swr1100.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wiznet_wizfi630s.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_wavlink_wl-wn575a3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_asus_rt-n12p.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_zbtlink_zbt-we2026.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_hauppauge_broadway.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_linksys_e1700.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_alfa-network_w502u.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_airlive_air3gii.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_glinet_gl-mt300a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_alphanetworks_asl26555.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_argus_atp-52b.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dlink_dir-510l.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_elecom_wrh-300cr.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_phicomm_k2g.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_lava_lr-25g001.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_dlink_dcs-930l-b1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_7links_px-4885.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_glinet_gl-mt300n-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_netgear_r6120.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_edimax_3g-6200nl.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_youku_yk1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_tplink_re210-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_zyxel_keenetic-omni.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hilink_hlk-7628n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_kimax_u25awf-h1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-5.4/0026-DT-Add-documentation-for-gpio-ralink.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr902ac-v3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_zyxel_keenetic-viva.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wa801nd-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_xiaomi_miwifi-nano.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_hiwifi_hc5761a.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_buffalo_wcr-1166ds.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_dlink_dap-1350.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_8devices_carambola.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_iodata_wn-ac733gr3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_netgear_ex3700_ex6130.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_asus_rt-n14u.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_trendnet_tew-638apb-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_iptime_a104ns.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_planex_db-wrt01.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_dlink_dir-620-a1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dlink_dwr-960.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_dlink_dwr-118-a2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_vocore_vocore.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_edimax_ew-747x.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_planex_mzk-dp150n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-mr3020-v3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_hilink_hlk-rm04.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3050_dlink_dir-300-b1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_alfa-network_r36m-e4g.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt2880_airlink101_ar725w.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_easyacc_wizard-8800.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3662_asus_rt-n56u.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_fon_fon2601.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-4.14/0025-pinctrl-ralink-add-pinctrl-driver.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_alfa-network_ac1200rm.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_planex_mzk-ex300np.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_fon_fonera-20n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_planex_mzk-w300nh2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_xiaomi_mir4a-100m.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr840n-v5.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_buffalo_whr-600d.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_nexaira_bc2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_poray_m3.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_widora_neo.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_tplink_archer-c20i.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr841n-v13.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_dlink_dwr-116-a1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_onion_omega2.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_tplink_archer-c20-v1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_aztech_hw550-3g.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_archer-c20-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_buffalo_wmr-300.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_buffalo_whr-300hp2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3883.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt5350_dlink_dir-320-b1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_tenda_3g300m.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_iptime_a604m.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_petatel_psr-680w.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_tl-wr802n-v4.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_re200-v2.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_glinet_gl-mt750.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_zbtlink_zbt-we1226.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt2880_dlink_dap-1522-a1.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_unbranded_xdx-rn502j.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_sercomm_na930.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt2880.dtsi (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/rt3052_zyxel_nbg-419n.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_mediatek_mt7628an-eval-board.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_mediatek_linkit-smart-7688.dts (diff)
Commit 4e535d81ee9502947fb3f49aad9c1ddf3da010cf by noltari
bcm63xx: disable all devices with <= 4MiB flash and <= 32 MiB RAM

Device with 4 MiB flash and 32 MiB RAM won't be able to run OpenWrt in
a sufficient manner without tweaks, so don't build images for them by

This includes all BCM6338, BCM6345 and BCM6348 "generic" devices,
as there are no supported devices of these with more than that.

Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <>
(commit: 4e535d8)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/image/ (diff)
Commit 0aa2ecf5b223b838678b61bd2ded9f29903f17b1 by daniel
base-files: don't ship local build key when on buildbot

Including the local build key in /etc/opkg/keys isn't feasible when
building on the buildbot: The included key collides with its copy
already in openwrt-keyring which breaks the ImageBuilder.
Not including a locally generated key also makes the base-files package
more reproducible.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: 0aa2ecf)
The file was modifiedpackage/base-files/Makefile (diff)
Commit 4d06229242f27baa5566cc788f6987b470505d53 by gch981213
ramips: ralink-eth: fix leftover dma dev argument

Fixes: 05dee5833a ("ramips: ralink-eth: fix device struct passed to dma functions")
Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 4d06229)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/files/drivers/net/ethernet/ralink/mtk_eth_soc.c (diff)
Commit 77b99ea3c658b2bc60f80e13b3ed32afc4c31ad7 by gch981213
ramips: fix whitespace in 990_NET-no-auto-carrier-support.patch

Fixes: 6fcba5eec3 ("ramips: port 0034-NET-multi-phy-support.patch to 5.4")
Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 77b99ea)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-5.4/990-NET-no-auto-carrier-off-support.patch (diff)
Commit 97c5fb470997529bf01b730e349ea27641c2be51 by noltari
cypress-firmware: update to v5.4.18-2020_0402

Signed-off-by: Álvaro Fernández Rojas <>
(commit: 97c5fb4)
The file was modifiedpackage/firmware/cypress-firmware/Makefile (diff)
Commit f5a9181d6e94044657df00d3531cf97f2e8d1d16 by freifunk
ath79: fix wmac initialization for Zyxel NBG6716

2.4 GHz Wifi on ath79 is set up in 10-ath9k-eeprom, but in ar71xx
it was done with ath79_register_wmac.

Thus, the following errors are observed on the device:
ath: phy1: Unable to initialize hardware; initialization status: -5
ath9k 18100000.wmac: failed to initialize device
ath9k: probe of 18100000.wmac failed with error -5

This patch changes the ath79 support to properly use wmac as well.
This will also require fixing the MAC address in a different way.

Signed-off-by: Guillaume Lefebvre <>
[several adjustments to 10-fix-wifi-mac, use correct MAC address,
rewrite commit message]
Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: f5a9181)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/dts/qca9558_zyxel_nbg6716.dts (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/nand/base-files/etc/hotplug.d/firmware/10-ath9k-eeprom (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ath79/nand/base-files/etc/hotplug.d/ieee80211/10-fix-wifi-mac
Commit 97af28d23e8549ada86377bb7015d36e3017de68 by freifunk
ath79: fix USB port LED assignment for ZyXEL NBG6716

The USB LED assignment to internal ports was swapped.

Fix it.

We also explicitly checked that the LED label numbers match those
on the device.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 97af28d)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/dts/qca9558_zyxel_nbg6716.dts (diff)
Commit 8f342a39de09f53f8686bf87e40916e9b3270b88 by hauke
kernel: hwmon: add dme1737 driver

SMSC DME1737, SCH3112, SCH3114, SCH3116, SCH5027 monitoring support

Signed-off-by: Lucian Cristian <>
(commit: 8f342a3)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/linux/modules/ (diff)
Commit 93a8cdf5d891db18b66d922607e2dad286f7ce5f by hauke
mwlwifi: Update the 88W8964's firmware to and fix backports version detection

Updates the 88W8964 firmware used in the Linksys WRT3200ACM and WRT32X
[v9.3.2.6 -> v9.3.2.12]

Removes 0c43219 ("mwlwifi: Fix loading with backports v5.3")
as it has been merged upstream.

Unfortunately, there is a bug wherein Kaloz's repo, the version
detection mechanism for fixing vendor commands doesn't work.

It pulls in the Linux kernel version, which as of this time is
"4.14.y" or "4.19.y"

However, the proper behaviour is that it should pull in the mac80211
backports version which as of now is "5.4.27"

The included patch works around this using a backports define found
only on versions >5.3, "VENDOR_CMD_RAW_DATA".

Signed-off-by: Jose Olivera <>
(commit: 93a8cdf)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/mwlwifi/Makefile (diff)
The file was addedpackage/kernel/mwlwifi/patches/001-Fix-compile-with-mac80211-backports-5_3+.patch
The file was removedpackage/kernel/mwlwifi/patches/001-vendor_command_policy.patch
Commit dce97df740ab563d2f91b1e1d1f3ffbbc16026c7 by hauke
wpa_supplicant: disable CONFIG_WRITE functionality

CONFIG_WRITE functionality is not used and could be removed.
Looks helpful for devices with small flash because wpad is also affected.

Little testing shows that about 6 KB could be saved.

Signed-off-by: Kirill Lukonin <>
(commit: dce97df)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/files/wpa_supplicant-basic.config (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/files/wpa_supplicant-mini.config (diff)
Commit b43023b7baeae9c4702c46677be16585b715bc3e by hauke
kernel: remove non-existant symbols

These symbols exist only in older kernels and can be removed.

Signed-off-by: Aleksander Jan Bajkowski <>
(commit: b43023b)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/rt305x/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/armvirt/config-4.19 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/config-4.19 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/armvirt/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/omap/config-4.14 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm63xx/config-4.14 (diff)
Commit 76d22fc24b4d4a7e93b722af3005cc38bdef8111 by hauke
hostapd: backport usleep patch

Optionally fixes compilation with uClibc-ng.

Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <>
(commit: 76d22fc)
The file was addedpackage/network/services/hostapd/patches/800-usleep.patch
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/Makefile (diff)
Commit d27623b542548b765ddd46b046169006a3b5f66f by hauke
elfutils: update to 0.179

Removed sys/cdefs usage. The header is deprecated.

Removed canonicalize_file_name define. It's already fixed upstream.

Added --disable-debuginfod. Seems to be needed.

Modified patch 005 to build more stuff. It was failing before. It still
only builds libraries.

Modified patch 100 to use strerror under non-glibc. It is used under
glibc as strerror is not thread safe. It is under musl and uClibc-ng.
strerror_l is not available under uClibc-ng.

Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <>
(commit: d27623b)
The file was modifiedpackage/libs/elfutils/patches/100-musl-compat.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/libs/elfutils/patches/003-libintl-compatibility.patch (diff)
The file was addedpackage/libs/elfutils/patches/110-no-cdefs.patch
The file was modifiedpackage/libs/elfutils/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/libs/elfutils/patches/005-build_only_libs.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/libs/elfutils/patches/101-no-fts.patch (diff)
Commit 1647790ae6202bd70b199e2aa44f8eb43e8d3af1 by hauke
toolchain/gcc: remove uclibc hack

This was introduced with 014d3b98b96872d020ffccf0358ba60967b3f1c0 , which
is almost 10 years old. uClibc-ng does not suffer from this problem.

Note that this hack prevents libstdc++ from using C++11 math functions.

Tested by removing all of the mpd patches designed to fix this and

Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <>
(commit: 1647790)
The file was modifiedtoolchain/gcc/ (diff)
Commit 85ef69b20299c2c4f42d6bfbfaf807358ebe2078 by hauke
mvebu: add support for Buffalo LinkStation LS421DE

Buffalo LinkStation LS421DE is a dual bay NAS, based on Marvell Armada 370

   SoC:         Marvell Armada 88F6707-A1
   CPU:         Cortex-A9 1200 MHz, 1 core
   Flash:       SPI-NOR 1 MiB, NAND 512 MiB
   RAM:         DDR3 512 MiB
   Ethernet:    1x 10/100/1000 Mbps
   USB:         1x 2.0, 1x 3.0
   SATA:        2x 3.0 Gbps
   LEDs/Input : 5x / 2x (1x button, 1x slide-switch)
   RTC:         Ricoh RS5C372A, I2C, no battery

Flash instruction (UART+TFTP):
  1. Downgrade the OEM firmware to 1.34 version (BUFFALO_BOOTVER=0.13)
  2. Remove any hard drive from inside the bays.
  3. Boot the Openwrt initramfs image using the U-Boot serial console:
         tftpboot 0x1200000 buffalo_ls421de-initramfs-kernel.bin
         bootm 0x1200000
  4. Flash the sysupgrade image using the Openwrt console:
         sysupgrade -n buffalo_ls421de-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
  5. Wait until it finish, the device will reboot with Openwrt installed
     on the NAND flash.

  - Device shuting down doesn't work, even if the power slide switch is
    used. We must first, via MDIO, set the unused LED2 at the ethernet
    phy0 to off state. Reboot works ok.

Signed-off-by: Daniel González Cabanelas <>
Reviewed-by: Tomasz Maciej Nowak <>
(commit: 85ef69b)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/image/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/cortexa9/base-files/lib/upgrade/ (diff)
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-4.19/arch/arm/boot/dts/armada-370-buffalo-ls421de.dts
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/cortexa9/base-files/lib/preinit/06_set_iface_mac (diff)
Commit 70193703a9ef796be74e3afe963d5c463b8cbccc by hauke
mvebu: copy files and patches to 5.4

Signed-off-by: DENG Qingfang <>
(commit: 7019370)
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-5.4/arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-3720-uDPU.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/524-PCI-aardvark-set-host-and-device-to-the-same-MAX-payload-size.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/546-arm64-dts-uDPU-SFP-cages-support-3W-modules.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/005-linksys_hardcode_nand_ecc_settings.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/543-arm64-dts-marvell-armada-37xx-declare-the-COMPHY.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/514-arm64-dts-marvell-armada-37xx-Enable-emmc-on-espress.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/526-PCI-aardvark-disable-LOS-state-by-default.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-5.4/arch/arm/boot/dts/armada-370-buffalo-ls421de.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/538-phy-add-QSGMII-and-PCIE-modes.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/520-arm64-dts-marvell-armada37xx-Add-eth0-alias.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/300-mvneta-tx-queue-workaround.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/532-net-mvneta-correct-typo.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/401-pci-mvebu-time-out-reset-on-link-up.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/534-net-mvneta-remove-redundant-check-for.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-5.4/arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-3720-espressobin-v7.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/205-armada-385-rd-mtd-partitions.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/533-net-mvneta-Dont-advertise-2.5G-modes.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/004-add_sata_disk_activity_trigger.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/537-net-mvneta-add-2500baset-support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/100-find_active_root.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/542-phy-add-A3700-COMPHY-support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/513-arm64-dts-marvell-armada37xx-Add-emmc-sdio-pinctrl-d.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/cortexa72/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/522-arm64-dts-marvell-armada-3720-espressobin-add-ports-.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/521-arm64-dts-armada-3720-espressobin-correct-spi-node.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/400-cpuidle-mvebu-indicate-failure-to-enter-deeper-sleep.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-5.4/arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-3720-espressobin-v7-emmc.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/220-disable-untested-dsa-boards.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/535-net-marvell-neta-add-comphy-support.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-5.4/arch/arm/boot/dts/armada-385-linksys-venom.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/230-armada-xp-linksys-mamba-broken-idle.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/523-Revert-PCI-aardvark-Convert-to-use-pci_host_probe.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/102-revert_i2c_delay.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/545-arm64-dts-uDPU-remove-i2c-fast-mode.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/206-ARM-mvebu-385-ap-Add-partitions.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/544-arm64-dts-uDPU-fix-comphy-definitions.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/002-add_powertables.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/240-linksys-status-led.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/539-phy-core-add-PHY_MODE_ETHERNET.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-5.4/arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-3720-espressobin-emmc.dts
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/006-mvebu-Mangle-bootloader-s-kernel-arguments.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/540-phy-fix-build-breakage-add-PHY_MODE_SATA.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/cortexa53/config-5.4
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/528-arm64-dts-armada-3720-espressobin-set-max-link-to-ge.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/527-PCI-aardvark-allow-to-specify-link-capability.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/412-ARM-dts-armada388-clearfog-emmc-on-clearfog-base.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/541-phy-core-rework-phy_set_mode-to-accept-phy-mode-and-.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/415-ARM-dts-armada388-clearfog-document-MPP-usage.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/536-net-marvell-neta-disable-comphy-when-setting-mode.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/003-add_switch_nodes.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/210-clearfog_switch_node.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/531-net-mvneta-Add-support-for-2500Mbps-SGMII.patch
Commit ae183c128fdd41a041b760f11bf2ba8c0b8a42eb by hauke
mvebu: set kernel testing version to 5.4

Signed-off-by: DENG Qingfang <>
(commit: ae183c1)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/Makefile (diff)
Commit d13fe4127cc4dd22cd34e4bd0afb6d0cd7add157 by hauke
mvebu: refresh patches

Signed-off-by: DENG Qingfang <>
(commit: d13fe41)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/543-arm64-dts-marvell-armada-37xx-declare-the-COMPHY.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/522-arm64-dts-marvell-armada-3720-espressobin-add-ports-.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/210-clearfog_switch_node.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/542-phy-add-A3700-COMPHY-support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/files-5.4/arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-3720-uDPU.dts
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/513-arm64-dts-marvell-armada37xx-Add-emmc-sdio-pinctrl-d.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/003-add_switch_nodes.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/532-net-mvneta-correct-typo.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/533-net-mvneta-Dont-advertise-2.5G-modes.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/100-find_active_root.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/220-disable-untested-dsa-boards.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/539-phy-core-add-PHY_MODE_ETHERNET.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/300-mvneta-tx-queue-workaround.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/401-pci-mvebu-time-out-reset-on-link-up.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/534-net-mvneta-remove-redundant-check-for.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/514-arm64-dts-marvell-armada-37xx-Enable-emmc-on-espress.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/521-arm64-dts-armada-3720-espressobin-correct-spi-node.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/536-net-marvell-neta-disable-comphy-when-setting-mode.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/006-mvebu-Mangle-bootloader-s-kernel-arguments.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/230-armada-xp-linksys-mamba-broken-idle.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/531-net-mvneta-Add-support-for-2500Mbps-SGMII.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/002-add_powertables.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/541-phy-core-rework-phy_set_mode-to-accept-phy-mode-and-.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/537-net-mvneta-add-2500baset-support.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/528-arm64-dts-armada-3720-espressobin-set-max-link-to-ge.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/415-ARM-dts-armada388-clearfog-document-MPP-usage.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/527-PCI-aardvark-allow-to-specify-link-capability.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/544-arm64-dts-uDPU-fix-comphy-definitions.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/526-PCI-aardvark-disable-LOS-state-by-default.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/523-Revert-PCI-aardvark-Convert-to-use-pci_host_probe.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/535-net-marvell-neta-add-comphy-support.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/538-phy-add-QSGMII-and-PCIE-modes.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/540-phy-fix-build-breakage-add-PHY_MODE_SATA.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/524-PCI-aardvark-set-host-and-device-to-the-same-MAX-payload-size.patch (diff)
Commit f72a13b53749c37930e1cb3037a7268b8c01fcd0 by hauke
mvebu: refresh config

Signed-off-by: DENG Qingfang <>
(commit: f72a13b)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/cortexa72/config-5.4 (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/cortexa53/config-5.4 (diff)
Commit 779a1c84ea16cdb628adba33f40ded88b5f06707 by hauke
mvebu: drop armada-37xx PCI aardvark patches

These patches were necessarry for Atheros and some Intel WiFi cards.
After short testing, the current upstream driver state is enough for
these WiFi cards to work. If there are still some issues with other
devices, the patches could be easily restored.

Signed-off-by: Tomasz Maciej Nowak <>
(commit: 779a1c8)
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/528-arm64-dts-armada-3720-espressobin-set-max-link-to-ge.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/526-PCI-aardvark-disable-LOS-state-by-default.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/523-Revert-PCI-aardvark-Convert-to-use-pci_host_probe.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/527-PCI-aardvark-allow-to-specify-link-capability.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-5.4/524-PCI-aardvark-set-host-and-device-to-the-same-MAX-payload-size.patch
Commit 35f208da3c13cc16227f229f8aea14c4f0a06928 by hauke
x86: add nforce eth to default packages

forcedeth is necessary to use the integrated
ethernet controller of Nvidia nForce chipset.

There are PC motherboards with this chipset
from 2001 that run 32bit Athlon XP CPUs and
more modern ones up to 2009 that can run Intel
and AMD 64bit processors, so add this to
all non-geode x86 targets.

Signed-off-by: Alberto Bursi <>
(commit: 35f208d)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/x86/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/x86/image/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/x86/64/ (diff)
Commit f37d6342367b4f8393f9693edd96b12dfa016399 by daniel
hostapd: reduce to a single instance per service

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: f37d634)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/patches/700-wifi-reload.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/patches/600-ubus_support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/files/ (diff)
The file was addedpackage/network/services/hostapd/files/wpad.init
The file was removedpackage/network/services/hostapd/files/hostapd.hotplug
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/src/wpa_supplicant/ubus.c (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/services/hostapd/src/src/ap/ubus.c (diff)
Commit a66efbf91607176c366ebe9ad0cc05d5a529062e by daniel
mac80211: adapt for single-instance wpad

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: a66efbf)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/mac80211/files/lib/netifd/wireless/ (diff)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/mac80211/Makefile (diff)
Commit 4e4f7c6d2d88d738d1ccc2c9cea594c5d1bfa900 by daniel
netifd: network namespace jail improvements

aaaca2e interface: allocate and free memory for jail name
d93126d interface: allow renaming interface when moving to jail netns

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: 4e4f7c6)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/config/netifd/Makefile (diff)
Commit a5a90a94cee96667b217fbaeb563c1fc4f4b7dba by daniel
netifd: fix jail ifdown and jails without jail_ifname

The previous commit introduced a regression for netns jails without
jail_ifname set. Fix that.

Fixes: 4e4f7c6d2d ("netifd: network namespace jail improvements")
Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: a5a90a9)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/config/netifd/Makefile (diff)
Commit b3f984233078fcafd236bba4f94a938ab05ebfa2 by gch981213
ath79: add read support using spi-mem

Reimplements read optimization on top of spi-mem. Similar to
what 461-spi-ath79-add-fast-flash-read.patch used to do with
the dropped flash read interface.

It accelerate only fast-read op reading flash directly from
memory mapped region. 'm25p,fast-read' must be set in order
to use the new spi-mem.

It improved read speed up to 3x on old devices (tplink,tl-wr2543-v1)
while no speed improvement was noticed on newer devices like

Signed-off-by: Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca <>
(commit: b3f9842)
The file was addedtarget/linux/ath79/patches-4.19/410-spi-ath79-Implement-the-spi_mem-interface.patch
The file was addedtarget/linux/ath79/patches-5.4/410-spi-ath79-Implement-the-spi_mem-interface.patch
Commit e430dfdd690785713a6a41f1242c9e7b31f7ba48 by gch981213
ath79: enable m25p,fast-read for tplink,tl-wr2543-v1

Enables spi-mem interface usage. It speeds up flash read
in about 3x while it also workaround a possible hardware
bug when normal spi read is used.

Fixes: FS#2742

Signed-off-by: Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca <>
(commit: e430dfd)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/dts/ar7242_tplink_tl-wr2543-v1.dts (diff)
Commit 1b2c4af0392effc6c166e15a70e29272ab88cece by gch981213
ath79: enable m25p,fast-read for tplink,tl-wr1043-v1

Enables spi-mem interface for 3x faster flash read.

Signed-off-by: Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca <>
(commit: 1b2c4af)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/dts/ar9132_tplink_tl-wr1043nd-v1.dts (diff)
Commit 111029bea7b5c1075f7aa12e8431fe840c3dca12 by gch981213
ramips: add missing DEVICE_VARS for lzma-loader

LOADER_TYPE is a per-device variable which should be included in

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 111029b)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/Makefile (diff)
Commit d9e9a0e6b11aa461aef1a030e5782292afb58338 by gch981213
ramips: define lzma loader platform in target

Loader platform is a per-soc variable instead of a per-device one.
Determine corresponding loader platform at the beginning of image

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: d9e9a0e)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/Makefile (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
Commit 75f19deb3a0111afde83f5ca4aae4429c2ea9865 by gch981213
ramips: define image recipe for uncompressed uimage with loader

Some devices have bootloaders with broken lzma code resulting in failed
decompression or corrupted kernel code.
This image recipe allows to sacrifice 5KB for OpenWrt LZMA loader and
take over the task of decompress kernel.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: 75f19de)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/Makefile (diff)
Commit 9fd36f54f53f2cd0f93116b3278b1d7f6219b6bb by ldir
Revert "kmod-sched: add act_police"

This reverts commit 1b973b54ea4d5d20dec5e71c48bff6a3e0bcb4ac.

It turns out act_police is included in the kmod-sched package so this
package turns out to be superfluous and causes file provision conflicts.

Ooooops!  Best revert it then.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <>
(commit: 9fd36f5)
The file was modifiedpackage/kernel/linux/modules/ (diff)
Commit d0cb6e995b6d6fc3aef52e46749449c46f3e8aa7 by freifunk
ath79: further fixes for ZyXEL NBG6716

This applies further fixes to the DTS of ZyXEL NBG6716 based on
what is found in ar71xx (mach-nbg6716.c):

- use WiFi label names as in ar71xx
- fix WPS gpio number
- fix GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH and mode for WiFi switch
- add codes for USB eject buttons
- fix node name for "internet" LED

This device has separate LEDs for WAN and "Internet". As the WAN-LED
(and the four LAN-LEDs) are driven independent of the setup in
DT/01_leds, the "internet" LED is left unassigned (in contrast to
ar71xx, where it was set up effectively as a second WAN LED)

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: d0cb6e9)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/dts/qca9558_zyxel_nbg6716.dts (diff)
Commit e23de62845adaae0ac9a474a4f3a333ac890fc44 by daniel
netifd: clean up netns functionality

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: e23de62)
The file was modifiedpackage/network/config/netifd/Makefile (diff)
Commit 7c2e0fa5865406d0f2d1987bdd2180c1d1913bf2 by daniel
procd: jail fixes and improvements

32c717e jail: only mess with rootfs if CLONE_NEWNS was set
b275a62 instance: harmonize instance API
511fd97 jail: make /proc more secure
4953b7c jail: mount /sys read-only
a4d6442 jail: replace /etc/resolv.conf with symlink in extroot+overlay
a4cc165 jail: always mount /dev as additional tmpfs

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <>
(commit: 7c2e0fa)
The file was modifiedpackage/system/procd/Makefile (diff)
Commit 9abf01246efc858b92f8211e37ecd0435e1a0474 by ynezz
ipq806x: add patch to fix broken buttons

From kernel 4.20 msm-gpio driver is broken and cause the
malfunction of the buttons on every ipq806x target.
Add a patch to fix this.

Tested-by: Hannu Nyman <>
Signed-off-by: Ansuel Smith <>
(commit: 9abf012)
The file was addedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/001-v5.4-pinctrl-qcom-fix-wrong-write-in-update_dual_edge.patch.patch
Commit 0bea89a1d0f98af102cef32d6a8302bc28606180 by ynezz
kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.32

Refreshed patches, removed upstreamed patches:

generic: 746-stable-net-dsa-mt7530-fix-null-pointer-dereferencing-in-por.patch

Run tested: qemu-x86-64, apalis
Build tested: x86/64, imx6, sunxi/a53

Signed-off-by: Petr Štetiar <>
(commit: 0bea89a)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-5.4/745-v5.7-net-dsa-mt7530-add-support-for-port-mirroring.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/backport-5.4/746-stable-net-dsa-mt7530-fix-null-pointer-dereferencing-in-por.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ipq40xx/patches-5.4/304-mtd-spi-nor-Add-support-for-mx25r3235f.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-5.4/001-v5.4-pinctrl-qcom-fix-wrong-write-in-update_dual_edge.patch.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/patches-5.4/410-spi-ath79-Implement-the-spi_mem-interface.patch (diff)
Commit 14cbd8fb2dd8c81bad06d3c3bb45213685c19c98 by daniel
scripts: JSON merge don't crash if no JSON found

The JSON `WORK_DIR` ($(KDIR)/json_info_files) is only created if the new
image generation methods from `` are used. However some targets
like `armvirt` do not use it yet, so the folder is never created.

The `` script used to raise an error if the
given `WORK_DIR` isn't a folder, however it should just notify about
missing JSON files.

This patch removes the Python assert and exists with code 0 even if no
JSON files were found, as this is not necessarily an error but simply
not yet implemented. Using `glob` on an not existing `Path` results in
an empty list, therefore the for loop won't run.

Signed-off-by: Paul Spooren <>
CC: Petr Štetiar <>
(commit: 14cbd8f)
The file was modifiedscripts/ (diff)
Commit c737a9ee6a9c47b6e553ac81bf293b1161e59799 by daniel
scripts/download: add sources CDN as first mirror

OpenWrt now has a CDN for sources at which

Downloading sources outside Europe or US (mainland) could
result in low throughput, extremely slowing down the first compilation of
the build system.

This patch adds as the first mirror to offer
worldwide fast download speeds by default. If the CDN goes down for
whatever reason, the script jumps to the next available mirror and
downloads requested files as before (in regional varying speed).

Signed-off-by: Paul Spooren <>
Acked-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <>
(commit: c737a9e)
The file was modifiedscripts/ (diff)
Commit f814121600e5cf43fd75fe93e5b1b54f65b71bcd by daniel
x86: append metadata to combined images

Now that the x86 target uses the new image generation code we can also
attach metadata to the created images.

As currently the `SUPPORTED_DEVICES` list is empty, no JSON metadata is
attached, however the signing happens in the same step.

This results in signature verification for x86 images.

Signed-off-by: Paul Spooren <>
(commit: f814121)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/x86/image/Makefile (diff)
Commit ad19751edc21ae713bd95df6b93be64bd1e0c612 by gch981213
ramips: mt7621: enable lzma-loader for some devices

ubnt er-x/xiaomi/netgear sercomm devices are known to have troble
extracting a big kernel from flash and has support for uncompressed
This commit uses uncompressed uimage with lzma-loader for these devices
to fix boot issue.

Signed-off-by: Chuanhong Guo <>
(commit: ad19751)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/image/ (diff)
Commit 508462a399c8a68fdcdf599a1aa17441bdaad20b by freifunk
ath79: add SUPPORTED_DEVICES for TP-Link TL-WA901ND v2

This adds the board name from ar71xx to support upgrade without
-F for the TP-Link TL-WA901ND v2.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
(commit: 508462a)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/image/ (diff)
Commit a7423fef3206283ec09144932b04feff7b68461f by freifunk
ath79: improve status LED definitions for GL-AR750

Improve the status LED functionality in GL-AR750
by adding the definitions for different statuses
(boot, failsafe, running, flashing).

Signed-off-by: Hannu Nyman <>
(commit: a7423fe)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/dts/qca9531_glinet_gl-ar750.dts (diff)
Commit e31d158c4d03f51c728d8adc38fd73314171318e by koen.vandeputte
kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.176

Refreshed all patches.

Remove upstreamed:
- 0001-net-thunderx-workaround-BGX-TX-Underflow-issue.patch
- 600-ipv6-addrconf-call-ipv6_mc_up-for-non-Ethernet-inter.patch
- 184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch

- CVE-2020-8648 (potentially)
- CVE-2020-8647
- CVE-2020-8649

Compile-tested on: cns3xxx, octeontx
Runtime-tested on: cns3xxx

Signed-off-by: Koen Vandeputte <>
(commit: e31d158)
The file was modifiedinclude/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.14/703-phy-add-detach-callback-to-struct-phy_driver.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/320-v4.16-netfilter-nf_conntrack-add-IPS_OFFLOAD-status-bit.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/layerscape/patches-4.14/816-pcie-support-layerscape.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/183-net-qmi_wwan-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/950-tty-serial-exar-generalize-rs485-setup.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/layerscape/patches-4.14/807-usb-support-layerscape.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/layerscape/patches-4.14/806-rtc-support-layerscape.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/octeontx/patches-4.14/0001-net-thunderx-workaround-BGX-TX-Underflow-issue.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ramips/patches-4.14/0034-NET-multi-phy-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/hack-4.14/902-debloat_proc.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/025-tcp-allow-drivers-to-tweak-TSQ-logic.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/octeontx/patches-4.14/0001-net-thunderx-add-support-for-rgmii-internal-delay-mo.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/030-USB-serial-option-fix-dwm-158-3g-modem-interface.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/hack-4.14/702-phy_add_aneg_done_function.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/370-netfilter-nf_flow_table-fix-offloaded-connection-tim.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/600-ipv6-addrconf-call-ipv6_mc_up-for-non-Ethernet-inter.patch
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.14/184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.14/630-packet_socket_type.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/layerscape/patches-4.14/707-dpaa-ethernet-support-layerscape.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.14/670-ipv6-allow-rejecting-with-source-address-failed-policy.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.14/273-batman-adv-Convert-packet.h-to-uapi-header.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ar71xx/patches-4.14/910-unaligned_access_hacks.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/hack-4.14/901-debloat_sock_diag.patch (diff)
Commit 3c3825436e0e4107acd6ef722732a6444a1f7e0b by koen.vandeputte
kernel: bump 4.19 to 4.19.115

Refreshed all patches.

Remove upstreamed:
- 600-ipv6-addrconf-call-ipv6_mc_up-for-non-Ethernet-inter.patch
- 184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch

- CVE-2020-8647
- CVE-2020-8648 (potentially)
- CVE-2020-8649

Compile-tested on: cns3xxx
Runtime-tested on: cns3xxx

Signed-off-by: Koen Vandeputte <>
(commit: 3c38254)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/patches-4.19/910-unaligned_access_hacks.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm27xx/patches-4.19/950-0061-Improve-__copy_to_user-and-__copy_from_user-performa.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/imx6/patches-4.19/004-ARM-dts-imx-Add-GW5912-board-support.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.19/600-ipv6-addrconf-call-ipv6_mc_up-for-non-Ethernet-inter.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/imx6/patches-4.19/003-ARM-dts-imx-Add-GW5913-board-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/patches-4.19/0061-tty-serial-ar933x-uart-rs485-gpio.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/hack-4.19/901-debloat_sock_diag.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/bcm27xx/patches-4.19/950-0043-MMC-added-alternative-MMC-driver.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.19/630-packet_socket_type.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/imx6/patches-4.19/002-ARM-dts-imx-Add-GW5910-board-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/apm821xx/patches-4.19/801-usb-xhci-add-firmware-loader-for-uPD720201-and-uPD72.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/mvebu/patches-4.19/535-net-marvell-neta-add-comphy-support.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/ath79/patches-4.19/0060-serial-ar933x_uart-set-UART_CS_-RX-TX-_READY_ORIDE.patch (diff)
The file was removedtarget/linux/generic/pending-4.19/184-USB-serial-option-add-Wistron-Neweb-D19Q1.patch
The file was modifiedtarget/linux/generic/backport-4.19/702-v4.20-net-ethernet-Add-helper-for-MACs-which-support-asym-.patch (diff)